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NYY Recaps is the most-viewed Yankees podcast on YouTube according to SocialBlade.com. 28, Sparky Lyle. Although the episode aired after Stump Merrill benched Mattingly, the Simpsons showrunners said that the sideburns storyline was recorded beforehand, and that the storyline was based on Al Jean's grandfather, who held his own strict appearance policy. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER. The next year, seven of Oregon States 18 black athletes transferred, including four of the six football players. The deal was for $10 million, a bargain considering the teams previous owner, CBS, had purchased the club for $13.2 million back in 1964. Theres a different standard now for professional appearances, and ignoring that makes the rule a real relic of the past. McCutchen spent time with the Yankees down the stretch in 2018 after the Giants traded him to New York just prior to what was then the Aug. 31 waiver period deadline. Steinbrenner quipped that if Piniella could walk on walk on water, he could wear his hair any way he wanted. Ranking every NFL team's 2023 draft class from 32 (sorry, 49ers) to 1 (whoa, Colts), Kentucky Derby 2023: post position draw results and morning line odds, Ranking all 32 current NHL away jerseys, from worst to best, The Brewers' Willy Adames got ejected after a blatantly spiteful sequence from umpire Adam Beck, Kentucky Oaks 2023: Post position draw results and morning line odds, Every 2023 Kentucky Derby horse name, ranked, 13 Winners (Bill Belichick!) That same year, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price made it clear that when his contract was up, he wouldnt want to play for New York. Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen thinks the Yankees should phase out their policy regarding how players must wear their hair. So it is The House That Ruth Built kind of. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Since 1976, the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB) have maintained a strict appearance policy, specifying that players' hair must not touch their collars and that they may have mustaches but no other facial hair. The opposite scenario occurred the next year, when George Bamberger was put in charge of the Milwaukee Brewers and subsequently relaxed the appearance restrictions put into place by his predecessor, Alex Grammas. Long sideburns and mutton chops are not specifically banned.. All picks and predictions are suggestions only. Mattingly was benched by the Yankees in August of 1991 over his refusal to get a haircut; his brown hair, according to the AP, drops over the collar and is cropped closely at the sides. [24] Although the group mustache growth ended that May after the team went on a 110 losing streak, individual Yankees have carried on their own mustache traditions, growing them out or shaving them based on their perceived personal performance. It takes up a lot of time apparently not to negotiate. [13], The policy remained in effect even after Steinbrenner's death at the request of his daughter Jennifer, a partner in the Yankees franchise. The New York Yankees hair (or otherwise known as "appearance") policy has been a talking point ever since it was enacted back in 1973. So without free agency or trades to focus on, I have decided to tackle a really big issue. Yankees: Here's How NY Newspapers Covered George Steinbrenner's Death 10 Years Ago. Teams are permitted to have reasonable team rules, and the Yankees have adhered to these grooming ground rules since George Steinbrenner established them shortly after purchasing the team in 1973. Facial hair. I havent shaved in like 10 years, but you know what? If they dont do it, well try to find a way to accommodate them somewhere else. [42], Girardi, who had previously caught for the New York Yankees, decided to implement Steinbrenner's policy when he became the manager of the Florida Marlins in 2006. I dont like to say anything about it at all. pic.twitter.com/aAO5LPpZjL, Mike Dro (@MikeDro_) November 21, 2021. Reggie Jackson broke baseballs facial hair trend in 1972 when he showed up to camp with a beard, stating he hadnt shaved since his Athletics lost to the Orioles in the playoffs the year prior. Notably the absence of it on Yankees players. I understand both sides of the arguments. It backfiredthe As facial hair became an integral part of their look as they dominated baseball throughout the early 1970sbut Finley managed to make the most of it, as he turned it into a successful marketing ploy with Mustache Day on Fathers Day 1972. The Yankees' "appearance policy" has been in force since not long after George Steinbrenner purchased the team in the early 1970s. Im a Christian. [10]:243244 The players, meanwhile, were primarily amused that Steinbrenner did not know their names. It was outdated 30 years ago when Don Mattingly was benched for an August 1991 game because he refused a directive from above (George Steinbrenner was suspended, but it was clearly from him) to shorten the length of his hair. Reply . Everybody liked him. For more information, please read our Legal Disclaimer. There is no direct correlation between having a haircut that could pass Marine inspection and winning. According to a 1969 Sports Illustrated feature, Oregon State University head coach Dee Andros considered sideburns and beards and sandals without socks to be dirty, smelly, unappetizing. Andros, known as The Great Pumpkin for the combination of his roly-poly 250-pound frame and Oregon States orange colors, said of facial hair, It aint neat. Mattingly ought to know that. By 1975, the end of his five-year contract, Oregon State had fallen to 1-10. [11]:48, The terms of the Yankees' appearance policy were codified in 1976, when Steinbrenner and manager Billy Martin introduced the "Neatness Counts" policy, which specified, "No beards. Andrew McCutchen made an important comment on the Yankees restrictions against individualism. Im afraid Im going to look 16, he said. Mustaches, however, are permitted as an exception. Lou Pinella, who joined the club in 1974, playing for them for the next 10 years, supposedly told the owner, I dont understand, Mr. Steinbrenner, what long hair has to do with your ability to play baseball. Should the Yankees now adopt to modern times? Maybe I dont belong in the organization anymore, Mattingly said after his benching. "We express ourselves in different ways.". (In fact, he ended his career in 1986 rather than agreeing to shave it off to be a member of the Cincinnati Reds, which didnt allow facial hair.) [27] In 2013, general manager Brian Cashman attempted to acquire relief pitcher Brian Wilson in free agency, but negotiations halted when Wilson refused to shave his signature beard. I woke up this morning, got a shave and came here. After the aforementioned trade to the Giants, McCutchen kept his same facial hair. [4], In 1972, Oakland Athletics player Reggie Jackson appeared at spring training sporting a full beard. Hal Steinbrenner has important stuff on his agenda helping to get a new collective bargaining agreement for the sport and finding a shortstop for his team. "[12] Steinbrenner argued in 1978 that the policy was not specifically about a distaste for long hair and more about "trying to instill a certain sense of order and discipline" that he believed was important for athletes to maintain. On this point, Cheryl Rings article reinforced, the New York state hair law A07797A, which banned an employer from prohibiting, among other things, dreadlocks, braids and twists. A07797A specifically, [p]rohibits race discrimination based on natural hair or hairstyles. This would seemingly repudiate the Yankees scalp hair may not be grown below the collar policy. The rule states that players cannot have any facial. When the San Francisco Giants traded former NL MVP Andrew McCutchen to the Bombers during the 2018 season, he agreed to cut his hair and shave his beard. Dog whistles like professionalism, clean-cut, and proper are no justification for restricting the self-expression of ballplayers. , Oregon State University head coach Dee Andros considered sideburns and beards and sandals without socks to be dirty, smelly, unappetizing. Andros, known as The Great Pumpkin for the combination of his roly-poly 250-pound frame and Oregon States orange colors, said of facial hair, It aint neat. No long stirrups. For more information, please see our As mentioned in 2019, New York state passed S.04037 /A.4204, which prohibits employment discrimination based on religious attire, clothing or facial hair. The Yankees organization members could certainly challenge this team rule and would have a strong opportunity to succeed based on this legislation. Even MLB Networks advanced stat king thinks Yankees Don Mattingly deserves Hall of Fame, Aaron Judge choosing Giants over Yankees would have nothing to do with Robinson Can, Alek Manoah calling Gerrit Cole worst cheater in baseball history is a take from Planet Neptune, Yankees fans are deluding themselves with 1990s nostalgia, Yankees remarkable blowout stat proves 2022 playoffs will be tense. What a concept! The following year, Cincinnati mascot Mr. Red appeared sans mustache in accordance with the new policy. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2021/11/aaron-judge-yankees-beard-facial-hair-policy-rule-photos-mlb. When Munson ended his facial-hair protest, manager Billy Martin (who apparently had appealed to his catcher to get a trim) tried to downplay what had become a bit of a local news story. How about the august stadium? It created a bit of an uproar and the media mocked the team for doing so. No long hair. The First Amendment, guarantees freedom of expression to individuals in the United States. $324 million dollar man Gerrit Cole is the newest member to join the they look so different without a beard club. Instead, they were used as an attempt to emasculate rebellious black athletes, many of whom were beginning to get involved in black campus movements. The policy states: "All players, coaches and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches (except for religious . But what of drafted players and, especially, what of a traded player who is part of the MLB Players Association? The paper argued that the only hair policy for a nurse should be that hair is "clean, away from the face, up off the collar and not in the way of any procedure being undertaken". Now the beard issue is dead. McCutchen, who had worn long dreadlocks as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, said that if he had been traded to the Yankees during that time, it would have been difficult to part with his hair, "Because that's who I was That's (what) made me Andrew McCutchen. Maybe they want an organization that is full of guys who are puppets, Mattingly said, Maybe I dont fit into the organization anymore. It aint athletic., That year, Andros policy faced its first opposition, from black middle linebacker Fred Milton. They were found in violation of equal employment opportunity law after firing a black man for breaking their no beards policy. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: mlb | pageType: stories | Andros told Sports Illustrated in 1969, Ive coached 20 years and was never reproached by blacks before. It was enacted in 1973 after George Steinbrenner saw his players with hair down to their numbers.. Theyll joke about it, but sooner or later well get it ingrained in them. Im not someone who automatically hates the Yankees, but their slavish adherence to a nearly-50-year-old policy one instituted by a man dead for more than a decade speaks to the arrogance of a club thats hard to love. Soon, the mandate came down, leading to a policy that continues to this day: All players, coaches and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches (except for religious reasons), and scalp hair may not be grown below the collar. While many young people embraced the new radical changes in clothing and physical appearance in the 60s and 70s, a large number were undecided about what to wear and how to look. Yankees need to end outdated facial hair policy Joel Sherman MLB The Yankees need to end their outdated facial hair policy By Joel Sherman January 11, 2022 3:27pm Updated An ad blocker. Players such as Andrew McCutchen and Clint Frazier have critiqued the policy after leaving the Yankees, while both Brian Wilson and David Price have voiced their refusal to join the team as long as the appearance policy remains in place. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) (CO/IL/IN/LA/MD/MI/NJ/OH/PA/TN/WV/WY), 1-800-NEXT STEP (AZ), 1-800-522-4700 (KS/NH), 888-789-7777/visit ccpg.org (CT), 1-800-BETS OFF (IA), visit OPGR.org (OR), or 1-888-532-3500(VA). If we can get them to feel that way and think that way, fine. The Yankees return home from their road trip in last place. 1 Example as to why the Yankees old fart facial hair policy needs to end forever. Upon his arrival to New York, McCutchen (like all other New York Yankees organization members), was required to shave his face outside of a mustache. He seems to be one of the first "star" players to call out the Yankees antiquated facial hair policy. "[11]:100101 The policy has since been amended to read, "All players, coaches, and male executives are forbidden to display any facial hair other than mustaches (except for religious reasons), and scalp hair may not be grown below the collar. Langston Bradley, the employee in question, is affected by a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), a skin disorder that causes irritation after shaving. McCutchen calls playing for the Yankees "an honor," but he also believes it's time for the policy to end. [17] Six years later, when Goose Gossage was reminded that mustaches were the only facial hair allowed, he shaved only the chin of his beard, thus creating the exaggerated mustache that became synonymous with the pitcher. Ill try to explain it to them at a meeting. No one should expect to make money from the picks and predictions discussed on this website. For one thing, his family still owns the club. Steinbrenner wanted the Yankees to adopt a corporate attitude. What does that mean? Furthermore, no team in the NBA, NHL, or NFL has such a rule. Outside of that, the entire policy stands on peer pressure and tradition. Plus, if he felt that strongly about the policy, why did he agree to play for the Yanks? Do the Yankees actually think this policy is going to bring in hundreds of thousands of young fans? [20] The next day, the team agreed to allow Mattingly back into the lineup for their game against the Chicago White Sox, and he told reporters that he would likely cut his hair soon of his own accord. As the legend goes, its roots grew in 1973, when principal owner George M. Steinbrenner observed his team on the first-base line for Opening Day against the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees have won more World Series than any other club, but when Steinbrenner bought them in 1973, it had been nearly a decade since theyd made the playoffs. Long sideburns and "mutton chops" are not specifically banned. What standard is being upheld? The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Bradleys favor, agreeing that Dominos no beards policy disproportionately affected black men. Im a grown man. Being told that hed have to be clean-shaven if he went over to the Yankees, Price responded, I wouldnt stay there very long then. . As the story goes, Steinbrenner didn't care for Thurman. The Yankees' controversial hair policy has finally paid off. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Dmitri Young, a black outfielder with the Reds when Vaughn signed. This policy largely came into being because Steinbrenner wanted the Bombers to amplify a corporate and professional attitude and look. Cledwyn Musipa, a co-author who graduated in adult nursing from Middlesex University London in 2019, now works as a critical care nurse in a hospital in the South . In 1976, Steinbrenner gave an interview with the Times where he clarified his position. Because that was who I was. He was notorious for hiring and firing combative skipper Billy Martin several times over the course of their contentious professional relationship, but his micromanaging came out in other ways, too. Milton was one of 47 black students at Oregon State, 18 of whom were athletes and six of whom were on the football team. But more symbolically, one of his rules continues to be upheld to this day: If youre a New York Yankee, you cant have long hair and you cant have a beard. 21+ (18+ NH/WY). [16], The Yankees' appearance policy has also led to clashes between management and players who refuse to conform to Steinbrenner's standards. May 21, 2022 / 10:31 PM / AP. All Rights Reserved. A casual stroll through the offices of Apple, Google, and other successful companies would reveal that what looked corporate or professional in 1973 does not look corporate and professional now. [39] Although no member of the Reds had sported facial hair since 1902, general manager Bob Howsam put a formal ban into place in 1967. Maybe this is a way of saying I dont fit in, The Marlins employ mostly young, cheap talent. He also had been a member of the United States Air Force, which similar to other military branches also has an appearance policy. Does Hal Steinbrenner want to be the guy who gives the order if, say, Aaron Judge or any Yankee decides to carry his offseason beard into spring training?

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