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Stuck-up Not how differently I started to view other women (for that had been thewhole point of the exercise)but how differently I started to view myself. This article is spot on. I have also heard wench used similarly-but thats a little more obvious. This hypersensitive nation is encouraging people to feel offended, but feminism is a dying cause. Think hard about why you use any of these, and whether your use of them dismantles or reinforces a sexist world. Chick And to understand that from a Feminist perspective, the problem with home-making and child-care is that it has traditionally been seen as an exclusively FEMALE domain, which reinforces stereotype and limits opportunities for both women and men who want to do things differently (e.g. In YOUR eyes, just WHO do you think should be working, and WHO should be caring for the vulnerable kids at home? I was speaking to a friend today and she has just started a new job. The suggestion is that the man plants his seed in the woman. Jailbait I emailed them immediately in disgust and of course had no reply. I looked at the woman at work who was described as a bitch. At the other extreme, the most commonly used negative term to describe men was. As if rising in a chosen endeavor is trickery and subterfuge for a female, but aptitude and perseverance for a male. Man of the House. We just deal with it as part of our reality. Men were not all that. This is a reaction to Sheryl Sandbergs current campaign to get people to stop using the word bossy when describing females. It certainly warrants multiple re-reads as many of those words are part of my everyday lexicon. I have lost count how many people proclaim that they know God is not really a man; God is spirit, but exclusively use male language. The gender wage gap does not take into consideration womens career choice, that in general just happen to be different from those of men. (No, its not because I didnt ask for a raise, I did- he didnt have to, it was just offered to him because he had/has potential.) SoI tried something new. Besides, it should be a PERSONAL CHOICE, irrespective of gender, as to whether a person wants a career, or wants to stay at home and raise babies. Artist: Ashley Fairbanks, used with kind permission. But the core dynamic will still be there, damn Im ranting, anyway, I liked your comment. Lets try to take people on their own terms without making assumptions about how they feel about kids. And how I wish that all of them cold be somehow eradicated, or have their insulting message diffused. Honestly I dont feel like it ever will change, its down to the basic fact that women have been systematicly oppressed and controlled because they have allot of power, and if you dont control them hard, most men wouldnt have a chance. On this page you'll find 35 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to bossy, such as: imperious, overbearing, pushy, authoritarian, commanding, and controlling. My father insultingly called my interest in English Literature piss assed and arty-farty, whilst clearly showing a preference for stereotypically male topics like football. Feelings are for everyone. Love pillows (usually pronounced luuurv pilloz) People need to respect an individual and their life experience and adhere to my clear boundaries about how to treat me with respect and consideration for my feelings. So well trained wasmy eye that I could spot herimperfections in an instant. Maybe you could add a section on things we do ourselves without realising it. This term discourages women from taking on leadership roles, especially when men who exhibit the same "bossy" behaviors are lauded as leaders and rewarded with promotions. Hysterical 8. My morbidly obese sister-in-law has said several nasty things about me, including trying to say I am vain, and criticizing my outfits by saying who does she think she is wearing that?. Also, my mother-in-law is an ex-nurse and still cannot understand that my inability to have given her grandchildren is directly related to my Endometriosis. We can probably all agree that these are words people use to show criticism and disapproval. In any case, we hope you are now able to express what you feel about them. Thunder thighs Forward. Also: shrill and strident, both of which imply high-pitched and. The only reason I can think of that she does this is because I am a lot thinner than her! Interestingly, I can tell you for a FACT that if my FATHER, or my BROTHER, or my HUSBAND, or my BROTHER-IN-LAW did a Postgrad, we would never hear the last of how special and clever they were! We can all learn from each other. Thats illegal. Overwhelming. Anyone that doesnt know that WW make .75 cents on the dollar, and WOC- even less *when adjusted for job title* doesnt care to know. Heres Dotty Winters take on the question: Women are either equal to men, or they arent and language that goes unchallenged is one of the many ways we allow inequality to lurk around in the dusty corners of offices. Equivalent to the medical term oophorectomy theres no judgement there, its just a descriptive term. A ball-buster. Floozie/Floozy Find 14 ways to say BOSS LADY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I have worked hard all my life (3 degrees) and have received no help from any of my family, only criticism. I am sorry if this post offends. Calling someone bossy, especially a young person who is just developing an idea of who she is, can dampen her sense of self. Synonyms of bossy bossy adjective Definition of bossy as in authoritarian fond of ordering people around I don't want to work with him because he's so bossy and always runs roughshod over me Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance authoritarian domineering arrogant authoritative overbearing aggressive autocratic dictatorial tyrannical tyrannic Like that is o.k. For dozens of phrases for feminist parenting, check out my post here. There are huge and shocking implications for gender inequality worldwide. Then I opened my eyes and took a good hard look at the world. And my brothers have daughters, and its likely the same for them too. Successful females are calculating, successful men are smart. Thank you. As the #banbossy campaign points out, girls are twice as likely as boys to worry that leadership roles will make them seem bossy.. Swap these words for gender neutral ones: Blogger. Id rather embrace it and be open about it, not deny what I cant control. Earlier today, I suggested an alternate solution to a coworker. I appreciate both the article and comments. But so important when I look at that pyrimid. I dont think anyones trying to ignore bad behavior, by banning use of the word bossy, Godar says. Career woman (have you heard of career men? My self estim went down, I nearly wanted to suicide. It would be wise and compassionate for you to listen to those who are in the majority here. For example, if you call a man a bastard you are actually also insulting his MOTHER by inferring she had illicit sex! Lets pay attention and use words that nurture and encourage our women and girls. The Womens Media Center has a several-page glossary of sexist terms with context and, critically, gender-neutral synonyms. ! Talk about insensitive and ill-educated! Im so grateful that in the 21st centuary doctors are being trained differently than they were when i was a child and Im very pleased that I can stand my ground with the doctors despite being unwell and stressed. When I was next at thebeach I made it my mission to find something I liked about every female body that my eyes came to rest upon. Shall we chat further in the comments? My mother was, of course, correct in her advice: if you cant think of anything nice to say, just say nothing at all. These terms have their roots in the distant past but are still well rooted in todays society. 1. Please leave a comment with your response, and any ideas you have about making the world a better place for everyone. Among these words, only aggressive shows up in men's reviews at all. Nut-crusher When two men or groups of men are debating, we call it debating, or discussion. cocky. 1) Lively, resilient and self-reliant 2) (US and Canadian) frisky 3) (US and Canadian) irritable None of these definitions mention gender at all. I have better understanding and am a better person having read it. Horrors! We are going to talk about this tomorrow, I cant wait! Think pretty & beautiful, words that are also used to describe scenery and objects. One moose, two moose. It wasnt anything to do with that actually, in fact my husband and I were very lucky to have our one child due to medical reasons but we rightfully didnt let anyone know this none of their business. Gender equality, unless it starts at home, is decades, if not centuries, away. The look on his face was priceless.) Please leave a comment below. Good. Also, how do we get this demeaning language out of movies and shows? 'malicious or snide'). And if my MOTHER-IN-LAW did one, well that would surely make her on a par with GOD! She points out that of the insults we use to discuss men and boys, some of them are actually words that INSULT WOMEN. When we see our family, I am not allowed to talk about my career. Lay off! Is this trivial? But we deal with them as inevitable facts. Mary Magdalen: now she was a very bad girl it took a man to make her good. Whilst it is important to value people for themselves, it is also important to understand issues before you start making comments about them. The words in todays post are sprinkled liberally throughall three of the bottom layers, and even higher. My husbands family do the same. It happens in our so-called enlightened nations, too. This came to a head when I started my Postgrad, because it seems most of my relatives think I should not be doing it. Pingback: Political Meme Thread - Page 391, Pingback: The world I would give my daughter - My Flatpack Life, Great list! I have also met with blatant sexism in all the jobs I have ever held and have often been told to get back in my box if I have been too outspoken (ie outspoken by female standards only). I feel that this may be an integral part of homo sapiens behaviour. Oh wowzers what an incredible post Thalia! Ooh I needed this. If we need to speak about poor behaviour, lets choose words that are not unfairly gendered. I still have lots of sexist words and phrase to cover here! SCOLDING Lots of to think about, and in the mean time, my husband and I can play bingo when we go to visit my f-in-law next week! Dont mention her young children unless you would also mention his, or describe her clothes unless you would describe his, or say shes shrill or attractive unless the same adjectives would be applied to a man. General words for leaders and bosses An area or organization that someone controls Free thesaurus definition of words used to describe bossy and interfering people from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Do you think calling someone a bastard should be offensive to a guy? Me: Yes. Him: Thats stupid. She has also insinuated that I emasculate her son. WHY do I get the impression that you are probably an embittered ex-nurse, or child carer, or housewife who feels somehow overlooked in their contribution to society? I mean, ARE there truly masculine and feminine ways of expressing what goes on within, or is this just a way of viewing things based solely upon stereotypical notions of males and females? high and mighty. I got to a list of seventeen before asking my friends at the Feminist Mothers Aotearoa Facebook group for their un/favourite examples. Men who use it seem to think its a compliment but Its disgusting and Ive never heard anyone talk about DILFs. Looking for something in particular? If you insultingly say a man is effeminate you compare him to FEMALES and imply that this makes him somehow an object of ridicule. Check out this wonderful series of #banbossy posters. They were being praised simply because of what was between their legs, because the perception was that they were better. conversation in a workplace! The Little Woman You see no point in mincing your words. That word is just for women and it is nothing to be ashamed about as women put on weight for childbirth. Benevolent - She makes decisions that benefit others more than herself. This is a great article. Cant find what youre looking for? Abrasive/Direct. Women leaders often report being called "aggressive" or "bossy" by superiors or peers. The worst offenders are MY OWN FATHER, who accused me of being stuck up; and my MOTHER-IN-LAW, who insults me at every opportunity she gets in such a wide range of ways that I sense all she can do is throw insults. I came upon it while searching for guidance in addressing a colleague who refers to me as supermom (sigh). Social norms are cultural, but he doesnt see how he is a part of and influence on that culture as a whole. As a bossy girl who doesnt need an education because Im just going to get married anyway (gotta love the advice my parents received and didnt follow), Ive been struggling with the straight jacket of gender expectations my whole life. Bolshy. If you want to understand why, read this article: http://sacraparental.com/2016/05/14/everyday-misogyny-122-subtly-sexist-words-women/. I dont recall hearing of many handsome paintings, for example. Whether it's from unconscious bias or downright sexism, women are more frequently described with the first adjective in each set, the modifiers with negative undertones. Another medical tern Boggy uterus. It is sad that you get so mixed up in the points you want to make, by talking about valuing people for themselves, but then wrongly accusing Feminists of not valuing the home. Women experience a lot of pressure in the realm of child-bearing. How other people choose to dressis none of anyone elses damn business. I am a female, and unfortunately I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis (please feel free to look this term up if you need to better understand it). Your email address will not be published. THAT is the purpose of this blog to address the language that is subtly demeaning to WOMEN and which reinforces age old gender role stereotypes. For more on this, I really love Andie Foxs practice: A little while ago while sitting on the beach I realised how good I am at picking faults in womens bodies, my own included of course but thats not really so surprising because I know my own body very well and Ive been living in a misogynist world, oh all my life. vulnerable, fundamental). As Sarah writes, . Fantastic list! Sugar tits Bitch Im trying to distill this great piece into a concise personnel policy. Snob Problems occur when people (alas, including you) start trying to infer that roles are gender-oriented. Search for it here. Her indoors Had I been a boy, would I have been treated the same, or would my traits then have been seen as acceptable? For example, we knew that going into the same company with the same title, same educational background, and same certifications, hed get paid more, get bigger bonuses, get a better benefits package, and receive more promotions. I actually want sure why some of those words were in the list, a few of them werent female-exclusive. Bird When two groups of women are debating, lets call it debating, too. Contact us. We thought not. A good test to use, if youreally do need totalk about sexual behaviour perhaps in the abstract, with a teenager is, again, only to use language that fits people of any gender. I started writing them down a little while ago. Why are these insults levelled at hard-working girls? Babe (reminds me of the pig! Delivered to your inbox! Write good terms of reference 5. "Abrasive alone is used 17 times to describe 13 different women. Why this insult? Pingback: Secondary Research for the short film A2 Media Advanced Portfolio. YES, a lot of these words are things we can attempt stop using, and the same goes for certain words towards men. When I managed people, I had to do countless interviews, evaluations, etc. Many women DO come across as more nurturing, and I for one would take it as a compliment. Tits Im pretty sure sensitive, co-dependent, and drama queen are used for both genders. Much food for thought to discuss in my positive relationships lesson with 14-15 year students next week. Great list, I am currently doing a design project on language and feminism focusing on the way we use just. Plus-size (have you ever heard of a plus-size model who was male?). I am also bothered by the use of woman! as a pejorative; typically used in frustration or anger. And when people start incorrectly accusing Feminists of devaluing the home or care of the vulnerable. Stop using these words, eh? Now, Ill let you know that I am an academic, well-educated woman who has held down a career, and has now returned to University to do postgraduate study (the only person in my immediate family to do this). This is inspirational. Its also the lack of lexemes for women. Emotional/Passionate. If people feel angry I am ok with what they feel but i never have to subject myself to emotional abuse by listening to their right to have their voice heard. I don't want to work with him because he's so. Perhaps you should have a look at the book The Dance Of Anger by Harriet Lerner, a book in which she describes gender role stereotyping, and the language that is sued to frame it. I had a creepy male colleague in the Civil Service who thought it was acceptable to tell me I would be attractive if only I smiled more. I have variously been unfairly called difficult, disobedient, rebellious and challenging by both my parents, and teachers because I was an active girl, who asked a lot of detailed questions about subjects in class, had a passion for learning, wanted to study in greater depth than teachers allowed, and was always curious and inquisitive. Just a bit baffled, J.C. in what way do you imply that debate is masculine? I think men and women need to understand masculine and feminine ways of expressing what is going on within. They were not expected to direct activities and lead the group. Now, mainly thanks to the media it's come to be synonymous with this type of woman, who aspires to dye her hair yellow (If you've read Bossypants you'll understand why I used yellow and not blonde) with extensive knowledge about celebrity life. Well except that hyst part is the Greek-derived root word referring to the uterus. What used to be a fine cause that helped secure the female vote and the females right to work has turned into something bitter and man-hating. Robert, Im afraid you are incorrect in a few of your assumptions here, and missing a few points. So, abusive language directed at women might encompass unladylike sexual behavior, such as whore, slut, skank, pussy, cunt, dyke, twat, etc. Shes an economist and a brilliant writer. 9. Some dont. This is what I think: the world would be a better place if everyone stopped talking about and to women like this, especially ifits because theyre identifying and eradicatingtheir own, sometimes unconscious, sexism. 6. Guess they must be commonplace terminology where I grew up on the Fylde Coast, UK!! Remember this pyramid? The Supreme Court wasnt just having PMS that day. Because, if you did, you might understand that there are feminist schools of thought that study the division of labour, and which concentrate on understanding the value of things like work in the home, caring for children, and so forth. Arent I a good girl for thinking of this. Or that we should place value on x, y, or z. She said, Im so glad theres more guys in this job hopefully it will be less bitchy. I will never listen to a two year old small child in any adults body getting very upset and aggressive with me. Aggressive. Youll nod in agreement with some of these examples, and be puzzled at the inclusion of others. Queen bee If I do, I am met with a stony silence and they look past me as though I havent spoken. 1. Finally, my WHOLE family have constantly failed to support me, undermined my achievements, thwarted my progress, and constantly insulted me. Wifey Image description: Persona A: It was just a joke! Emasculatory Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Words used to describe women: Fat Skinny Skinny-fat DitzFlakeHoeWhore ButterfaceSlut BossyBitchy Words that define a woman:None of the above I had another creepy bunch of colleagues in the NHS (a bunch of Nurses!) The words bossy is typically used as an insult to get girls and women to shut up and sit down. It is important to mature from 20th centuary concept of feminism and ways of dealing with it as it can harm and keep us stuck in unintentional models of patriarchy that is unfair to both men and women and the generations they are raising. Very helpful, I have considered myself a feminist since The Womens Room was published. What I dont understand is why words like nurturing should be taken as such an insult. Just like all the male haters of Ellen. Hysteria and hysterical, however, came from the idea that intensely and intrusively emotional states (in women) were due to the uterus, and those terms *do* need to be eradicated. Another opinion here, though.). If you dont agree with her, say so. I really do think we must stop fighting and demanding equality. Come on over and have a look you even get some behind-the-scenes stuff . These brilliant suggestions came from a member of the Facebook group. It is important that people are valued for themselves and what they bring to the table. This person has a cordial relationship with all of the employees, which makes the workspace a positive place for everyone. Try-hard Sadly, it seems to me your opinions here are a little confused, and gender stereotypical. Not only can a woman be a 'bitch', but she can also be 'bitchy' (i.e. So, do you have a woman who is dominating or harsh or strict, then you can call her bossy. Entrepreneur. Here are some examples of words that can be used to describe strong women: Resilient: a woman who is able to bounce back from adversity and challenges. Upon reading this article, I was saddened to see what this society has come to. The gender of the person writing the review didnt affect the results of the study. Colours are for everyone. Its not a matter of stop saying these words and it will go away, maybe if you police hard enough the insecure men that are afraid of women will hide it better, I guess thats good, better to be around. Not the obvious, awful insulting words (which are depressingly many and varied), but the ones that fly under the radar, andcontribute to a culture that undervalues women. Also, men havent been oppressed for centuries!!! Women were traditionally supposed to be nurturing and supportive and to help the group. They come from various sources, such as medical terms, terms used in dating, workplace talk But I have hears ALL of them, and been personally subjected to some, including, Dating insults: Some women may actually enjoy, and be very good at debate. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Women Connect4Good, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But I have taught to takenoffence to a slew of questions and comments that simply arent offensive, unless you convince yourself that they are. 3. I was just mulling this over and it occurred to me that even the words used to describe physical attractiveness are, in themselves, quite telling. Token female, Insulting general terms: Engage in the needs assessment 7. (this from a person who learned medical terminology as part of training to be a medical office assistant, and again later in training to be a pharmacist). (Im going on record with my hunch that shes a she.). However in more enlighten circles of people, lots of equality is currently happening, more confident men that know there value are much less threatened by women and value the equal companionship. This post still makes me chuckle.

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