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EM0U[S[n@76;;f{(D~!E8p^6x:;MNT&twk0. On Apr 29, 2023. STEP 3: Developing key messages UNECE "review its resource mobilization strategy and multiyear plan and take appropriate steps - such as: (i) incorporating measurable and quantifiable performance indicators in the strategy; (ii) instituting a process to track the progress achieved; and (iii) including the impact of resource H\n@CDBH>a 0>w"|W@nwKNCs;u};p*wmWs$.4$e_ua?6L]vGn.]kSVKpi|{}e nTY\+9[+pN YJV !o"LA0S)d Talent Management Masterclass: Best practice principles and processes, Positive Communication for Management_Principles and Techniques, Team Development_Best practice principles and processes_25 26 November 2021, Performance Management_The A-Z of Strategy Execution, Future-Proofing of HRM_Competencies and Empowerment Strategies, Management of Remote Workers_Best Practice principles and processes, Competency based Job Selection Interviewing_CBI_Skills. SWOT Analysis )QP'h.2C(Jju&aWdxIqP*'C=60;$)@|1$9^IAyG1Fu@7X:`,Yz5@rHT1`/4/0^1&@b SA'H+2Oiwm>Lt%bfD3iBd` "s; endstream endobj 833 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[272 517]/Length 44/Size 789/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream To deliver the essential services needed to end extreme poverty, developing country governments must spend their resources in a transparent and accountable manner. To ensure consistent progress, PAHO recommends the implementation of evidence-based actions that address local realities. Self-Help Group (SHG) Bank Linkage Programme (SBLP) was launched by NABARD to provide door-step banking to the poor with the help of SHGs. InsightsIAS has redefined, revolutionised and simplified the way aspirants prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam. One analysis showed revenue increases amounting to $20 or more for every assistance dollar invested. The basis for this activ- The opening of no-frills accounts: No-frills accounts means the bank accounts which does not require a minimum balance (or low sometimes) = Accessibility to vast sections of the population. Financial sustainability. Moral aspect of Resource Mobilization The RIGHT person The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has called on the media and private sector organizations to support a domestic resource mobilisation to fund malaria activities towards elimination. trailer <<37CAE4CE3C8044CF8A23FD5335AD1D78>]/Prev 721347>> startxref 0 %%EOF 351 0 obj <>stream Elements of an Effective Communication ThoughtCo, Feb. 16, 2021, thoughtco.com/resource-mobilization-theory-3026523. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform built by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). EaVcc^c\ VcY GZhdjgXZ BVcV\ZbZci Skill Development Cell has been entrusted the responsibility to train youth by providing them skills through AICTE approved Colleges/Registered facilitators with objective for enhancing their Employment/ Self-Employment opportunities. (2021, February 16). 0000012369 00000 n Belize is also on track to receive certification, after remaining malaria-free for the past three years. These new directions or new business opportunities are then pursued using a distinct resource mobilization strategy, such as writing proposals, submitting grant applications, or drafting business cases or business plans. There should be an atmosphere for growth and investment. Figure 2: The Strategic Plan and Resource Mobilization. Perhaps one of the most important steps in fundraising is the development of a plan. Developing a Stakeholder Map hV}Pg7.4 AKGU RD`. 0000002718 00000 n Step 3 - Define the scope of work (SOW) Step 4 - Define project management plan (PMP) Step 5 - Define the schedule & budget. Definition, Pros, and Cons, Cultural Resource Management: Protecting a Country's Heritage. Resource Mobilization for Communities: Key Steps. 0000005479 00000 n Often your organization will see the intended results or impact of the work to be funded as sufficient for successful fundraising. * q!jB?k\P!FPa,Fu*2]/|O& lz85LN;h.I21? It is a three-part strategy based on using digital technologies. It's all the means that an organization should acquire to implement its action plan. 0000015976 00000 n fifteen Complete the, LEARNING ACTIVITY The RM process was described through five practical key steps. 0000047966 00000 n Summary 0000047636 00000 n % Z'zZWdv[T7j8'}TYl FW*bMUHa-8iU0 &MjQ}"A|*g2/kR. Steps to be taken to address issues resource mobilization By intervention government should attempt to build capacity of people to survive and grow themselves in market. McCarthy and Zald also drew the distinction between people who stand to directly benefit from a cause (whether or not they actually support the cause themselves) and people who don't benefit from a cause personally but support it because they believe it is the right thing to do. }, All Rights Reserved. Resource mobilization efforts should align with your organizational mission, objectives and strategic plan. Information we need about the Resource ;bQH C4L(p,@g While the steps presented represent a generic approach to attracting resources, the requirements involved in each step can differ when dealing with specific partners/clients. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Resources can be money, services, goods, networks, time and even moral support - all. + 0000009677 00000 n The rst step in a fundraising strategy is to identify and inventory the range of nancial and non-nancial resources of the individuals, community (including NGOs, groups, and associations), and local institutions (including local government agencies). Reduced waste generation by RE will contribute towards fulfilling the goals of. 0000070010 00000 n These amendments also underscored the organic link in the public finances of the multi-layered federal polity in India. STEP 2: Identifying and Broadening the Stakeholder Group Fund Raising is FRIEND Raising 0000009145 00000 n This section of the Resource Mobilization I-Kit will cover the steps your organization should take to identify proposal and grant opportunities, write a proposal/grant and finally manage a proposal/grant development process. DRM not only provides governments with the funds needed to alleviate poverty and deliver public services, but is also a critical step on the path out of aid dependence. Organizations are not entitled to support; they must earn it. It also called for further innovations particularly in vector control, social behavior change, and case management to better tackle the vector and . = Establishment of payment banks and small finance banks. What is Resource Mobilization and Why is it so Important? Resource mobilization refers to all activities involved in securing new and additional resources for your organization. DRM not only provides governments with the funds needed to alleviate poverty and deliver public services, but is also a critical step on the path out of aid dependence. Additionally, resource mobilization theorists look at how an organization's resources impact its activities (for example, SMOs that receive funding from an external donor could potentially have their choices of activities constrained by the donor's preferences). Your email address will not be published. It is a very democratic forum where the States openly express their views. Determination of principles and quantum of grants-in-aid to States which are in need of such assistance. 0000030809 00000 n According to resource mobilization theorists, there are several ways that SMOs can acquire the resources they need: for example, social movements might produce resources themselves, aggregate the resources of their members, or seek out external sources (whether from small-scale donors or larger grants). By intervention government should attempt to build capacity of people to survive and grow themselves in market. According to resource mobilization theory, being able to effectively utilize resources is a determinant of the success of a social movement. hb```b``f`c``4ed@ A;B@KENv }TYa5?do9xQeu4G2-owxb-gJ*T The prime function of the Council is to act as a bridge between the Union government, Planning Commission and the State Governments. 0000133109 00000 n Controlled utilisation of the resources would lead to retention of the same. Resource Providers, for donors Service Communication and Provider Behavior Change, Reproductive Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, SBCC Check-In: Quality Standards for SBCC, Innovation Blog Series: Leading the Way to Better Social and Behavior Change, Using Health Communication to Fight Swazilands HIV Crisis. Barker-Plummer looked at media coverage of the National Organization for Women (NOW) from 1966 until the 1980s and found that the number of members NOW had was correlated with the amount of media coverage NOW received in The New York Times. 0000006326 00000 n 0000048227 00000 n PAHO continues to work with countries of the Region and partner networks to support the elimination of malaria, one of the 30 diseases and conditions PAHO seeks to end by 2030 through its Disease Elimination Initiative: Towards Healthier Generations. Elaborate on your choice of word "What Is the Resource Mobilization Theory?" The better the organization gears its comparative advantage and service offerings to the contextual priorities and the partners interests/needs, the easier common interest areas can be identified. OF A RESOURCE MOBILIZATION PROGRAM/STRATEGY STEP 1: Preparing a Specific Resource Mobilization Strategy STEP 2: Identifying and Broadening the Stakeholder Group STEP 3: Developing key messages STEP 4: Selecting Resource Mobilization Vehicles STEP 5: Resource Mobilization Monitoring and Evaluation STEP 6: Gearing up for resource mobilization Understand the needs of your clients (target population/funders). @eXW'MeZ$q7q>+-JNS`ZZrlw qx||kG&[??6x@jLxvWVHZed\E:E+& Resource mobilization is critical to any organization for the following reasons: Although sustainability is often identified with having sufficient funds to cover an organizations activities, it is actually a broader concept. Main responsibilities of a Finance Commission are the following. 0000008414 00000 n It is the responsibility of all staff to participate in the mobilization of resources to support The strategic plan is the anchor, in which an organizations programs, structure and systems, as well as financials are reviewed and new business opportunities are identified. H\@>E-Qo& Y0Z#,S?UH~g~!nw~Hu};-4>. Resource Mobilization Action Plans are presented for all subprogrammes and for the Office of the Executive Secretary, as well as for the four nexuses. The National Development Council or the Rashtriya Vikas Parishad was set up on 6th August 1952 to strengthen and mobilise the effort and resources of the nation in support of the plan, to promote common economic policy in all vital spheres, and to ensure the balanced and rapid development of all parts of the country. The five categories of resources that organizations seek to obtain are material, human, social-organizational, cultural, and moral. RMP for the organization will become a permanent line of work and a team effort. hb```Jf USAID currently spends approximately $20 million per year on DRM assistance in over 15 countries. 400 0 obj <>stream X8uC~D Wp1:Md (h!3(E6{__kQ;?**{/ gJXsqW)ezZNqxQB5 Tips and guide on writing a proposal The five steps that are included in the resource mo-bilization approach are further expanded on below and summarized in Annex 2. Typical treatments include the following, according to Harvard Health: Over-the-counter pain medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Charles, Do not sell or share my personal information. In 1977, John McCarthy and Mayer Zald published a key paper outlining the ideas of resource mobilization theory. 0 Self-mobilization is when community members decide to take action and develop a plan, while it's also common for outside organizations (such as government agencies or nonprofits) to come in and encourage participation. Acquisition strategies Required fields are marked *. The resource mobilization perspective conceives of collective action in terms of the mobilizing, converting, and transferring of resources from one group and one arena of action to other groups and actions. h1 @Wd The first step is to establish the extent of the funding gap - that is, the amount of resources the UNCT needs to mobilize. Linked In To ensure this, countries must engage local communities, strengthen primary health care, and ensure sustainable funding to maintain progress towards elimination, he added. The five steps presented can help reflect and will help you design an RM Strategy or Action Plan to market your programme or project. hmo0_n;~TUZ@UcZ)X)$(IwIIn{3YI~|$RQ@zn!^nINi7 W-WQ/4u7t_) gaGu|FkIu|.mQlAs:pe-Mng N/)M:qiVJ"y7Y0:)E_%6EU"ey_c7atMg}he[KxbX8rmtX14R(#E.L V7c$OKJme^TAIKe03`qu;6_v6Gj LV9l}jc4j&b ;oLAVS;rmMTuf5SBnR]d5-;SWh?"VT,B7_k.L> ,jWYUc&RG58*W?.W 0000017629 00000 n The JRM strategy is a living document that, to remain constructive, . & 0p0=`gPgb0fx? The principles which should govern the grants-in-aid of the revenue of the states out of the consolidated fund of India. Be prepared to provide evidence-based results. Step 2 - Assess your resources. SMOs seek out adherents (people who support the goals of the movement) and constituents (people who are involved in actually supporting a social movement; for example, by volunteering or donating money). ,7q096ojz5T3 The Council is headed by the Prime Minister and all Union Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers, representatives of Union Territories; Members of Planning Commission are its members. 0000002863 00000 n 0000025755 00000 n 0000014892 00000 n %PDF-1.6 % Project Management, Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM), Capacity Building PowerPoint Presentation Slides, Mobilizing and managing of resources for NGOs, Independent Global Training Facilitator and Learning & Development Strategist, Resource Mobilization and working towards sustainable funding - JSI, Capacity Building Community Partnerships and Outcomes, Presentation Training on Result Based Management (RBM) for M&E Staff, Mobilization - Community and Resource Mobilization, 4 Project Pre-Planning & Stakeholder Analysis, Resourcemobilization 130711011528-phpapp02(1), Building An Service Oriented It Organization, Overview of GFRAS Extension Evaluation Initiative, Overview of GFRAS extension evaluation initiative - Dr P. Djamen, FCA (Forum du Conseil Agricole) & SNRA (Systme National de Recherche Agricole), CSI5.3 Update to Operations committee 2.8.16, Leading Solutions Talent Management And Development Services, Class session 4 program ideas and needs assessment, Place based integrated approach to community care, Leadership Development in African Higher Education, Women in Human Resources Congress Attracting and Retaining, HRM Metrics and Scorecards_Training Brochure_Presented by Dr Charles Cotter.pdf, Strategic HRM and HRBP Training Brochure_Facilitated by Dr Charles Cotter, Evidence based Talent Analytics and Data driven Talent Management Strategies.pdf, Learning Prospectus_Dr Charles Cotter_2023.pdf, Effective Communication_Interpersonal_Conflict Resolution Skills.pdf, Strategic Talent Management_Best Practice Principles and Processes.pdf. 0000041529 00000 n As a founding member of the ATI, the U.S. government (USG) committed to substantially increase DRM spending to strengthen tax systems, mobilize public revenues, and take greater leadership in financing their own development. Resource mobilization is the process in which a business can understand what it has in terms of resources and plans to acquire more of if necessary. Stakeholder Group In signing off, I would like to share with you 10 truths about resource mobilization: We invite you to explore the goal of resource mobilization in the new focus package available on the Health COMpass and learn about important distinctions and tools that can help shape your organizations approach to mobilizing resources. While technological development and innovation play an important role in adopting circularity during the production phase, behavioural change promoting lifecycle thinking at the consumption phase is key to the adoption of a circular economy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It shall be the duty of the commission to make recommendations to the president as to: The distribution between the Union and the States of the net proceeds of taxes which are to be, or may be, divided between them under this chapter and the allocation between the states of the respective share of such proceeds. From there it's off to the races! The organization draws on various sources of revenue, allowing it to support its ongoing efforts and to undertake new initiatives. 0000016542 00000 n Retrieved from https://www.thoughtco.com/resource-mobilization-theory-3026523. Follow the Steps below for Identifying Proposal and Grant Opportunities Lessons Any resource is largely dependent on their availability. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. (1965) was a seminal step. The Resource Mobilization Pyramid and the 8020 Rule %PDF-1.4 % Q0ID[Tqy)@]C g66/G L\\RR5Au kJao~ssbbg\`$x [N+LvLm38qK0$ endstream endobj startxref 0000018149 00000 n Figure 2 below shows how all of these streams of sustainability are exercised in an organization. 1. 0000002682 00000 n 2016 ended and 2017 begins in uncertain times for the world's political and economic order, and many global public health and development experts and commentators warn of significant immediate consequences on development and global health financing. resource mobilization Systematic communications which highlight results and impact as well as the contributions of development partners Enhance engagement to nurture and strengthen relationships with key donors to deepen and enhance predictable funding for strategic programmes Increase engagement with the corporate THE RESOURCE MOBILIZATION TEAM The IBE resource mobilization plan is intended to last 4 years. function() { 0000000896 00000 n Andrew Champagne, another biochemistry major with a statistics minor from Concord, NH, wants to be a dentist. 0000025166 00000 n At the manufacturing stage, flagship programmes like. 0000045771 00000 n Time limit is exhausted. setTimeout( National Centre for Financial Education was established in 2017 to implement the National Strategy for Financial Education. Exploring Various Resource Mobilization Vehicles Below are the definitions of these three areas of sustainability: Programmatic sustainability. Cultivating the RIGHT prospect Opting for renewable sources like solar and wind power instead of fossil fuels is a wise option. Be ready, willing and able to sell your organization and the programs for which you are raising money. TheInstitute for Social Entrepreneurs describes two distinct resource mobilization goals that an organization may choose to pursue:. 0000028044 00000 n 0000013324 00000 n Crossman, Ashley. The scheme has been formulated through private public partnership under which short term training modules will be conducted (Gupta, 2008) such as Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), SANKALP and UDAAN. Resource Mobilization Plan Pan American Health Organization. You must establish and maintain organizational credibility and reputation. 0000022775 00000 n For one of our partners we drafted a paper that focused on how to approach RM, and we presented some factors to consider upfront, before launching into a fully-fledged programme or project idea. Systems needed in Resource Mobilization, funding proposal Format Sustainable development should be concentrated upon. Each is vital to the survival of an organization. In other words, Barker-Plummer suggests, as NOW grew as an organization and developed more resources, it was also able to also gain media coverage for its activities. The dataset includes comparative information on a range of tax performance and tax administration variables for close to 200 countries and territories. Priority sector refers to those sectors of the economy which may not get timely and adequate credit in the absence of this special dispensation. Complete, CONCLUSION Saving water and trees or forest is the primary step of resource conservation. (For example, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch would each be SMOs within the larger SMI of human rights organizations.) }. notice.style.display = "block"; The organization has a strong, yet flexible structure and accountable, transparent governance practices. 0000002287 00000 n Certainly a meaningful project (a more generalized term for the work to be . Jan Dhan (banking), Aadhaar (Biometric Identity) and Mobile (transactions). Any other matter referred to the commission by the President in the interest of sound finances. Amanda Berman | Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Senior Research Assistant, Kathryn Bertram | Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Program Officer, Jarret Cassaniti, MPH |Program Officer | Knowledge for Health, Lisa Cobb | Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Senior Program Officer, Paige Dearing | NetHope | Marketing & Communications Specialist, Teah Doegmah | Social Behavior Change Program Officer | HC3 Liberia, Missy Eusebio | Knowledge Management Intern, Maia Freudenberger | Director and Co-Founder of Projet Jeune Leader. 0000003155 00000 n &K(zxl]}yT:DtV{'slhL-Bu18 dw!.dbmce.cTpjytc,[W+I%J/:i{[R$K2bvFMeY1Q(uW/kqoBcrR|wVOVj5:WOA5F;e+*h#W3/xsJGCsf>ikY')hsYjbtLq Time limit is exhausted. In India, decentralization reforms, aimed at empowering local people through local governments, assumed significance in early 1990s. . DRM does not necessarily mean new taxes or higher tax rates. 0000107510 00000 n Thus the conservation of these resources is necessary. In the 1960s and 1970s, sociology researchers began to study how social movements depend on resources in order to bring about social change. Resource Mobilization The term resource mobilization refers to all activities undertaken by an organization to secure new and additional financial, human and material resources to advance its mission. Generation of granular data is key to inform the transition from control to elimination as this is the only way to interpret local transmission dynamics and design appropriate interventions. Though the Panchayats and the municipalities (rural local bodies and the urban local bodies) existed even before the 73rd and 74th amendment of the Constitution in the year 1993, these amendments provided an impetus to the decentralisation process through a system of self-government for the panchayats and municipalities and devolve greater powers, functions and authority to them. Community assessment and dialogue The first step is starting a dialogue within the community. 0 G] They found that access to resources was related to an organization's success, and that particular resources seemed to be especially important: having a physical office location, being able to obtain necessary information, and having effective leadership. 0000003351 00000 n Washington D.C. 25 April 2023 (PAHO) On World Malaria Day, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director, Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, calls on countries to intensify malaria elimination efforts among indigenous, mobile and remote communities, the populations disproportionately affected by the disease. An integrated resource efficiency policy can bring in the desired transition. display: none !important; 0000002948 00000 n The devolution of financial resources to these bodies was ensured through periodic constitution of the. While an individuals skills in engaging resource partners can greatly influence success, it is also helpful to consider some key ingredients to Resource Mobilization (RM), even if it often comes down to a blend of factors and seizing the opportunity. Financial and Non-Financial Indicators 0000045849 00000 n Fundraising. Introduction Sociologists have found that being able to effectively utilize resources is linked to a social organization's success. Guide on writing grant proposal cover Learning about business resources and mobilization can help you prepare for a meaningful role where you can help a business reach its goals. 382 0 obj <> endobj The Ministry of Mines has launched a portal , Poverty alleviation and community actions; Community mobilization is a process through which action is stimulated by acommunity, Baseline data collection and development of. At the RIGHT time Government is making efforts to divert school dropouts to technical or vocational training program. When the theory first appeared, it was a breakthrough in the study of social movements because it focused on variables that are sociological rather . 0000048149 00000 n 0000027128 00000 n Resource mobilization is often referred to as New Business Development. 7. and the ability to use them. But at same time government has to set minimum standards and provide safety nets to disadvantaged and vulnerable people of the society. Key points It also involves making better use of, and maximizing, existing resources. The .gov means its official. 0000017416 00000 n According to sociologists who study resource mobilization, the types of resources needed by social movements can be grouped into five categories: In a 1996 paper, Daniel Cress and David Snow conducted an in-depth study of 15 organizations aimed at promoting the rights of people experiencing homelessness. ACTIVITY +27 84 562 9446 Nurturing or cultivating strategies 0000015438 00000 n No resolution is passed by the Council. Inherent in efforts to mobilize resources is the drive for organizational sustainability. The site is secure. Organizational Self-sufficiency denotes the ability of an organization to fund the future of its activities and endeavors through earned income alone - without having to depend in whole or in part on charitable contributions or public . Out of this 40, 18% should be in agriculture and 10% to weaker sections. 0000003540 00000 n Institutional sustainability. Be prepared to provide evidence-based results. Providers, Your Organizations Cause Known Ensuring People and Systems Are In Place "It is time to urge mobilization of resources and support towards malaria elimination in the Americas." PAHO continues to work with countries of the Region and partner networks to support the elimination of malaria, one of the 30 diseases and conditions PAHO seeks to end by 2030 through its Disease Elimination Initiative: Towards Healthier . Xxq)$k+6`q]Ps&(4>A*Y\eR36pIsc`h` er L0iX J@vWs? Contact details: 0000031036 00000 n Determining Resource needs, the 0000045736 00000 n Creating a Disability Inclusion Framework: Best Practices and Viable Strategies, Succession planning mozambique hr forum 28 november 2019, Strategic Talent Management_Employee Retention_Engagement, Speed clean the living room in only 6 steps.pdf, 15th Annual William Blair Case Competition.pdf, First-Year Integrated Core KeyBank Client Challenge, activity Tips on Developing Your Key Message According to resource mobilization theory, a key issue for social movements involves obtaining access to resources. Write to us at, Steps to be taken to address issues resource mobilization, Insta 75 Days Revision Tests for Prelims 2023, Insta 75 days Revision Tests for Prelims 2022, Difference between economic growth vs economic development, The concept of demand and supply in an economy, Importance of quantifying economic growth, Various types of economic indicators or concepts related to measuring economic growth, Issues associated with National Income accounting in India, Possible solutions to Issues with National Accounting, Structure of Indian economy: a brief overview, Indian economy at the time of independence: Basic characteristics, Basic characteristics of the Indian economy in present times, Overall Solutions to achieve a New India by 2022, Historical evolution of planning in India, Genesis of Planning Commission and its objectives, Framework of planning under the commission, Growth of Indian economy under the various-five year plans of the Planning commission, Analysis of the working of Planning commission, Performance of the AYOG since its inception, Issues plaguing the AYOG and measures to resolve these issues, Need for mobilizing resource in an economy, Sources of resource mobilization in India, Role of Fiscal Policy in Resource Mobilization, Role of Capital/ Financial Markets in Resource Mobilization, Role of Banking/ Banks in Resource Mobilization, Issues faced in resource mobilization in recent times, Inclusive growth and issues arising from it, Experience of Indian in ushering in Inclusive growth since independence, Measures taken by India since independence to ensure inclusive growth in the economy, Reasons why India has not been able to achieve inclusive growth in the economy, Recent actions taken to usher inclusive growth in the economy in the below domains, Sustainable and inclusive agricultural growth, Holistic approach to combat poverty in India, Role of public and private partnership in this regard, Industrial growth and its role in ushering inclusive growth, Various important terminologies associated with budget, Some recent reforms introduced in the budgeting process, Issues associated with budgeting process in India, Measures required to address issues related to Budgeting, Definition, types and objectives of Fiscal policy, Important concepts/terms related to Government revenue and expenditure, Changes in FRBMA policies since its introduction, Recommendations made with regards to FRBMA policies, The Reserve bank of India and monetary management, Monetary policy of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Quantitative tools of monetary policy of RBI, Qualitative tools of Monetary policy of RBI, Major monetary policy reforms introduced in recent times, An objective analysis on the efficacy of monetary policy in India, Recommendations made by various committees and economists to improve monetary policy framework in India, Amendments introduced in RBI act over the years, Measures to address the issues plaguing RBI, Pros and cons of Inflation targeting in India, Various other methods of combating Inflation, Present trend of Inflation in the economy, Description of various types of taxes in India, Major taxation related reforms introduced in recent times, Issues associated with taxation system in India, Measures suggested/recommendations made to address issues associated with taxation system in India, Indian financial system: Commercial Banking system, Historical evolution of banking system in India, Narasimhan committee recommendation on Banking sector, Banking reforms introduced in India in recent times, Issues associated with banking system in India, Indian financial system-II: Money and capital market in India, Definition of Money Market and Capital Market, Importance of Money Market and Capital Market for an Economy, Regulatory framework of Indian money market, Issues / Challenges related to Money Market in India, Historical evolution of stock market in India, Regulatory framework of Capital Market in India, Recommendations for Further Improving Capital Market in India, Reforms undertaken to better PPP model in recent times, Some investment models used in India since independence, Relationship between infrastructure and economic development, Transport system in Indias economic development, Infrastructural reforms taken in the above sectors, An objective analysis of the present infrastructure in the country, Measures to further improve infrastructure in the country, Concept of social sector and social infrastructure, Health and Family Welfare and The Development of Health Infrastructure, Indian agriculture at the time of independence, Indian agriculture under the five year plans, Organization of agricultural credit in India, Agriculture and Food processing industries, Programmes and policies introduced in India in recent times to address the issues, Some more measures or recommendations made by the committee to improve agricultural growth in India, Indian industry at the eve of independence, Industrial growth under five year planning, Major Industrial policies introduced in India since independence, Basic characteristics of Indian industries in the present times, Measures taken in recent times to increase the industrial growth in the country, Issues plaguing industrial growth in India despite the measures, Suggestions and recommendations given by various committees to increase the industrial growth in the country, Foreign trade and International organizations, Impact of globalization on Indian economy, Recent reforms taken by Indian in this domain, Poverty in India at the eve of Independence, Various Methodologies Proposed by Various Committees for Calculation of Poverty, Poverty Alleviation Programmes since Independence, Impact of LPG reform on reducing poverty in India, Reasons why poverty still exists in India, Actions required to address the above issues, Programmes, policies and measures taken to address Unemployment in India since Independence, Foundation Program: OGP(Offline and Online Guidance Program).

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