Research Articles

Global fNIRS Papers:

BRIGHT project

McCann, S., Mason, L., Milosavljevic, B., Mbye, E., Touray, E., Colley, A., Johnson, W., Lloyd-Fox, S., Elwell, C.E., Moore, S.E. & The BRIGHT Study Team (2023). Iron status in early infancy is associated with cognitive development up to pre-school age in rural Gambia. PLOS Global Public Health 

Katus, L., Blasi, A., McCann, S., Mason, L., Mbye, E., Touray, E., Ceesay, M., de Haan, M., Moore, S.E., Elwell, C.E., Lloyd-Fox, S., & The BRIGHT Study Team (2023). Longitudinal fNIRS and EEG metrics of habituation and novelty detection are correlated in 1-18-month-old infantsNeuroimage.

Milosavljevic, B., Cook, C.J., Fadera, T., Ghillia, G., Howard, S.J., Makaula, H., Mbye, E., McCann, S., Merkley, R., Mshudulu, M., Saidykhan, M., Touray, E., Tshetu, N., Elwell, C., Moore, S.E., Scerif, G., Draper, C.E., & Lloyd-Fox, S. (2023). Executive functioning skills and their environmental predictors among pre-school aged children in South Africa and The GambiaDevelopmental Science.

Katus, L., Milosavljevic, B., Rozhko, M., McCann, S., Mason, L., Mbye, E., Touray, E., Moore, S.E., Elwell, C.E., Lloyd-Fox, S., de Haan, M., & The BRIGHT Study Team (2022). Neural marker of habituation at 5 months of age associated with deferred imitation performance at 12 months: A longitudinal study in the UK and The Gambia.  Children

Collins-Jones, L.H., Cooper, R.J., Bulgarelli, C., Blasi, A., Katus, L., McCann, S., Mason, L., Mbye, E., Touray, E., Ceesay, M., Moore, S.E., Lloyd-Fox, S., Elwell, C.E., & The BRIGHT Study Team, (2021). Longitudinal infant fNIRS channel-space analyses are robust to variability parameters at the group-level: An image reconstruction investigation. Neuroimage

McCann, S., Mbye, E., Touray, E., Ceesay, M., Acolatse, L., Milosavljevic, B., … & Moore, S. (2021). Iron Status in Early Infancy Is Associated With Attentional Flexibility and Cognitive Achievement in Rural Gambia. Current Developments in Nutrition.

Katus, L., Mason, L., Milosavljevic, B., McCann, S., Rozhko, M., Moore, S. E., … & Prentice, A. (2020). ERP markers are associated with neurodevelopmental outcomes in 1–5 month old infants in rural Africa and the UK. NeuroImage

Katus, L., Hayes, N. J., McCann, S., Mason, L., Blasi, A.,  Darboe, M. K., de Haan, M., Moore, S.E., Lloyd-Fox, S., Elwell, C.E. (2019) Implementing neuroimaging and eye tracking methods to assess neurocognitive development of young infants in low- and middle-income countries. Gates Open Research.

Blasi, A., Lloyd-Fox, S., Katus, L., Elwell, C.E. (2019). fNIRS for Tracking Brain Development in the Context of Global Health Projects. Photonics.

Lloyd-Fox S, Blasi A, McCann S, Rozhko, M., Katus, L., Mason, L., Austin, T., Moore, S.E., Elwell, C.E., & The BRIGHT Project Team (2019). Habituation and novelty detection fNIRS brain responses in 5- and 8-month-old infants: The Gambia and UK. Developmental Science.

Milosavljevic, B., Vellekoop, P., Maris, H.,Halliday, D., Drammeh, S., Sanyang, L., Darboe, M.K., Elwell, C., Moore, S.E., & Lloyd-Fox, S. (2019). Adaptation of the Mullen Scales of Early Learning for use among infants aged 5- to 24-months in rural Gambia. Developmental Science.

Lloyd-Fox, S., Begus, K., Halliday, D., Pirazzoli, L., Blasi, A., Papademetriou, M., Darboe, M.K., Prentice, A.M., Johnson, M.H., Moore, S.E., Elwell, C.E. (2017). Cortical specialisation to social stimuli from the first days to the second year of life: A rural Gambian cohort. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.

Begus, K., Lloyd-Fox, S., Halliday, D., Papademetriou, M., Darboe, M. K., Prentice, A. M., Moore, S. E & Elwell, C. E. (2016). Using fNIRS to study working memory in infants in rural Africa. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.

Lloyd-Fox, S., Papademetriou, M., Darboe, M. K., Everdell, N. L., Prentice, A. M., Moore, S. E., & Elwell, C. E. (2014). Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) to assess cognitive function in infants in rural Africa. Nature Scientific Report.

BEAN project

Perdue, K.L., Jensen, S.K.G, Kumar, S., Richards, J.E., Kaki, S.H., Haque, R., Petri Jr, W.A., Lloyd‐Fox, S., Elwell, C.E., Nelson, C.A. (2019). Using functional near‐infrared spectroscopy to assess social information processing in poor urban Bangladeshi infants and toddlers. Developmental Science.
Neurodevelopmental fNIRS Papers:

Lloyd-Fox, S., Wu, R., Richards, J. E., Elwell, C. E., & Johnson, M. H. (2015). Cortical activation to action perception is associated with action production abilities in young infants. Cerebral Cortex.

Vanderwert, R.E. & Nelson, C. A. (2014). The use of near-infrared spectroscopy in the study of typical and atypical development. Neuroimage.

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Lloyd-Fox, S., Richards, J. E., Blasi, A., Murphy, D. G. M., Elwell, C. E., & Johnson, M. H. (2014). Co-registering fNIRS with underlying cortical areas in infants. Neurophotonics.

Papademetriou, M.D., Richards, J., Correia, T., Blasi, A., Murphy, D.G., Lloyd-Fox, S., Johnson, M.H., Elwell, C.E. (2013). Cortical mapping of 3D optical topography in infants. Adv Exp Med Biol., 789, 455-61, doi: 10.1007/978-1-4614-7411 1_61.

Lloyd-Fox, S., Wu, R., Richards, J.E., Elwell, C.E., Johnson, M.H. (2013). Cortical activation to action perception is associated with action production abilities in young infants. Cereb Cortex, doi: 10.1093/cercor/bht207.

Keehn, B., Wagner, J., Tager-Flusberg, H. & Nelson, C.A. (2013). Functional connectivity in the first year of life in infants at-risk for autism: A preliminary near infrared spectroscopy study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7:444, doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2013.00444.

Lloyd-Fox, S., Blasi, A., Elwell, C.E., Charman, T., Murphy, D., Johnson, M.H. (2013). Reduced neural sensitivity to social stimuli in infants at risk for autism. Proc Biol Sci., 280, doi: 10.1098/rspb.2012.3026.

Fox, S.E., Wagner, J.B., Shrock, C.L., Tager-Flusberg, H. & Nelson, C.A. (2013). Neural processing of facial identity and emotion in infants at high risk of autism spectrum disorders. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7:89,

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Grossmann, T., Johnson, M.H., Lloyd-Fox, S., Blasi, A., Deligianni, F., Elwell, C., Csibra, G. (2008). Early cortical specialization for face-to-face communication in human infants. Proc Biol Sci. 275(1653): 2803-11, doi: 10.1098/rspb.2008.0986.

Blasi, A., Fox, S., Everdell, N., Volein, A., Tucker, L., Csibra, G., Gibson, A.P., Hebden, J.C., Johnson, M.H., Elwell, C.E. (2007). Investigation of depth dependent changes in cerebral haemodynamics during face perception in infants. Phys Med Biol., 52(23): 6849-64, doi:10.1088/0031-9155/52/23/005.