why did bee give up samehada

why did bee give up samehada 05 Jun. the sword alone is enough to solo most and even push him into the higher tiers. Although it continually consumes the chakra of its owner, its largest meals come from fights, where it absorbs the chakra of the opponent by slicing through it, preventing them from performing the technique in question. This linked the two swords with each other. While all the others quickly rejected Kagura, viewing him as a monster like his grandfather, the Fourth Mizukage, Shizuma secretly applauded Kagura's bloodthirsty side, insisting that he was as he should be for the coming age. Naruto Episode #81 This was followed swiftly by Shizuma striking down Hachiya for his failure. Kisame could even heal mortal injuries with the Samehada's stoken chakra, astonishing Might Guy and other Leaf ninjas. Being capable of . After Kisame passed away, heck, even before he passed away, Samehada seemed to be attracted to Bee. While wielding Samehada, his most dangerous feat with it is to create a field that will continuously absorb enemy chakra through their open wounds. [11] However, it seems to be unable to automatically absorb ambient chakra, as in all instances where it has absorbed chakra are when either the opponent had a visible aura around them or when direct physical contact had already been established. Look at Suigetsu's comment when Killer Bee used his sword. While many ninja in the series use a variety of organic tools, like Shino Aburame's chakra beetles, it may come as a surprise to somethat the Samehada is alive. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Kisame and Samehada had already merged, and Zetsu had already disguised as Kisame. Shizuma Hoshigaki (, Hoshigaki Shizuma) is a missing-nin of Kirigakure's Hoshigaki clan. This makes the user of this sword extremely difficult to defeat conventionally. They were able to cast an excruciating genjutsu on Kakashi that took him out of commission for several days and further infiltrated the Leaf by using a different route. Using a single massive sword has its own benefits, as does using 7 swords. His ambitions were shown to even form his own personal Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. [12] The more chakra it absorbs, the larger it can become. What should I follow, if two altimeters show different altitudes? It's clearly not his signature style. Later, after Kisame truly died, Killer Bee adopted the Samehada for real and use it during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Working together, Bee and A performed the Double Lariot, a devastating taijutsu technique that applies immense force to either side of the subject's head and crushes their skull. When annoyed by how easily they were defeated, he gave them one last chance to show their worth. After their effort failed and they reported that Kagura would be reporting to the Sixth Mizukage, Shizuma was delighted in this. When it finally became time for Sasuke to enact his vengeance against Itachi Uchiha, there was an immediate and difficult impediment to his goal. After declaring war he dons a sleeveless black jinbaori war coat with tan lining and grey hemming, worn as a surcoat in the traditional style. Between all the cool swords weve seen in anime, like One Pieces katanas and Dragon Balls longswords, the weapons of Naruto stand out for embracing over-the-top design and traditional ninja weapons at the same time; and Kisames sword is a prime example of this. As such, Shizuma said he was beginning a revolution and wanted Kagura as a part of it. He graduated high school in 2009 and received his Bachelor's in creative writing from UMKC in 2013, then put his skills to work in 2019 with CBR.com. [7][8] Samehada is even capable of slicing through chakra that is transformed. Being alive it is considered a member of the Alliance as well. Plus his preferred gifting style is Bijuu coating. He used Samehada one time and that was about it, Literally all of them have no trouble with or against it, I also never said it was all around useless, Said it was useless RELATIVE to high kage level fighters. His savage ambition and stubborn nature also shows him to be impatient and shortsighted, causing him to fail in taking into considering certain risks, like how dangerous Samehada can be or what would happen if he angered the Seventh Hokage by killing Boruto. Shizuma claimed that the Fifth and Sixth Mizukage were cruel people who assassinated people who opposed their pursuit for "peace". While the sword looks nothing like a shark, the Samehada sword 's name is likely based on its predatory personality and horrifying history. Bee could use incredibly strong biju cloaks with the Ox's chakra, but Kisame was able to steal it all with the Samehada, growing it to its full size (this was the white Zetsu Kisame). After getting beaten and trapped in a jutsu, Kisame summoned three sharks to eat him alive, ensuring that his Akatsuki secrets died with him. The blade raises itself in such a way that creates the impression that it's confronting Kisame, all while cooing. However, the former Mist shinobi secretly wanted to see how Sasuke would perform against his older brother and used Suigetsu as a distraction to keep himself occupied. Warning! Meanwhile, readers clearly know what Doron Dororon'sKusanagi is saying because he's actually speaking in whatever language the particular manga is translated in. If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point Samehada will make efforts to return to its chosen owner. However, Kisame and his partner didn't leave empty-handed. Samehada doesnt matter at all when you get to Bee or his peers level anyway (high kage). He has enthusiastically pursued his interest in storytelling since childhood. Soon, they came face to face with the target they were sent to collect, Naruto Uzumaki. Post author: Post published: June 12, 2022 Post category: thinkscript bollinger bands Post comments: is tara lipinski still married is tara lipinski still married Seeing that Killer Bee was drowning, Kisame ended his jutsu and transformed back and was about to cut off Killer Bee's feet. You are using an out of date browser. [6] To supplement the blade's offensive capabilities, it is able to extend its scales to spikes, and protrude spikes from its handle. Samehada's healing properties also aren't as important. During Kisame's initial fight with Killer B, Samehada grew fond of the taste of B's particular chakra and ultimately betrayed Kisame, (who was later revealed to be one of White Zetsu's clones in disguise), by returning some of the chakra it had previously absorbed from B during their battle and even shielded him from his attacks. Game His face grew out to form a snout with pronounced fangs and wide mouth and his eyes became fish-like. Fortunately, the commotion of the battle attracted the Forth Raikage, who had been searching for his younger brother ever since Sasuke had presumably kidnapped him. What drove it to do so? If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point Samehada will make efforts to return to its chosen owner. While all the others quickly rejected Kagura . Data After Kisame's death, Samehada mourns him, not only bestowing the blade with even more life-like characteristics but also standing as a testament to the bond shared between the two. Extracting arguments from a list of function calls, Short story about swapping bodies as a job; the person who hires the main character misuses his body, Two MacBook Pro with same model number (A1286) but different year. In Naruto, the shinobiKisameHoshigaki, who eventually became renowned for his membership in the villainous group Akatsuki, wielded a sentient sword known as Samehada. You stop spreading lies. During a sparring match between Kagura Karatachi and another student, Kagura quickly went into a frenzy, nearly killing the student. Their relationship is predicated on their shared desire to make the world a kinder place andKusanagi's willingness to destroy his own kind in the pursuit thereof. This sparked a battle between water ninja, one that Jugo and Karin carefully avoided getting caught up in. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. After Itachi cast a genjutsu on a local woman to distract Jiraiya and play on his lechery, the Akatsuki believed they had an opportunity to ambush Naruto and seize him while his mentor was preoccupied. Wielder Instead, the Samehada expresses itself via its actions, and Kisame has figured out its preferences over time. Doron Dororon has been failing to capture the attention of readers ever since thebig twist in its debut chapter, but the Shonen Jump newbie just introduced a new dynamic between the hero Dora and his "katana" that actually transcends the unique relationship between Naruto's Kisame and his sentient sword Samehada. Your wank can't bring him back. I'm pretty sure Bee still has his swords. While the sword looks nothing like a shark, the Samehada swords name is likely based on its predatory personality and horrifying history. rev2023.5.1.43405. Kusanagieven holds Dora back when the human tries to jump back into the fray without him. This flaying effect is similar to a shark's skin, hence the sword's name. Naruto: Gekit Ninja Taisen! When Boruto denied the accusations, he attacked Shizuma, who effortlessly repelled his assault. It may not display this or other websites correctly. English anime For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He is obviously a master of swordsmanship, as was demonstrated with him using the 7 swords. However, his loyalty is only for himself, leading him to betray her during their planned jailbreak to enhance his own chances of a successful escape. Samehada is unique for being a sentient weapon that gains nourishment from the chakra of others and, as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with chakra that possesses both a distinctive and pleasantflavour. It can't always be trusted, slows the users down making it a liability against fast enough characters or advanced Taijutsu users, and can't block all Ninjutsu. Fortunately, the Eight Tails Jinchuriki was prepared for combat and used the pen he'd been writing with as a deadly projectile. Posted at 16:45h in amara telgemeier now by woodlands country club maine membership cost. It was kisami's doing though not the sword. After this fight, Kisame snuck into the Hidden Cloud Village inside Samehada, and later, during an intense fight, he fused with it to wield enormous power. For more information, please see our As Boruto began fighting Kagura, Shizuma continued to praise Kagura's violent efforts. Shizuma is a deceptively older looking individual despite still being only in his teen years. (Samehada) Thanks! I want to see some proof Bee is high kage. If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point Samehada will make efforts to return to its chosen owner. Manga It seem to have its own conscious (emphasis mine): Samehada is unique for being a sentient weapon that gains nourishment from the chakra of others and as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with chakra that possesses both a distinctive and pleasant flavour. Full size anime sword replicas arent for everyone, especially if youre a fan on a budget, someone who doesnt cosplay, or a non-collector. I can't remember if Samehada really did help Bee, or it was planned to sprout Kisame's surprise attack later. Despite his large ambition and love of the "Bloody Mist" era, ultimately Shizuma is a man with no loyalties at all, willing to sacrifice people he claims to care about for his own gain, deal with enemy countries, kill allies who fail him, and assassinate innocent bystanders, he is described by Boruto as just a man who looks for any excuse to commit violence, to the point where he wants to start a war simply because he thinks it will be fun. Because the sword had its own chakra, Kisame's continual exposure to it . It's obvious what's happening, but the reader can't get more invested in the altercation without knowing whether Samehada is saying something emotional or just being defiant, for example. Kisame interrupted Killer Bee's lyric creation and attempted to capture him on behalf of his masters. Later, when Kagura accepted the test to earn Hiramekarei and began practising with it, Shizuma approached Kagura, reminding him of his bloodstained past and the debt he owed to the latter. But in chapter 7,Kusanagi actually refuses to transform into a katana when he learns that Dora is only obsessed with killing a powerful mononoke because it killed his mother. Non-Stack's Imgur images may disappear soon, help us migrate them to Stack's What are the Tailed Beasts (Bijuu) actually made of? When momentarily caught off by Boruto's Lightning Release, Shizuma's team, his own personal Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, appeared to aid him. What differentiates living as mere roommates from living in a marriage-like relationship? I mean KB obviously practiced for years to master his unique 7 sword fighting style, he was so fast and skillfull with it that a master sharingan user couldn see thru its attacks. It seem to have its own conscious (emphasis mine): Samehada is unique for being a sentient weapon that gains nourishment from the chakra of others and as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with chakra that possesses both a distinctive and pleasant flavour. Kisame is known as the 'tailed beast without a tail' due to his insane amount of chakra which eclipses about 95% of the ninja world's populations' individual chakra and so Samehada was extremely loyal to him for a very long time. JavaScript is disabled. When he fully infuses his chakra with Samehada he starts having shark-like features. In the end, the effectiveness of both relationships comes down to how the blades communicate and how their wielders react to them. Or was it a natural entity that morphed into a sword-like shape over time? The original and true Samehada is partnered with Killer B. Now in B's possession, Samehada kept five of his Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords within it to better assist him during the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War. The guy's a savage at swordsmanship. Shizuma stepped in to take the blow, saving the student. He also seems to like to relay on his Bijuu more anyway so not using swords doesn't bother him one bit. Samehada has the ability to transfer the chakra it has absorbed to the wielder by partially fusing with them, so it can be used to either revitalise the wielder's chakra and stamina or instantly heal even fatal injuries. Suddenly, Mitsuki arrived with proof that Shizuma was conspiring with the Land of Waves for his revolution. Simply put Samehada liked Bee's chakra's taste more. KCM naruto in particular straight up blitzes kisame in his weakest appearance IN CANON ON PANELThats the difference in ability here between these guys and Kisame lol kisame solos pein and kcm naruto lol wtf. GT: rip722. He is already on the high end of high Kage or lower end of Legendary when unrestricted . As with many Kiri ninja, Shizuma has excellent skills in kenjutsu, able to effortlessly deflect a barrage of shuriken launched at him. 3 Konan Episode 253 "The Bridge to Peace" Shark Skin Though the Akatsuki could have defeated any two members of the defending party by themselves, it quickly became evident that the longer they fought, the more reinforcements would arrive. Shizuma was glad at this development and cut off the area with his Crimson Mist Barrier Technique to begin the battle. [13] It will fuse with a weakened or inexperienced wielder on its own accord, taking them over and causing them to go on a rampage until they are separated. By identifying Kisame's best matchups and their outcomes, we can better understand the terror he has wrought across the shinobi world and the harm that has become of it. Was it created in one of Orochimaru'sterrifying laboratories? He is from Kirigakure and belongs to the Hishigaki clan. How isn't it his signature style? Even more, he is able to manipulate them into the air. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. So he didn't necessarily abadon the style, which is good since Bee wont really be using the sharkskin anyhow. He's just as good with one giant sword as he is with seven tiny ones. Kisame can heal and replenish his chakra by momentarily fusing with Samehada. Kisame also receives some of Samehada's abilities while in this form, such as being able to extend spikes from his body for offence, and absorbing chakra when others come into direct contact with him, as well as the ability to track chakra and avoid sensors. Samehada's biggest fight was versus Killer Bee, when its true powers and nature were revealed at last. Related tools Shizuma also regularly displays an affable, polite side, even insisting on the use of proper honourifics in conversation. This left Naruto unable to perform even tiny jutsu, and Kisame boasted that Samehada could eat any chakra and render the opponent helpless. Boruto attacked again, only for Shizuma to swiftly defeat him. He probably gave up on it cause its fucking stupid. 20-something freelance writer who likes games and history maybe a little too much. Samehada is among the few weapons from Naruto to appear in just about every piece of Naruto media, including Akatsuki Hidan: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom. For instance,Sasuke Uchiha wields the electric Kusanagiand Kisame Hoshigaki of the Akatsuki organization is carries the bizarre chakra-eating sword, Samehada. why did bee give up samehada. For Starship, using B9 and later, how will separation work if the Hydrualic Power Units are no longer needed for the TVC System? You must log in or register to reply here. Afterwards, the event was covered by the Mizukage while Shizuma and his gang, minus Kagura, were sent to prison for rehabilitation. Most characters that are capable of using it have enough chakra that they don't need to absorb anything to fight a long battle. Meanwhile, the real Kisame was hiding within Samehada to infiltrate Kumogakure as a spy before using it to absorb B's chakra when his presence was exposed. Where can I find a clear diagram of the SPECK algorithm? 2. Alternative names Fortunately, the commotion of the battle attracted the Forth Raikage, who had been searching for his younger brother ever since Sasuke had presumably kidnapped him. Even without Samehada, Kisame had a massive advantage over Killer Bee and almost managed to defeat him. Upon Fuguki being killed by his subordinate, Kisame Hoshigaki, he took the sword and joined the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. How did those scales fall off if it wasn't damaged? Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie stupid enough to rape stomp sauske I AGREE completly with ease i might add, what else are u going to call stupid Susanno?? Shizuma is a natural-born combat maniac. it least not in the manga and at some point the sword returned back to the Hidden Mist. ripin12 12 years ago #3. samehada didnt betray kisame, he betrayed zetsu, zetsu explained this because he said it worked to their benefit. However, Samehada does seem to have a sense of conscience since he later appears to be sad about Kisames death. why did bee give up samehada where was morgan morgan born / is el matador beach crowded / why did bee give up samehada Samehada(Literally meaning:Shark Skin) is a mysticalsentientsword and is regarded as the most terrifying out of all the Seven Swordsmen's blades. Before they could destroy it, they were confronted by Boruto and Sarada Uchiha, along with Chjr. Hiramekarei, Kabutowari, Kiba , Kubikiribch, Nuibari, Shibuki So it was a plot to trick Bee carrying Samehada all the time. The Samehada has a massive appetite for chakra and, though ambient chakra is safe from its maw, even if a ninja summons their biju cloak, the Samehada can eat it. He also carries a sword strapped to his waist. While Buntan wanted to go with him, he betrayed her trust, using her as a decoy by poisoning her food. Meanwhile, Doron Dororon presents the interactions between Kusanagi and Dora as plainly as possible, providing readers with a deeper level of understanding about how they feel for each other. Movie Although Kisame managed to hide himself in Samehada and substituted a white zetsu for his original body, he effectively fled the battle and therefore lost. Together, the villains narrowly escaped the stomach of a toad and obviate the Sannin's wrath. Kisame was frustrated by Itachi's decision but knew that he could not defeat Jiraiya before his Konoha allies joined the fight just as they did at the village's border. Kisame released the technique and was about to cut off B's legs when Samehada turned on him and attempted to heal B, having grown attached to B's chakra. Despite his high kenjutsu skill, ultimately Shizuma proved too inexperienced with the dangerous blade which then resulted in Samehada taking control of him when he was weakened, and thereby causing him to go on a feral rampage. As the blade is made up of scales, it inflicts injuries through shredding or shaving what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting the object in question. It only takes a minute to sign up. While too exhausted to defeat the rampaging Shizuma alone, Boruto worked alongside him, each wielding half of Hiramekarei to defeat him and expel Samehada from Shizuma, leaving him unconscious and defeated. However, it has shown displeasure towards fire-natured chakra, stating that according to B it's far too hot. While it ordinarily remains rigid, Samehada's hilt is able to stretch and bend to great extent, allowing the weapon to be used like a flail. He's always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read. is there such a thing as "right to be heard"? Since Might Guy was able to fight intuitively without meeting Itachi's gaze because he used taijutsu, Kisame's natural counter, he provided a serious challenge to both villains. During his first meeting with Boruto, he showed remarkable speed, able to completely disappear from his targets gaze and then appear right before them instantly. Additionally, he is an award-winning screenwriter with keen interest in the fantasy and science fiction genres. During a sparring match between Kagura Karatachi and another student, Kagura quickly went into a frenzy, nearly killing the student. His seven swords aren't going to gain him a fuck load of chakra and drain his opponent of chakra. I see no reason why Samehada would want to go back to Kisame. Samehada is a large sword, roughly as tall as a full-grown man and comparable in size to the Kubikiribch. RELATED: Boruto Just Saved [SPOILER] - And Revealed A MASSIVE Secret About Isshiki This facilitated his usage of the Daytime Tiger technique, a powerful shockwave that won the battle in a single decisive strike. Naruto's Kuchiyose Vs. Fairy Tail's Celestial Keys - Which Combat Magic is Better? As Boruto scoffed at the name as there were only six members including Shizuma, Shizuma, however, pointed out that he was including Kagura. Swordecyclopedia 2022 - All Rights Reserved, Akatsuki Hidan: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom, You Can Get Samehada As A Keychain Sword Replica, 5 Things You Should Know About Giyus Sword, Things You Might Not Know About Meliodas Swords, 5 Facts You Should Know About Mitsuri Kanrojis Sword, Attack On Titan Sword Replicas For Accurate Cosplay. I know its a cool sword that absorbs chakra and eveyrthing but still it makes no sence, thats like a master samurai of ancient japan trading in his Katanna for a Broad sword it wouldn happen he took Years and years of practice and training to get that far with it why trade it in for a ONE HUGE sword that anybody could see comming lol. How to force Unity Editor/TestRunner to run at full speed when in background? Shizuma Hoshigaki (, Hoshigaki Shizuma) is a missing-nin of Kirigakure's Hoshigaki clan. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Though Kisame was a difficult adversary to defeat even for a taijutsu master, Might Guy's victory was assured by opening the Seventh Gate. Jiraiya was able to exhaust Itachi's sharingan through expending his Amaterasu. when one of the strongest high Kage level ninjas uses it. After he joined the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, he became an S-rank missing-ninja. How is white allowed to castle 0-0-0 in this position. The message interrupted his fight with Suigetsu and shocked everyone present to varying degrees. Viz print media It may not display this or other websites correctly. Killer Bee is master swordsman. This resulted in Kisame's final and most memorable fight. Shizuma and his team then went to collect the other six weapons of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Samehada only "speaks" through cooing sounds that Naruto never translates, minimizing how much readers can connect or empathize with it. Can someone help me. Kisame Hoshigaki's living sword, Samehada, is an odd one even for the world of Naruto. Samehada can produce a mist veil through the wielder's blood. Having captured the villain, Guy and his allies prepared to interrogate him about his comrades and the increasingly ominous forces at work. To further exemplify it being a sentient being, it was able to mourn Kisame's death. He was known by the shinobi of kumo as "master jinchurki" the 7 swordsmen master. It was also revealed that the people Shizuma claimed to have been killed by the Fifth and Sixth Mizukage were in fact killed by Shizuma himself for not backing his plans. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Seemingly when emotionally worked up enough, he produces two sets of gill-like features under his eyes and markings around the outer corners of his eyes. Site design / logo 2023 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. RELATED:Naruto: Kankuro's 5 Greatest Strengths (& His 5 Worst Weaknesses). Samehada is a living thing that can think for itself, though it is never seen speaking, either with its mouth or telepathically. He wears a red, sleeveless, pinstriped turtleneck shirt along with matching arm-warmers and black pants. ur crazy buddy, How isn't it his signature style? Even without Samehada, Kisame had a massive advantage over Killer Bee and almost managed to defeat him. You are using an out of date browser. He can also cover the area in a thick mist that blocks not only sight inside the barrier, but also sound from all outside the barrier. It kind of just occurred to me that: 1. roy lee ferrell righteous brothers Likes. Shizuma Hoshigaki took up Samehada. The villains' presence did not go unnoticed - they were quickly accosted by many of the village's sensei, including Kakashi Hatake, Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yuhi, and Might Guy. There are no emotions that compel readers to support the relationship. The shark-like villain has fought many battles and was the only member of his organization (alongside Itachi) to pose a direct threat in the original series. why did bee give up samehada. Samehada is also capable of detecting and absorbing chakra, but requires Kisame's own chakra to perform the latter. [5], While the ability to absorb chakra is useful in defeating opponents, it is also beneficial to the user as well. During his fight against Killer Bee, Samehada had consumed bits of Killer Bs chakra and decided it was so good, he would try to keep B alive so he could keep feeding off of him. Don't think you know what wank is, and he's still not dead. He can also produce water spikes to attack with or a swirling water stream around his sword, greatly augment its destructive power. Volume #16, Naruto Chapter #141 The Samehada can't stand the heat of fire chakra, however. When I'm not writing for the web, I write notes for a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Not to mention the previous comment Zetsu's copy made about Samehada's addiction to the Hachibi chakra. Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. RELATED: Anime Arsenal: The Ethereal Power of Naruto's Sword of Totsuka. This enables it to absorb the chakra of anyone near through their open wounds. Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival! His skill with it can make use of the blade's versatile nature in battle, able to switch between close to long-range attacks, and perform techniques with no hand signs at all. To further exemplify it being a sentient being, it was able to mourn Kisame's death. Dude you have a some real problems here^ claiming one of the strongest swords in Naruto is useless. Shizuma then unleashed a veil of red mist through Samehada, giving him a field to absorb his enemies' chakra through their wounds. We all know that Samheada is going to double cross him in the end anyways so it was a bad move on Kb's part, he shoulda stuck to what he knew and mastered instead of relying on a new weapon which he allreadys know's has a mind of its own.

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