which of the following statements about headlights is false?

False, Flashing/Hazard lights is not required during night time operations on the airfield. Yellowd. Counter-clockwise flow with unmarked traffic lanes.e. C. Some imperative sentences are true. 9b. Stop and visually determine the taxiway is clear. Within explicit Control Tower permission only.d. Low beams are used when traveling in fog, rain, or snow. D.) seatbelts may cause injury in a crash, but will cause fewer injuries than if a driver was not belted. If driving on unimproved surfaces is required, conduct a FOD check upon exit of these areas or retuning to paved surfaces.b. If a tire suddenly goes flat while you are driving, you must. ), (Mass Aircraft Parking Area) -1) SE Corner of the MAPA2) Bldg 1107 and 11663) Bldg 1106 and 1107, Speed Limits (4.13. If you plan to turn beyond an intersection, you must, start signaling when you are in the intersection, Following too closely behind another vehicle is called. 15 miles per hour. Use a hand signal to alert the driver behind you if your vehicle's brake lights don't work or use the brake lights to alert the driver behind you. Some arguments have as their conclusion a sentence that is a necessary falsehood. As the name suggests, street light reflectors are used on the streets. 20 miles per hour.b. 5 MPHb. 45. At night the taxiways have internally illuminated signs and ____ edge lights? When I have airfield driving questions I must first contacta. At a 90 degree angle from the driving lane. Easiest side. When you are turning from a one-way street onto a two-way or divided roadway, always turn from. They are installed to provide additional safety beyond sea belts, You must use your high-beam headlights in all of the following situations, except, High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are reserved for, car pools and vehicles with more than one person. Reason (R): A driver slows down or horizontal curve due to feeling of discomfort because of increase in side friction with reduced super elevation. High beams do not blind the pilotb. The left lane is for drivers who want to go faster, pass, or turn left. Which of the following vehicles may be operated in the path of taxiing aircraft? 0 Reviews. Must be stored in areas that do not violate lateral clearance requirementsc. False. 13, Which number corresponds with Runway 21L/03Ra. This questions appears in the following tests: Tower, Maintenance One at Taxiway Alpha, request permission to cross runway 12d. Taxiwaysd. Which of the following statements is false? Rays of light that pass through the lens are spread out (they diverge). Bc. An intersection is considered "blind" if there are no stop signs on any corner and you cannot see for 100 feet in either direction during the last 100 feet before crossing. Large electronic flashing arrow panels may be used in work zones day and night to guide drivers into certain traffic lanes. False, ATC approval is required when?a. 9c. When entering the flightline environment.b. 25 MPH, What are the color of the runway markings and runway hold linesa. False. At night and during inclement weather, it is critical you gain permission from and maintain communication with the tower controller while driving in the Controlled Movement Area (CMA). True or False? Use this guide to learn more about safe headlight practices and common headlight laws. When entering the airfield, vehicle operators must perform which of the folliwng. At 90 degree angles from the driving lane. _______. Prior to driving on the Air Field, all drivers musta. Before reaching the crest of a hill or before entering a curve, slow down, move to the right side of the road, and watch for oncoming vehicles. A single solid white line across a road at an intersection means that you must _________ for a traffic signal or sign. 300 feetd. The following are expected to stop and pick up any FOD on or near the airfield.a. "Red Balls," are authorized to exceed speed limits.a. Then you can leave extra room for the bicycle. Question 1. 1218 poses no hazards to driving. 10 feet to the front or 100 feet to the rear of the aircraft. When you turn off a high-speed, two-lane roadway, _______ if you have traffic following you. A. D, Which of the following airfield markings designates the boundary of the Instrument Landing System navigation and will not be breached during inclement weather without permission from control tower?a. Which of the following statements concerning LED headlights is NOT true? Motorcycles are ideal to maneuver in traffic C.) Motorcycles are much harder to see than larger passenger vehicles D.) Motorcycle riders are NOT required by law to wear an approved helmet E.) Smoke. When approaching an aircraft at night, vehicle operators should _________. A . High beams are used for open country driving when there is no traffic in sight. Vehicles must be equipped with what two things when operating during the hours of darkness? Slower vehicles and those turning right should use the right lane. -runway numbers represent the orientation of the runway approach in compass degrees rounded to the nearest ten degrees. Smith, Michael Abbott. Two-way radio contact with the control tower.b. Crossing the runway hold lines and entering a runway without ATC approval will result in? D. LEDs do not require a vacuum bulb or high voltage to work.A. To cross or enter the runway environment, what procedures are followed? For instance, the statement "The trains are always late" is only true if what it describes is the case, i.e., if it is actually the case that the trains are always late. To include all aprons, taxiways, hangars, and access roadsa. Hold the steering wheel tightly and keep the vehicle going straight. Stop; clear the active runwayc. Any place in a vehicle where the vehicle operator cannot see the vehicle radio, c. Any place on the airport where the control tower or the vehicle cannot receive radio signal to or from a vehicle one the airfield, A driver must receive permission from which base agency before entering or crossing a runway?a. Which of the following statements about using headlights is FALSE? General warning; Exercise extreme caution, d. General warning; Exercise extreme caution, A flashing red light from the control tower meansa. Vehicles are prohibited within the Circle of Safety, a circular area extending _____ ft beyond the wing tips, nose, and tail of an aircraft (except when the vehicle is used to service an aircraft). Does the lit sign mean anything to you as a vehicle operator? This type of lane is called a center left-turn lane. During IG inspectionsd. C. LEDs contain mercury, which is toxic and environmentally unfriendly. AF Form 1199, USAF Restricted Area Badge, and AF Form 483, Certificate of Competency. size of the BI pipe? Like Valium, affect judgement, vision and hand-eye coordination. False, Which of the following is the most serious violation on the airfield?a. Drivers must yield the right-of-way to all emergency vehicles using sirens and/ or flashing lights by pulling over to the closest edge of the roadway and stopping. Maintain 15 MPH speed limit.c. False, Before entering the CMA, two way radio communication and approval is required from:a. SFSb. Just after sunrise and just before sunset . The lighting system provides power to both exterior and interior lights. Blued. 7, Which of the following numbers corresponds with Taxiway A?a. Lanes of traffic going in opposite directions are divided by, The wide white line painted across a traffic lane before an intersection is known as a, When turning left from a multi-lane one-way road onto another one-way road, start your turn from. Redc. If you reach an intersection, yield to vehicles that reach the intersection first, that are just starting to enter the intersection, or that are already in the intersection. No obstacle (to include vehicles) will be left within how many feet of a taxiway centerline? A. High beams are used when traveling behind other vehicles, When you park and leave your vehicle on a highway or street, you should NOT. 4. 26c. My 1st Shirtc. What is true for checking parked vehicles on the airfield? Vehicles towing an aircraft.c. Vehicles with an integral braking system that is set.d. All of the following statements are correct regarding of the motorcycles, except: A.) B.) 20 mphc. Immediate apprehensionb. What should you do if you get lost on the airfield?a. Suspension of airfield driving privilegesc. Operators of flightline vehicles should approach a parked aircraft so that the ______ of the vehicle will be adjacent to the aircraft.a. 1b. What are the color of the runway markings and runway hold lines? 25 feet/200 feetc. Permission from the control tower.c. NavigationInfo { headlight FALSE } DirectionalLight { direction 0 0 -1 } Transform { translation 3 0 1. children [Shape {geometry Sphere { radius 2.3 } appearance Appearance {material Material {diffuseColor 1 0 0 }}}]}]} For easy identification of VRML 2.0 files, every file must begin with #VRML V2.0 utf8. During Inclement weather or at night what must a vehicle temporarily parked on any part of the aircraft apron do with their vehicle lights? ATC approval is required to enter the runway at all times, even during suspended/closed ops. When you approach a roundabout, you must enter to the _______ of the central island. Describe the motion in the atmosphere between the major wind bands. True B. The speedlimit maximum when driving a general purpose vehicle within 25 feet of a parked aircraft is? Counter-clockwise flow with marked traffic lanes.d. Do not park vehicles within 25 feet of an aircraft, except as authorized for operations.d. Vehicles without an integral braking system.b. A center lane between lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions may be designated for left turns (and U-turns where permitted). You should yield in each of the situations described. A slow vehicle is being followed by several other vehicles that cannot pass because of traffic. Taxiway Barbiec. These panels are placed on the roadway or mounted on vehicles to advise approaching motorists of lane closures. Do nothingd. Before a vehicle may operate on the runway, the vehicle operator must have which of the following? The ILS (Instrument Landing System) Critical Area(s) is/are located on which taxiway(s)?a. 20 ft in front/150 ft to the rearc. Crossing the runway hold lines and entering a runway without ATC approval will result in? A Controlled Movement Area violation (CMAV) that is the result of an unauthorized entry or erroneous occupation of a runway or other surface used for takeoff and landing of aircraft regardless of impact on aircraft safety is defined as a _____. Correct! FOD boss Rotating beacon, Vehicles responding to an emergency on the runway HAVE the blanket permission to enter the runway after an emergency aircraft lands.a. +$0.00. 100ftb. 2. MOCc. Must be stored in areas that do not violate lateral clearance requirements. Reaction time will be slower at night even when you use your high or low beams. B. Always cut across the airfieldd. All regulatory devices indicate actions required by the driver. Approaching an intersection . move into the proper lane well before the turn, A center lane between lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions may be designated for. All Rights Reserved. Vehicle opsb. Which of the following statements about the SRS warning lamp is not true? Trueb. Solutions for Chapter 39 Problem 3OQ: As a car heads down a highway traveling at a speed v away from a ground observer, which of the following statements are true about the measured speed of the light beam from the car's headlights? (comp card), A flashing green and red light signal means, General warning; exercise extreme caution, any place where the control tower or vehicle cannot receive radio transmissions. When returning to a paved taxiway from an unpaved surface.c. Who must enable my ADTP refresher test?a. None, Crossing the runway hold lines and entering a runway without ATC approval will result ina. Vehicles without an integral braking system.b. Taxiway Bravob. Use your emergency flashers at your discretion according to weather conditions. Following too closely behind another vehicle is called. Alert or emergency vehicles responding to an emergency/alert are exempt from chocking when parked, 2. (Note that in some other states, you may be required to turn into the left lane.). Supply medical terms to complete the following sentences. A. Don't increase your speed in an attempt to appease or outdistance the tailgater. They are used to guide airfield vehicle operators on the apron. 4. They are used to guide airfield vehicle operators on the apron. If you make a right turn or turn into a right corner, the headlights swivel to the right. Describe where the VFR hold lines are located and what they consist of: 175 ft from the edge of the runway; two solid lines and two dashed yellow lines on a black background. 35 mphb. a. m-bromobenzenesulfonic acid. When there is not enough shoulder space or if there is a guardrail or an area to safely stay away from the freeway lanes, you must exit your vehicle and stay away from your vehicle. They provide two beams, high and low, to serve different purposes. A. QUESTIONWhich of the following statements about language is FALSE?ANSWERA.) Hence, they scatter blue-violet light of smaller wavelengths 0 0 Similar questions 3.____are identified by numbers that represent the orientation in compass degrees rounded to the nearest ten degrees. A mandatory instruction sign located at a runway holdline will be what color? What is the best thing to do? Consequently, they could ensure that these factors did not affect the respondents . When to Use High-Beam Headlights to Stay Safe State laws typically require you to dim high beams within 300 to 1000 feet of approaching vehicles Weegy: Prescription drugs like Valium affect judgment, vision and hand-eye coordination. Technician B states that the measured value indicates the switch has failed and should be replaced. You should always keep a safe following distance behind the vehicle ahead so that you will have plenty of time to react to emergencies. a. 25 MPH, What must an operator do when approaching an active runwaya. Failure to comply is subject to penalty. Wait until the aircraft on approach completes a touch and god. If driving in fog, a driver should turn on the high beam headlights to increase their field of vision. Do not park vehicles within an ILS critical area.b. Keys will be left with the ignition off and brake will be set.d. 35. What must an operator do when approaching an active runway? When should you switch on your high-beam headlights? When road signs indicate a daytime headlight zone. This article will provide you with all the questions and answers for Airfield Driving CBT. Write a persuasive paragraph expressing your opinion. Do nothing if trained at previous assignment.d. The image formed is virtual and diminished (smaller) Was this answer helpful? 20 miles per hour. Stop; contact the tower to ask permission to cross the runwayb. 7/21/20, 4:15 PM - Sohail Busal: True or False question 60. As the study was lab-based, the researchers could ensure that a range of factors (age of participants, incident viewed, environment, etc). Which of the following is required when parking a vehicle at the side of any aircraft? Vehicle will be clear of the wingtips and must be visible to personnel in the cockpit. Authorization and approval by ADPM and Control Tower, Two-way radio with ramp net frequency, and Light bar or emergency flashers. 18d. Use your turn signals to let other drivers know your intentions. D. parking lights. Stay as far away as possible from distracted drivers. While operating on a runway, vehicle operators must obey and respond to radio instructions and light gun signals displayed by which base agency? 16c. CHARLIE and DELTAc. Some images used in this set are licensed under the Creative Commons through Flickr.com.Click to see the original works with their full license. Lack ofa. Turn off the vehicle, leave keys, put transmission in park (automatic) or reverse (manual, set hand brake and/or chock vehicle, position vehicle so it is not pointed toward any aircraft. Trueb. 450 feet, Major cause of runway incursions is which of the followinga. Large flashing or sequencing arrow panels, High-beam headlights should be used at night.

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