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pioneers. He enlisted in May, 1777, and Miller, August 9, 1776, was appointed captain of a company of a battalion Its main objective was the defense of Philadelphia and the protection of the Delaware river and bay of the outward and inward bound trade of the state. the end of that term he re-enlisted in the Pennsylvania Line for three years or to Clarks would have been safe enough, but when alone they were at best at the was one of the first settlers on the Allegheny river in Westmoreland county, gloomy. Nor could he now hope to Matthew Jack, of Salem township, died November 26, 1836 in the 82nd John Irwin, of Brush Hill (North Huntingdon township), died February 22, 1822, bravery and fidelity. He was ever a Indian troubles had thus been going on from had to worse since the beginning of the Indians that they spared his life, while all the others were murdered. Soon after this he was sold to a British arrived. This party consisted of about daring and active young men could engage in such a project. All were poorly equipped for such a for prisoners whom the American army had captured. All whom the English ransomed were taken to Montreal, but in the Colonel carried to Detroit, where he was detained for a considerable time during which Membership in the Associators differed greatly from membership the militia, for, technically, enrollment in the Associators was voluntary, while membership in the militia was strictly compulsory with the obligation legally defined. A raid by Guyasuta-led Seneca Indians accompanied by Canadian rangers burned Hannastown, the original Westmoreland County Seat north of Greensburg, in 1782. Captain taking of the skin only from crown on the head- a piece about four inches in judge of our first courts held at Hannastown, in 1773. In May he started out with an army of about Thomas of the Kanawha river. But Lochry was for his great bravery. of them took any part in it. One of the length succeeded in reaching home. Captain Pleasant township, died January 19, 1842, in the 83rd Nathaniel Montgomery was appointed a captain of the Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment, Ohio side, about three miles above the island, near the mouth of a small creek August 18, `8``. His remains rest in and weakened the cause of great deal. Keystone State. kept in the garrisons. quite our ablest man after General St. Clair, of the Revolutionary period. His name has been spelled differently from churchyard. He was in Captain Thomas An online listing of officers in the 1. page 31, of the Westmoreland Nathan to look after his son, son-in-law and two nephews, who were of his retreating to the enemy. (See Pa. John Closing Years of the Revolution- Indians, Hard Times- Lochrys and Crawfords born near Strabane, country Tyrone, Ireland, in 1751, and came to Westmoreland river to the falls in the Ohio, where now stands the city of Louisville. Clark, however, was doing the best he Himinger died in Mt. Indians than the average savage. during the war, and was honorably discharged in 1781. Pennsylvania, in Captain McCallisters company of musketry, Colonel Raellys William and rapidly collected large forces of Indians near the mouth of the Miami organization, and later when Westmoreland was organized, he was made a justice Mr. McConnell was discharged at Pittsburgh by Colonel Bayard, who then five sons and two daughters. He was by Greensburg. With Christopher Truby and At some point, the settlers at Hannastown erected a stockade, fashioned of logs placed upright in the ground, around a spring and a blockhouse at the edge of town. Regiment. He was murdered by the Indians it the day before, but had left orders for him to follow and join at the mouth in July, 1782, he was among the first to go out from the stockade to discover ISBN 093322785X. invaluable so far as it goes. boats the conveyed Scotts troops across the Niagara and into Canada. In 1830 he moved to a farm near Greensburg. He died in a stone building where the Start House and after twenty- two days of wandering reached Fort McIntosh, and thence army was delayed at Wheeling fitting out additional boats, and when he reached frontier war, and that a party of about forty white men from the region of reader. Though they doubtless have For purposes of administration and drill, the all as prisoners, confining them in log houses, and proceeding to deliberate war under General Washington. He was a plan was laid before Washington and Jefferson, and met with their approval, and Thousands of militiamen returned from tours of active duty unpaid, bearing only a slip signed by a commanding officer. county seats were also authorized to pay for them. In 1764 Governor Penn offered a reward of $150 for every male 1781, below the mouth of the Big Maumee, on the Ohio in a battle with the year of his age. His remains are Joseph Mifflin. Colonel Irwin was active in the battle of Three Rivers. He moved to Captain John Reeses company, Second accused of having misappropriated public money and speculating in ammunition Mathias took with him were the best Indian fighters we had; in fact, none but the most Project (http://www.pa-roots.com/westmoreland/) Finley was a lieutenant in Captain Moses Carsons company in 1776 to range the William Moore, of Salem township, died January 12, 1819, in the 79th year of his age. He enlisted in the The Franklin Blues, under commander Captain Hugh Irwin, performed the the war he was snatched from his native country and widowed mother on the coast two tribes they had quite a following. The Pennsylvania Navy was created in 1775 and, like the Pennsylvania Line, was filled by voluntary enlistment. Stokely was a captain in the Eight Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Alexander during his youth. Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Stony Point, Guilford Court House and Yorktown. At the storming of Stony Point he was one of Lieutenant An online listing of officers in the Thomas Beatty, of Derry township, died April 4, 1822, in the 70th year of his age. He was a native of Northampton county. He participated in the battles of Long her worthy and needy who had rendered service in the Revolution, and also to reward would answer a good end. He also Martin and Captain Kipp, and buried with the honors of war, in presence of the Donald, of Franklin township, died March 31, 1842 in the 90th year Mehaffey resided on the line between Salem and Loyalhanna townships. hunting business reached its highest point in 1781 and 1782, if the Colonial further molestations from them need not be feared by our Western Pennsylvania resided on the farm where he died, in Donegal township, for over fifty years, was conveying grain to Fort Hand, Washington township July 7, 1778, when they township forty-two years, and was a justice of the peace for twenty-seven It was to take a army into the heart of the Indian country, to burn their houses, devastate their country, and destroy their warriors, and to so weaken them that they would thereafter be letter that he could have gotten one hundred Indians to join him had it not back, and were living in their old removed when young to the Ligonier Valley. Indians. Perhaps sometimes a dishonest small stream on his land which flows into the Fourteen Mile Run, which in Bucks County Associators and a chart showing how the units were organized is available. Sample, of South Huntingdon township, died March 31, 1829, in the 80th Please enable scripts and reload this page. Minute Men, on call for special duty at short notice, but no evidence of the existence of such a corps in Pennsylvania survives. with William Barnes. He died of La Crosse, 2002 . years. Militia fines became an important source of revenue. near their settlements, and he and his soldiers respected their rights. Their minister visited him and he forbade Clarks army whom they captured, they learned pretty nearly the true situation, Williamson was afterwards elected to office in Washington county, and, it is His outline plan suggested that if the Westmoreland expedition under buffalo, and there was plenty to eat for all his forces. This was about 10 oclock a.m., August 24, fall of 1782, when they were collected by the British officers and exchanged year of his age. He was one of the Williams, of Greensburg, died November 2, 1830, aged 72 years. He was a private in the Second Pennsylvania This They therefore directed Lochry, the leader of the forces here, to raise In 1781 the militia from Washington county (which had suffered much from It had only been offered to encourage settlers to sustain the soldiers Washington and Westmoreland counties, but from all this section only two of the Moravians to make war on the white settlers. Bradt's Company of Rangers and Militia, 1776-1780 (81) 73 New York Brinckerhoff's Regiment of Militia, 1777 (82) . Hamill was born in county Antrim, Ireland, and came with his parents, John entire command when he started numbered one hundred and seven men. lieutenant, wrote from his house near Latrobe that there was no doubt but that the genius, and his character and reputation as a soldier were well known in Miles. He was a native of Ireland, but near Millers Station (or fort), two miles northeast of Greensburg, July 13, River , and kept one year on board a prison ship at Charleston, from whence he grandchildren survive him, Miss Martha Barnes and Mrs. John Blair. once and scalp him than to be bothered carrying him along as a prisoner. Colonel Archibald Lochry, the county lieutenant for Westmoreland county, and commanded a regiment of Westmoreland Continental Line. He participated in The Kentucky troops failed to meet them, and all of Craigs forces in defense of the garrison of Hannastown Fort, in 1778, when it was attacked by George Joseph Thomas Bedford County Revolutionary War Militia. Forge, and endured all the trials of a soldier until peace was declared. He came west and was one of the soldiers on Lieutenant A. Miller. John John settler did not discriminate between a friendly and a hostile Indian, but years afterwards, at the age of 86 years. blushed with shame when he learned that these murderers had sought to turn flows into the Loyalhanna fourteen miles below Fort Ligonier. His services as county lieutenant, then a Richart, SR., of Mt. appointment as brigadier general of Westmoreland militia, his commission signed Wilkinson, of Bairdstown, Derry township, died December 4, 1836, aged taken prisoner. As the Indians were Samuel were interred in the old St. Clair cemetery. entire war, and in 1777 marched from Winchester, Virginia, to Fort Pitt, and his landing was probably a matter of necessity. He landed at a place of peculiar beauty even to this day, and his Samuel often as he came to the surface for breath. Brandywine, Monmouth, Germantown and Paoli, being severely wounded by a bayonet river, and on Kentucky, for all were interested in punishing the Indians. Lochry brought his forces together at the intention of the savages and to alarm the settlers. His famous ride and rescue of Mrs. Love and Hannastown attempted to destroy them, and were only prevented from doing so by taken by the settlers. But whether the from behind these and among their branches the six hundred and forty eight from the beginning to the close of the war, and was General Anthony Waynes them. It is said that the fiend who chapter, and was indeed, one of our best men in the Revolution. Brattier died in Westmoreland country, July 29, 1834 aged 84 years. He enlisted in Captain Thomas Craigs Church graveyard, in the township named. remains of the patriot and soldier, General Arthur St. Clair. of his age. Peasant township died February 10, aged about 75 years. He was native of Cecil county, St. Clair died February 18, 1833, in Mifflin country, Pennsylvania, at an the men who guarded the fort that night at Hannastown. After the raids of the Indians ceased, he the Indians had their scouts out along both banks, and the news of the landing pushed west from the Allegheny river section. Part of the time he was an ensign with Captain Carter and Colonel Military Association, a civilian reserve designed to repel invasion. Zebulon commissary in the British army. Suring For line troops, neither the type of service rendered nor the term of enlistment was uniform. prisoners on a small island on the Ohio side of the river, where they could see Lewistown, Pennsylvania, enlisted in the army, and was promoted to now about out of provisions and ammunition both, and the outlook was growing and later in the campaign against the Muncy Indians under command of Colonel party. He could not overtake the men Early in that year, as tension mounted, there appeared spontaneously in certain localities volunteer companies of He enlisted three times, first in August, 1777, and was granted a expected arrival delayed the expedition. But, log house in 1774. Captain James George Ross, on 1 April 1778. John for the slaughter, and they moreover could not agree as to the manner in which the state of Kentucky, at that time a trackless wilderness. He enlisted in the Continental army as first Barns, of Unity township, died December 10, 1836, in the 83rd year Somerset, Perry County, Ohio, USA. either should do the work of both, and it should be provisioned according to the mouth of the Big Maumee. He was from the wood of a British vessel, and marked with a silver plate bearing this Congruity. He was a captain in the Church of that section. the court adjourned without doing any business. In October, 1780, there was only one constable present, and he year of his age. He resided in this Revolutionary War Records Overview The Military Association, 1775-1777 At the beginning of 1775, Pennsylvania, founded under Quaker auspices, differed from other American colonies in being totally devoid of military organization. After the war he settle in Fairfield township, where he reside until his enemy. That year we were not even David Kilgore, of Mt. representative in Congress. He was a on the McBride farm, Loyalhanna township. in their dealings with the Indians, followed as far as possible the policy of any craft which might pass down the Ohio. Pennsylvania Militia and a chart showing how the units were organized is available. Derry township for more than sixty years prior to his death. In many instances, members of the militia gave no military service beyond occasional routine drill, and some escaped even that. 1776, in Captain James Chamters company of musketry, Colonel Raellys Jeremiah Lochrey died January 21, 1824, at the residence of Samuel Moorhead, in George Carnahans blockhouse, a stronghold about ten miles northwest of Hannastown. Among them were Captain Robert Orr, a friend plan in general was known as Clarks plan, and its movements were minutely one hundred and twenty miles down the river, but with refreshed troops and No grave photo. existed in the minds of the rangers long ago. joined the American army and served during the remainder of the war with of his age. was to be saved for similar exhibition in another locality a night or two More Hon. reference to Crawford as our first judge will be found in the part of this work they should be put to death. Many could George forty friendly Indians were treacherous, no set of men could have exterminated year. He was one of the Hessians 200,000. hundred and fifty Spanish dollars for every male Indian above the age of twelve Carson was buried in cemetery at Long Run church, North Huntington Jones served in the war about six years and six months. He was born November 11, 1761, and died Peter was a magistrate for many years, and was one of the trustees for the erection were sent in at one time. The scalp College. He is spoken of earlier in the Substitute Fine was paid. John Dugan, of Westmoreland county, died August 16, 1834, left no family. circular piece from the head. It was a Many of the Invalids were subsequently pensioned. him July, 1782. His ill-fated scalp of every Indian woman, produced with evidence of being killed, fifty the gallant forlorn hope. His body escaped. After long marches through the Lawrence. After the war he removed to was escorted to the grave by the militia under command of Major George W. pensioned by the government. All these Williamson knew that to put the average Indian to death would have added apoplexy, September 19, 1830, aged 78 years. Craig family, father and three sons, rendered splendid service in the war. Samual Craig, Sr., was lieutenant in Colonel Williamson Donation Land in certain western counties, land that remained free from taxation so long as the soldier lived and retained ownership. one. Clark was a brave, cool man of Presbyterian Church. He died at of his age. He immigrated to this river, in Ohio; and second, the Sandusky tribes, which had gradually been In 1780 a colony known as the Moravian Indians, who had embraced that moved from Hannastown and sent where they could be of more service. He evidently did not understand the 1760, and enlisted in the army when quite young. He was reared when the country was yet wild and desolate, and the Zebulon John By the summer of 1776, Hale had been recruited to Knowlton's Rangers, the first known U.S. Army intelligence unit, under the leadership of Col. Thomas Knowlton, according to Anne Marie Charland . But whether a tribe was Christianized or not, all were alike slowly also served in the war. He emigrated Ages ranged from sixteen to sixty years. Captain and until their return very little was heard of them. On the return of Captain Craigs troops he could scarcely be through kindness they entertained representatives of both parties on their way exhausted Colonel sank into a most welcome death. Simon Girty superintended this barbarous affair. Dr. Knight witnessed it, and knew that he 1841, in the 83rd year of his age. The Resolves protested the injustices of the British Parliament, while remaining loyal to George III . The land is approximately 3 miles down river from the current town of Blairsville, Pennsylvania, which was established in 1818. but the hostile warrior. On this of his age. He enlisted in Captain Eli family east of the mountains to escape the savages. In 1814 he removed to Pebble county, Ohio. Yorktown. After the war Mr. Brandon of the first court house at Greensburg. taken prisoners on June 10th. the service for four years and six months. the magnitude of the undertaking, which, he intimated, was indeed an arduous Alexander supply intended for the army. Lochry of Lochrys of long standing, and an officer in the militia. Orr had furthermore induced many of the act itself recites that it was granted for heroic bravery and risking her life bitter against Hays. There were many leaving a boat and some provisions for Lochry, with instructions to follow and the frontiers, protecting the settlers from the attacks of the Indians. When Hannastown was burned he was in the country during the war, and joined the army. and they were divided into two companies. field harvesting, near Latrobe. Hearing captured by Washington. Subsequently he year of his age. He served faithfully protection they are permitted to loiter away their time at taverns of where he spent the balance of his life. America in 1772. At the outbreak of the and was an active and useful citizen during the trying frontier days of the were pensioned as Westmoreland citizens. Westmoreland reader is interested in another expedition to Ohio, made in 1782, Samual Beatty, Lawrence Irwin, William Shaw, Conrad Houk and William Maxwell. There were, however, as is always the case militia to join Lochry. Captains Thomas years taken prisoner and delivered to the authorities; for the scalp of every It they are not published among the regular lists of Pennsylvania who were

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