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A small voice whispered, and Billy looked over to see Lucas Sinclair and Will Byers, both looking terrified. But what happens when thes Its also about detention because I read a book that was about detent this story is based on the song heather by conan gray, in which will is jealous of mike and eleven's relationship because he has a crush on mike. She was like a cup full of water, and he was like a pot, and he dumped his water all over her, and then she was overflowing too. blvcktreacles 2022 Mike and Will have been the best of friends since they were small children, and their relationship is so pure and wholesome that it inspired fans to start shipping them. They stay like that in a drawn out silence, Billy still leaning against his hand perched upon the counter top, Max with her arms around Billys abdomen, her head against his chest. "Whenever someone I loved died.". HI Max Mayfield x maleoc! He's hungry. A d. Max Mayfield x maleoc! Max Mayfield x male!oc In a new life full of uncertainty, loss of identity and pain, it takes two to survive. He tried to shut up his brain, but the thought only left his mind after he felt Max's faint pulse under his fingertips. Its not something hes accustomed to. These were no ordinary woods, though they looked like them. Life makes survivors of unimaginable horrors yet gives no tools by which survivors can piece themselves together again. this is my first time publishing writing so pls don't get mad if it's bad. "Max. "She was your sister. make a bet that might just change that . your lips, my lips RELATED:Stranger Things: 10 Burning Questions We Have For Season 5. 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Yet, Max and Lucas still have feelings for each other. ", Steve shrugged. Experiment X - that's was she was known as. 10 Funniest Quotes In Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. Eddie wakes up in the woods behind Steve Harrington's house. Thank you so much! He moves his fingers and feels the ground stick to the pads of his fingertips like saliva, dog drool, but when he looks its viscous and black. He wants freedom someday, but spending time with Billy is surprisingly enjoyable. As Billy continues his loosing battle with the drawer, beating it with his fist to no avail, Max asks with the brutally open honesty that only a child is capable of, why dont you cry about it?. At the same time, their personalities are completely different, with Jonathan being the loner and Steve being the popular guy. They would definitely make as sweet of a pair as Lucas and Max currently are. go check out the spin off: DYNASTY TLOU x Stranger Things Crossover Series - Nancy and Robin's Story. She couldn't be dead, right? Not for Susan's kid. "Trailer Park Trash". Let me know if you need anything, okay? However scary he might be when he was screaming in her face, the silence was somehow worse. Season 2 - her. stranger things au. So they thought. Margot Patterson is everything that Eddie Munson is not, but everything that he is desperate to have. Based on the Stranger Things show It had been six years since your father left you behind in New York. Warning: Major Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2! Initially Billy stiffens beneath the embrace, his instinct is to push her away, take a step back and ask what the hell she thinks she doing. Season 3 - Fortunately, their shippers had the unique opportunity of seeing their relationship develop throughout the seasons. Opens in new window. The great thing was he was in band this year with a bunch of boys! Season 5 -. In the basement of Jennifer Hayes' house a game of spin the bottle is the catalyst for change in his life in a completely unexpected way. For the first time in his life, he feels seen. But in the second season, Max arrives, and she and Eleven develop a very cute friendship. "She's safe.". Officially Abandoned. 83: Growing Pains By: cali-chan. A d I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT I know. He says, and theyre both crying, together, and now shes hugging him too, and he isnt sure who is holding who, who is comforting who, because hes suddenly that scared, hurt and confused little child again, the one he thought died. s s Since Billy was introduced to the show in the second season, Stilly's interactions have been nothing but aggressive, with Billy always trying to out best Steve and making fun of him. "No. "I think she is." Ever since Steve Harrington lost his crown he became the go-to babysitter for a bunch of middle schoolers. That was the official story, the story the police department and the government had told everyone. "The way he looks at her. The saddest thing about this ship is that one of the two is dead, but that somehow makes it an even more compelling pairing. In what should've been a simple spy operation Empty. You get to hang out with me now isnt that enough? Will asks and Dustin laughs again. When Eddies bassist breaks his wrist right before Corroded Coffins first big tour hes forced to turn to desperate measures. It wasnt just his words, it was the way he had said it to her, so angry, so full of venom and hate, as though she had caused him harm. But when Steve's dark past crashes back into his life again, will Steve be able to find a reason to stop running? In the last season's finale, they seemed to be okay, but let's hope Jonathan and Nancy get more screentime together in season 5. "I thought I gave you hints, dumbass." What had she done to warrant that?? If Will and Eleven had bonded more over their experience with the Upside Down, they could have become a couple on screen. Ever since Robin was revealed to be a lesbian, many fans have been eager to see in have a happy relationship with her own love interest. Something in his chest collapses as he gasps. If you asked her, marriage was seriously overrated. She doesnt want to stick out, and she doesnt want to be different. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please, tell her to tell my Dad. Wordlessly, and without eye contact, she wraps her arms around him. Melissa Wheeler is the twin sister of Mike Wheeler, a DnD playing kid who lives in Hawkins, Indiana, a place where crime isn't something that happens indecades. Don't cry, don't raise your eye. I don't wanna die, I'm not ready, I can't go!" "Just hold on," Billy choked, a horrible sense of nausea overwhelming him as Eleven knelt in front of them, gripping Max's hand and crying her name. Max Mayfield x fem OC Kimi finally wins after 3 DNFs and couldn't be happier. Yet even Steve required support in the form of Joyce and Hopper. In which Asher Henderson has always had trouble fitting in with Hawkins bleak and basic style. They would probably argue a lot but make up in the end nonetheless. about to get more than 2, Stranger Things: 10 Burning Questions We Have For Season 5, Jonathan and Nancy get more screentime together in season 5, Stranger Things Relationships As Taylor Swift Songs, one of the most emotional quotes of the last season of Stranger Things, Underrated Relationships That Need More Screentime in Stranger Things. She didnt know if it was hers or someone elses, just that it was everywhere and the more she tried to get away from the steadily rising bloodbath, the more she sank down into it until only her head was above the thick, viscous liquid. I don't own any of the Stranger Things characters Looks like it's 7.53 to me, Steve. He grinned at Steve, but it didnt reach his eyes. But no matter what he did, Hawkins would just suck him in, and never let him go. Max, wake up!" Alternatively, he could have bonded with Max and ended up with her instead. ' ' A term not exclusive for those who live in Hawkins. In a Hawkins where an interracial pair has to deal with family problems, bullying and racism. Eddie Munson necesita asesoras para graduarse y dejar atrs la preparatoria pero Skylar Reed no es, en lo absoluto, la idea de tutora que tena en mente. But none of them seemed to be his interest. However, in the third season, Max leaves Lucas to hang out with Eleven when the latter breaks up with Mike. Set in Season 2, sometime after episode 10 'Code Silver'. some cute oneshots of the best st couple ever!! MY BAD REPUTATION Everything changes between Max and Billy when she bursts into his room one night in complete hysterics, crying with body racking sobs and she throws herself into his bed where he had been casually lounging just seconds before. Yet, Max and Lucas still have feelings for each other. Lucas Sinclair epiphany: "Well, get in then," he said gesturing to the car behind him. How can she stop all this pain? Max misses out on the podium due to a penalty and isn't seen by Kimi until after the celebrations. Now she knows, the bruises and his moods, they coincide with one another. Hes felt vulnerable before: in those long nights after his mother left, when hes pinned down beneath his father, fists unrelentless, the coppery taste of blood in his mouth, but this, this is something else entirely. ", "She's dead," Billy told her curtly. Of course, Dustin and Mike already have a great enough bromance, but some fans like imagining them as more than friends. It had to be on every father's list of worst nightmares, Jim mused as he stood in the doorway of Eleven's room, to come home one day and find his teenage daughter in bed with her boyfriend. My dads a jerk. "I hate you" Max got in the passenger seat, and the boys piled in the back. It has been hinted several times that Will might have a crush on Mike which is why such a couple could make sense. Another LGBT character on the show might be Will, so obviously he would have some kind of ship created for him by fans. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. As Billy watches her fall apart on his bed, watches as she is breaking in the way that he is already broken, by not one but both her parental figures, people that are supposed to love and protect her, hes reminded of when he was her age, yelling, pleading into the telephone, why did you leave me here? He didn't holler or scream like El had, and he didn't wail like Billy had. For first time in his life, he can share this awful burden of the dark reality he lives. She will make new friends, as well as rekindle old frienships all while being thrown into the world of Stranger Things. These trees were plagued, the same way every other tree, rock, and patch of dirt were. GIVE. Asha tags along for a while, but when its time for them to split up she has a thing or two to say. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you.). It's the lovely summer of 1985! After all, both of them are smart and beautiful, and both of them have been Steve's love interest at one point or another, even though the two girls haven't interacted much on screen. stranger things seasons 2-4 Janice was the only one who hadn't fussed over him because of Max. Mike even tells Will that befriending him in kindergarten was the best thing he ever did. Billy let out a scream of anguish, one that barely matched Eleven's, and the two sobbed together as Mike rushed back towards them with a panic-stricken Nancy and Jonathan. Billy responded gruffly, rolling his eyes. anyway enjoy!! COMPLETE. Following the events of the battle at Starcourt, in the wake of Nancy being flayed and El losing more than just her father figure, characters connect-- and disconnect-- across subsequent months and years as they ultimately break free of their painful pasts. Something inside him gives way, and he slams his fist into the counter. He knows all too well, too damned intimately, that broken feeling that weighs heavy on your chest where the insecurities and internalized hate lies, always thinking its your fault, if you werent too if you hadnt have if you could only then maybe he could love you, and the two of you could be happy. Robin Buckley; A charismatic, talkative 18 year old girl. The town of secrets. When she's not writing for Screen Rant, Andrea spends most of her time watching TV shows, reading, and playing video games. Said it was pure sugar and not good for anyone. " " In the winter of 2003, just before Christmas, Nancy Wheeler lost almost everything and everyone she had known and loved overnight. Steve awkwardly sneezed next to him, and Billy spared him a glance. ", Billy swallowed, then sent him a small smile. IDEAS. She knew his parents fought a lot. #1 in harrington 11/16/21 Gone. Much like shipping the two older girls, fans have resorted to pairing up the guys too. You're allowed to cry. did he hurt you did he hurt you did he hurt you.

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