skf wheel bearing torque specs

front lower control arm/ball joint/knuckle bolt. >> Web hosting provider - - domain hosting - PHP Hosting . VvY1zDrqCNOQCkphnx9iu3cbDMgu/BuqSmt0Asd0xhrILdz4In94+Iakpu1fTt/rj/qGJKeR6i/F 100 147/200[30] 147/200[30] S6 147/200[30] AIA. 6tb2ktlx2kH8Ueax3kJjreqOUyEYgJaEaNQ9G+smP0yu7KwP1fNvZbbaygOuc1xNrq7NgNu0ua3Q ABdf5bElOR9ZqKLG0vtr3HUbosJEFsR6bmx9I8/ekp2MWplGNVTUIZWxrWgTEAQPpElJSPqUDAyC 9uH/ANJpKZ0tc1kPgOJcSAZGpJ5geKSnM6z/AMo9C/8AThZ/7Y56SnN+rH1n+reP9W+k0X9Wwara The lock nuts listed here constitute the basic SKF assortment. Putting the proper torque on the center axle nut sets the preload for the bearing and keeps the bearing from separating while in operation. Deep groove ball bearings . 23VPO1j2uPgCCUqIVYczrP8Ayj0L/wBOFn/tjnoJV9U//Er0b/034v8A55rSU6ySnG+tfRret9KO Find the Make, Model, and Year on the chart. A Commitment to Quality and Performance Performance Pipe's DriscoPlex 6400 PE 3408 piping system succeeds Driscopipe 6400 and Plexco Oil and Gas Gathering pipe as the product of choice for energy and environmental applications. 38D+KSnpxwkp5/qLuoPuvdVVkkgkNa17WsLS4Mbt3EmXbfCNUlOp0kPbjGuw2FzH7SLSC4aNIGnG RDX .. 242/329 133/181 A4 [31] 85/115[32]. hb```lND@Y80L2I%;@L"s(f`adgb@@mUM "(\?0[T/rl=R3x}100~Um{ "b(ws=.%i%ynae@ -9 My 2005 Avalon shop manual specified the wheel lug studs as non-reusable, but not the 4 hub mounding bolts, so I re-used them. [50] [50] [46]. 0GE4ebJ+f+X2PUfV3oFH1fw3Y9bzdZY7fZYQGzAgADXQfFV+YznNK2xy/LjDGrt1VCztVnTserHG The Shop Squad is assembling to advance the automotive repair industry through ediucation, resources and dialoge. AONz00aDMygP6zP/ACCSrYu/xb9McC05mUQ4QdWf+QQpXEg/8avo/wD3Lyf+h/5FFVq/8avo/wD3 0lpa5uGQ3a4AY5H6Ulku1nlzz2nXlJS7the26wYha5xtP6B5cSPbvBnkeMJKUW17d7vshAZ6pmh3 Testimonial: "The info on the torgue specs was very helpful. To ensure that you have the correct Torque for the application refer to this guide or contact the vehicle manufactures dealer. 3. yystO4zYafL6Iu78ceKSnYw3usxKbHtDHOraS0EOAJA0Dm6FJTHPn7HdAB9h5MD74KSmv0IOHTKg Hb```";d 11%%cz,#mY)$. saved . stream Torque curves for mounted thin section bearings can be calculated and provided by SKF. /Filter /DCTDecode [ ] Footnote codes, see pages 26-28 Adjustment procedure codes, see pages 29-33 3. ReferenceStream 3Jc1wGyHNDf8F/N7dRwfpefkkpv9Hrurw9l7LGOD3aWuDnRPMhJTYxv5s/8AGWf9W9JSm/0qz/i6 173/235 [50] [50]. m"jIu%HbCWn8'9|; ;Ow*Q!b3#]nKU%{Ay &C6;/o.~vW ia4feO;BJ{JF ' pzv4 s8Uc+?9waINxq [!RF~&OJ:E,c: ?z'*^4>nH}8laD2s~{i?`1lq)y;9]),"c *z|Er^G4>qyFUe;r)sa+t3&A%I R0d~S5|`TO.-+1X;x**r GBaJ{ 3?5gqzR3mm? _WLY6=3Ju? Z@!rZr ghisM/=2`Bx $g) Search By Recent Posts Cs.W+[&m}l~P+AN7>jI.X`YtJ_UQiK2z%OP6+F7;3P9#S|v`IOYph2V \/({j)6`si^oxm-0MzV@[%8mAwA}Nq|9rSV~/Oyr~7(NYXDyk*2,' 100, 147/200[30] AIA S6 [31] [31]. SKF lock nuts provide a variety of ways to secure the nut onto a shaft. Make/ or Torque or Torque Make/ or Torque or Torque Model Year ft-lbs/Nm ft-lbs/Nm Model Year ft-lbs/Nm ft-lbs/Nm Audi - cont. A torque wrench is an essential tool when it comes to installing wheel bearings. 7fikp6rBy25tAtAa10+5jXB8SA5urfFjg75pKc36zNe/GDGNa4uY8e/bGpZ2sa5v3pKdhn0G/Acc /QP9d/8A1TklOb1n/lHoX/pws/8AbHPSUr6p/wDiV6N/6b8X/wA81pKdZJSMfz7/AOoz8r0lOH9Z <> adjustments on conventional wheel ends may cause the wheel to come off and cause bodily injury and/or property damage. The following diagrams show the approximate torque levels of Reali-Slim bearings (for all series of each bearing type) under stated conditions: for type A ; for type C ; for type X ; for types A and X 3. Guide, Specification, Torque, Torque specification guide. Tgd,Q_G 0*IFtG@U-{tpF ,x+Gm#O Inches uPYK58PNZD5NH4kLxgeLl29J+qD3n0rqq2131NIdkNPqVuLWv2ubkP4kmdo/iphm5jqOnb+xiOHl 56SlfVP/AMSvRv8A034v/nmtJTrJKRj+ff8A1GflekpVmPj3GbqmWGIlzQdPmkpeummmfSrbXPO0 Driveshaft axle nut is 177 ft/lbs. /metadata Dodge Master. 147/200 214/290. tcXV5fVWZnaGlqa2xtbm9jdHV2d3h5ent8fX5/cRAAICAQIEBAMEBQYHBwYCOwEAAhEDITESBEFR zAeO I CcF{Nm62mci7Fj;ZCJh$2T1L/6Amr#yjS2m fyklOVkZF7OpfZqnvLBfWxzZsJDXCvvvHcnXX8ElOx9mr8bP+3H/APk0lOV11zsKthx3Oa5+53uL Not Helpful. American Motors [50] [50]. Xo3/AKb8X/zzWkp1klIx/Pv/AKjPyvSU5fXDmb2sxmXva9m0+k3RpO4bidfmI1SUy6CM39O7LF7A This guide contains torque specifications and procedures for properly securing all domestic and import wheel bearing units. front wheel speed sensor bolt. 3Iw.:>xh'QK|y7'O72&M Vf8Aym6f/wCwtP8A6TSUr/mn9Vf/ACm6f/7C0/8ApNJSv+af1V/8pun/APsLT/6TSUr/AJp/VX/y Z9Vf/Lnp/wD7FU/+lElK/wCdn1V/8uen/wDsVT/6USUr/nZ9Vf8Ay56f/wCxVP8A6USUr/nZ9Vf/ Bearing data. Back off the inner (adjusting) nut the appropriate amount as indicated by the chart at right; e.g., 1/6 of a turn for a 12-threads-per-inch front steer axle. Values are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load. adobe:docid:indd:9d2b4d4e-5cd5-11de-8088-98db8d4ca5ff uuid:e48a1e1a-2adf-4db6-9071-7ef315344bd2 [33] 129/175 5 Series RWD (E60).. 310/420. COPYRIGHT 2023 Danny's Engineportal by Danny Bender - DISCLAIMER: All wallpapers and backgrounds found here are believed to be in the "public domain". 242/329 181/245 [50] [50]. This recommendation could have changed for model year 2006; new bolts are probably a good idea regardless. xmp.iid:389D3183205111689457EA29257B0496 A73bfezXds/Ob+drCSnI6Uxw6pjvFljg5jyWnIbYyB6gkNDfdqefFJT0h0CSnm25d5yXZQMuBFgr Supercedes 457377 , Dated 2011. 4. 181/245 A8 140/190[32] 140/190[32]. AFgd+mrY42bfTeQGML2gw7UwefCElNro7mk3hnqtYXbgy1hYGkufOyeRokpJ1ggYJJMQ+vX0jd+e ANRn5XpKafVMXCtLL8y59W0Oa3YYkbXOdptM+0FJTLpdGJXU+zDtfcx7iC57i73MLmnkDukpXWv6 7) 2014. Z1S177GNeHv2a2t9xcNDsZt1PmUlPZJKcT6zOrbXSbHhkb9TunhvdgP4pKdppkA+I7pKYU/QP9d/ 380Fv3zokpyekVVt6hS9jnal8h2PXWSf0w1e2z48BJT0bvon4eE/gkp5EYzHVwA4e1pj7Cxmmz3a 167/226 AIA. vVO8htAc6x7muawBhIdD3ANO0t1g6JKVXnY1rXOa5w2EBwex7HAuiJa9oPdJSH9sYvrsoAe7dW6z Sv8AnZ9Vf/Lnp/8A7FU/+lElK/52fVX/AMuen/8AsVT/AOlElK/52fVX/wAuen/+xVP/AKUSUr/n rBDMZ7QTJA9Ma/8AbiSlYZLqSS0tJst0MSP0j/AlJTE0ssy7C4uEV1/Re5v51v7pCSnLycy6nPfh AEr/ALmf+QSUr0n/AOlf9zP/ACCSlsZz3Vne4uIe9smAYa9wHAHYJKYn1H5L2CxzWtYwgAN5JfJ1 147/200[45] 147/200[45] 3 Series RWD .. [54][92]. Thank You ! Supporting wheel . V8 147/200[30] 147/200[30] 5 Series RWD (E61).. 310/420. The plant will expand FDPs global production capability for highly engineered brake pads and shoes for the automotive industry. NX/vOakpYkOdvdiuLo27j6cx4TvSUx21yT9jMnnSrwA/f8klLna76WI488ivvz+ekpR2kycRxJ50 AMB [31] [31]. /Height 155 4000 203/280 203/280. Seals in wheel end applications are key in determining the life of the entire unit. /VOSU5vWf+Uehf8Apws/9sc9JSvqn/4lejf+m/F/881pKdZJSMfz7/6jPyvSU53V6OoWWsdhi9wF nrP/ACj0L/04Wf8AtjnpKV9U/wDxK9G/9N+L/wCea0lOskpHbfVSWi123fIBIMaCdXRA08UlLfas This guide contains torque specifications and procedures for properly securing all domestic and import wheel bearing units. Additionally, Timken differentiates itself by including the required foot-pound torque needed not just for axle nuts, but also for flange bolts and wheel studs. r/mn9Vf/ACm6f/7C0/8ApNJSv+af1V/8pun/APsLT/6TSUr/AJp/VX/ym6f/AOwtP/pNJSv+af1V How Accurate Is Your Click-Style Torque Wrench? hn/WElJ8b+bP/GWf9W9JSm/0qz/i6/y2JKcv6ym8VUmhpdBdIaLD+5/oiPxSU69JJqYSIJaDHy84 6b8X/wA81pKdZJSklNHqXRem9Xa1udQ2xzDuY+BuaYI0Pz4ThIhBjbzl/wDi+qpNdvTLmi3HeLcc b3uJDg697C9zXfQDq3D/AAhMD+KSnqxqJSU8x1WqmzqWQ43UD03Nc9rnXWFo20iXVhrm+GnGqSnV 0 2015 Catalog 457601 Supercedes 457601, Dated 2008 SKF Bearings and Seals Heavy duty truck wheel end components Includes applications, specifications and interchanges. SLX .. IUA A6 [50] [50]. From automotive to heav industrial applications, SKF offers a solution to k machines operating and your business profitable. +nW+eOBCSnXoDRTWGxtDQBHER8klI87+h3c/QPEz+GqSmr0Ez05vk+wch35x7ta1JTPNqbdiZbHE NVLGNDQOHaNY2sfTDgfa1JSJ/RcN4Y07ttYhgMO26Mbpua6D7B/rKSl/2Ph+q273bmbImDArjaBI IXL 181/245 195/265 236/320. hn3bNXW+nVVtbk5tT7JIc4aCZMfDhMlV6L43WreoyKclhfQ7e0HaTqNee/xQSxxv5s/8ZZ/1b0lK 210/285 181/245 A4, A4 [50] [50]. 1h6d9qNRouqd6V1Z43AAywn80zonTxyh8wpiE8c/kNh2E1LRr6xgvY1+53uDILa7C0mwMLQ13p6k Under torque of an axle nut will allow excessive movement causing uneven loading and excessive wear . /AIS false Active Hybrid 74/100 6 310/420. Torque the adjusting nut to 50 lbf-ft while rotating the wheel hub assembly. Front proc. 3 Series AWD (E92,E93).. 310/420 [101] LaCrosse GMS GMS. JHGsc9+ySl6+lY9ZJa5/ueyyz3fTNQYK9xAn2+mOOe8pKTtxamMLGS32NrBB1AZO3nwlJSI9OpL2 CANTON, Ohio The Timken Co. has added torque specifications to its automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket online catalog site, Integra .. 134/181 134/181 195/265 AIA. n/lHoX/pws/9sc9JSvqn/wCJXo3/AKb8X/zzWkp1klInB77XND3MAa0wA3kl3i0+CSl/Sf8A6V/3 10 214/290. Vigor .. 181/245 134/181 147/200[30] AIA. endstream endobj 10 0 obj <>>> endobj 11 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[30.4684 30.4445 821.195 1254.98]/Type/Page>> endobj 12 0 obj <>stream 6 0 obj [44][113] Century .. 118/160 . B12gmoa8/wCFM9u33pKdbpv/ACfjf8SzwP5o8JCSldSE9PyBprW4akDkeL/b9+iSkHQhHTK4cHS5 April 7, 2011. The hub nut secures the spindle to the bearing unit. /Length 7 0 R bPScC3p+Masi77Ra5259u3bMBtbNNfzGCUUPOZ/1Ovy/rlV1n1Kxil1eQ5pJ9TfR6Y2hu3bBIHdJ 181/245 181/245 [51] 147/200[45]. Inches The correct torque spec is available from a number of sources including SKFs Torque Specification Guide (Form # 457377). 9 TT VWH VWH 5 Series AWD (E60).. 221/300 310/420. Catalog 457377. /Tq8+jI+xGs2usdDGMBL95/NDY7pJfZ+i4FP1a6TRVfY2t7yDkb3Q11rhJhx0EAQPGElronq/SwA Mayhew will also sponsor the Dominator Award, a prize given to the driver that leads the most laps in each feature event. Automender12345 said: Using the old front axle wheel hub retainer, seat the front wheel driveshaft joint in the hub. Rear proc. Its our goal to give installers everything they need to do the job right the first time, said Tecklenburg. AR#zX$^0fYvjn~cJlo~0}d{/Oa]wtoE$ AD8A636sfVj6t5H1b6Tff0nBtttwcZ9lj8apznOdUwuc5xZJJKSnS/5p/VX/AMpun/8AsLT/AOk0 66 Ft-Lbs. xK9G/wDTfi/+ea0lOskpp5ws31ellNxne4BrxIcfaZ+k2YaD5az2SUgZVnb3F3UmOYZcR6bAQA0N 2 SKF Group 2014. endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 103 0 obj <> endobj 104 0 obj <> endobj 141 0 obj <> stream Use a qualified, calibrated Torque wrench. sv7nu8e38nfskpN0BltbbWXVtYRt+jQ2idXjhjnfH5pKbHWgTgOAG6Xs0jd+c383ukpxukuyD1Wh Courtesy SKF - SKF Torque Specifications. Selling shocks and struts can be difficult. /pvxf/PNaSnWSUpJSySl0lKSUskpdJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklKSUpJSklOT1 nc337/HySU2cLDqxa/bXWyx30zWIDteddUlNlJSklKSUpJTAU0h/qCtof+8AJ+9JTW6nXZZQ30mX C q" Publication 457377 (rev. Front proc. Y7YfsG10+1r+Cw8PjTRJTq1aVsHHtHl28klLU/QP9d//AFTklOb1n/lHoX/pws/9sc9JSvqn/wCJ Also note some hubs come with a new nut in the box. 3 Series AWD (F30).. 155/210[44] 107/145[27] LaCrosse GMS . 6st2s21xYIIcJc4uESPBJTAdNL2mu+rEfWbN+0UjWfpE7i4biO8JKXZh5ZLvtDcR4IOgqcJ8Jl57 02/14). Mjs7Ozs7Ozs7Ozs7Ozs7Ozs7QEBAQEA7QEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBA/8AAEQgBAADGAwER Catalog 457377 . The Power of Knowledge Engineering SKF is your source for a wide range of products c various industries. /bh/9JpKVuyv9HX/ANuH/wBJpKVuyv8AR1/9uH/0mkpW7K/0df8A24f/AEmkpW7K/wBHX/24f/Sa 457377 2018 Torque specication guide Front & rear axle nut, hub mount and lug nut torque specications for FWD, RWD & 4WD vehicles. Giotto release is full of 2023 model year content. It is important that you properly Torque the spindle nut to ensure optimum bearing life. 147/200[30] AIA [50] [50]. This is typically when a one-time use self staking nut secures the hub. sHGZZW/Jqa5rm1MDmuaXyCCkp0v+dn1V/wDLnp//ALFU/wDpRJSv+dn1V/8ALnp//sVT/wClElK/ pKWOFmy1zRhh8e5xodzu3n/CfvSeedUlLjpzmuc2qnDZS6fZ6Op3H3SQ4DXTskpVvTn2Pn0sMg6n bt6eBz73mdgr5M/RaSkpu1fTt/rj/qGJKeX6nX6mdLSwBtlnNFZAO93Li8EE+Pf4ykp6xJTj/WMk All the information you need, in one place. X5 .. 310/420 310/420 103/140[4] . Over torque of the spindle nut will cause the bearing to overheat, one of the most common causes for bearing failure. One of the leading causes of premature hub failure is improper torquing of the axle nut. XYXFwiuv6L3N/Ot/dISU53WX5OE5jqLC1jwAATa8l06yQ8ADUfikpv4uM/0GHKc42kS/ZZYG6+Hv xmp.iid:389D3182205111689457EA29257B0496 /Type /ExtGState Look at the big picture and really consider how the vehicle will operate if things arent done correctly. Product range of over 1000 kits includes three generations of wheel bearing designs. 242/329 [31] AIA. PjEC+p4uqBMBxALS0nzDjHmrHKZhiyWdmtzmA5sdDd876u7Ky3dKouwPTyOmV2VXPtqaQ9gLW1Nd ), Catalog, Boulevard, Mitchell, 1395, 90 mitchell boulevard 415 472 3195. TL 242/329 181/245 147/200[30] 147/200[30]. Adobe InDesign 6.0 49FhAZl7AfTHtJaTuGoJ0iWx5pGyOihQPVt1dNoc1lofeJAcGvcQRwfc099Ew5DtovGMeLfUbIpJ Onmkp6foxB6fXBB9zzoXHl7jy8A90lNT6yR6NcidHwYOn0DyOOElOw36I+ASUwp+gf67/wDqnJKc AKTSUr/mn9Vf/Kbp/wD7C0/+k0lK/wCaf1V/8pun/wDsLT/6TSUr/mn9Vf8Aym6f/wCwtP8A6TSU 98D/ALb+iUkvqPQeqN6v0yrLJHq/QuA0Ae3nTz5SQw6j0q7MyRcz0doa0fpBYXaF0/QsYI1SUwwu AQBIAAAAAQAB/+4ADkFkb2JlAGQAAAAAAf/bAIQADAgICAgIDAgIDBALCwsQFA4NDQ4UGBITExMS Nb8zokpp4HVRl5DqnupbLZrYx4c8w+xuoHkz70lN930T8Ckp40Md9mG01k+qdfV1gVtLodMaDln+ Front proc. pMdxtQU+h4H1do6N0v8AZ3SnvA3l7nWulztwDTJa1vYDskq0rcHqDmgvvaHdwC5w+/RCipHjdNb0 C3a4aO+iCHQe6SmfS8uzJrey4WepU4gusr9OQXO2wPIBJSusicEgFoPqV7S/cQDvbH0dUlOP0lrW Download literature, access technical tips and view product information Torque specification guide Front & rear axle nut Torque specifications for FWD, RWD & 4WD vehicles For catalog related questions, please email: View detailed technical and product videos at Follow us on Twitter @skfpartsinfo to stay on top of all the latest technical and product information. 1 0 obj <>>> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream 191/260 [53] [53]. /wBsc9JSvqn/AOJXo3/pvxf/ADzWkp1klIx/Pv8A6jPyvSUgyeq9Pw7fRyrhU/aH+4GIM8ujb+ae Remove the old nut and discard it. [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] 9+1rnABjBJbHtEtGp3aJ3tELfdB2bbGusY2xtr4cA4SGjQ6/uKMiiyA2y9J/+lf9zP8AyCSlek// >> 72.00 4SPTdoRI48NElNfoLmu6ZXsG0BzxB3fvH98kpKbtX07f64/6hiSnlepVs/aD3+nLhY90j1ZjeRpD /SA true Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0.5) . Torque specifications can also be found in SKFs online catalog in the Application listing section. WARNING: Failure to back off the inner nut as described . FWD FRONT AXLE NUT TORQUE . Automotive Make and Model Torque Specs Engine Torque Specifications for Subaru Impreza. ?&WWOutc; pN,6iSS09N'(&k=v Adobe PDF Library 9.0 For specific mounting instructions, refer to the vehicle manufacturers service manual for that model. " l{4AKYiq] ^M{j=fu?gB]=UMsy-x$m7\}=)(Y3_6d{)/iF@zH2gZ13R?VWU-hs!~h-"3vR!7.x(0=&?ROoXf OXun;U 'ta 0@4=mtSR5JK]Sr7?9d)(}HUvAZv9RCz"x3n*@&,L-n'Tp[Te. FDP Virginia Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components, announces it will open a new North American friction manufacturing plant near Mexico City in early 2024. /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAgEASABIAAD/7QAsUGhvdG9zaG9wIDMuMAA4QklNA+0AAAAAABAASAAAAAEA Register by June 30. << They found that any oil changer can successfully install a wheel assembly when this procedure is followed, so they adopted it as a standard in the industry. Most of the images displayed are of unknown origin. r5pKbON/Nn/jLP8Aq3pKU3+lWf8AF1/lsSU5X1leW10AM9Tc4tA9RtcElkfTBn5JKdiifRrkQdo0 / Torque specifications can also be found in SKF's online catalog in the Application listing section. [50] [50] 5 Series AWD (F07/F10).. 155/210[44] 74/100[84]. Genesis Equipment is now the exclusive distributor in Australia for the BendPak, Ranger, Autostacker, QuickJack, MaxJax, DannmarandCool Bossbrands of lifts, shop equipment and consumer products. f20VkZ5qNk6GndBED97zlJSdJSklNDrnUW9K6ZfmkhrmNO0u4mOflykp8sw/rd1/PvblevcxpO5r IczPJrGGnc6Nxn1mxWmz7TU6ptQLnvrfVkBrWmC4tx7LLAPMtUftA7SH5fmy+6RvE/n+TpYedh9Q P/pRJSv+dn1V/wDLnp//ALFU/wDpRJSv+dn1V/8ALnp//sVT/wClElK/52fVX/y56f8A+xVP/pRJ 72.00 $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? WOa+QKDUHcOH/aghkapKav2PK3ClpyA2ABafssBpdqCPSd9EcafNJSHHoznZFdllOZUd4JM4Wxsn endstream endobj 110 0 obj <> stream This torque method greatly reduced the occurrence of wheel loss reducing accidents/damage/injuries and deaths. Our team of Timken Service Engineers provide customers with solution-oriented expertise, serving as an extensive resource . SUtm0MqxbbWOeHsYdrjY8wfm8JKQ9IZ9owGW2vLiS4N9N7wNrXFrRG89gkps141e+3Wz6Y/wj/3W )s2NmP|R(> %R(kEPB[)xpA/x:#XLpQ QID+"z}tx:KB'F+#B,/ia=bKFHVxB.f|t^taEwpgw:i>uwEX4F]vu;vw|Za;ijv9Mv1TY:Pd{8i9l:BW#X~C odU'l~Nczh.fe^Ng/w/^W/q}w5^,w.gvqB[ MxwdcbCQ5uwEWj032MZtmGj03EWQ38NZSUzY7pt9TsxvqvDXNt1bbu3FrWtsaxwBOg0IH8UlMTZ0 %PDF-1.5 7 242/329 181/245 [50] . If the seal allows external contaminants to enter the bearing or lubricant to escape from the bearing, then premature failure of the unit will occur. AMB S4 147/200[30] AIA. Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication but no liability can be accepted for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential arising out of the use of the information contained herein. GJ69m+lLsc s6x7gN"g` nd,V}GoNYmujY& o?N]RR S4 147/200[30] 147/200[30]. RyE9mOWMDujeyoVGt9Wba1z9x9vMgT8vciCb3CDVbFTmY5sLrK8ysWv+DQXl3hxq4pAmuiiBfVi0 5/xSU2MSz06GMycll9pLpsENDjJdAbuPAKSk3rU/vt1G4ajjxSUt9ox/9Kz/ADgkpb7Tj6/pWaTP W2tvDAGjgaD4QElMklOZ1/o563hsxBcKCy0W7nVi0aNc2NriP3uU6M5wNxNL4DCT+thxjtdOB/43 S2H1lz4L+BW4/mifmkp0TwY/D/akp5r7FnemJZll8Gdzml59kQ4t9vP7vfySU9Mkpwuo4uXblXua pl5ud6vrgmsHZaXP11awbffHpa7ZhJSLEs6NiObfjhwHpu9NzPVuHp+1hPtDxBGO2P8AWUp0Bn4r 59+180 deg. Ball bearings . Most drive axle wheel hubs have a center axle nut that must be torqued down onto the axle shaft to a specic torque value. Type 3 This bearing unit is becoming more common on late model vehicles. We do not intend to infringe on any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. SKF's oil and grease sealing wheel end seals offer enhanced performance in a wide range of . adobe:docid:indd:f4325ede-6878-11de-aa11-a7f37a324c94 bgRTc2obiDzuPPgY/wBiUl6VRmUG5mV6rmiBXZbZ6hcJeeJMHVJSXqbrWYhdVvncydha0xubukv7 mjcPomfbfP4JKbySlJKUkpSSlJKYue1g3PIaPEmAlVqY/aMf/Ss/zgjwlHEFfaMf/Ss/zglwlXEF 0JKSfV4MH2jZWxgnQsc5wcN9373nKSmz1sx05+jj7maNe2r85v5ztPkkpx+jWt/aOOxtbD6jXHf6 This assures the proper mating of the split inner rings of the bearing needed to achieve the proper internal clearance. SKF patented X-tracker for high performance, high load vehicles. Legend .. 242/335 206/285 Allroad [50] [50]. gEHjdr848ISkZHUHvcx3U6q62OY4PYGb3NAf6jXNcIGrmkFJSZ5zWiph6hS17d3rTWJeZBG0F/tj adobe:docid:indd:9d2b4d4e-5cd5-11de-8088-98db8d4ca5ff fl41r8qsVWttO4NO4EPay6vU9wyxoPwRU5eZ9daMT6yM+r7qCQ6yup126IdbtjSP5YSTT0qSFJKc The torque for the hub nut is listed after the application. M3 .. 221/300[92] 7 Series [115]. 5) Download literature, access technical tips and view product information Torque specification guide Front & rear axle nut Torque specifications for FWD, RWD & 4WD vehicles For catalog related questions, please email: View detailed technical and product videos at Follow us on Twitter @skfpartsinfo to stay on top of all the latest technical and product information. I used a Timken replacement hub/bearing, whhich included a new ABS sensor already attached (center image). +Lr/AC2JKcz6yyaKg0AkuI1D51gaem4EcpKdWj+Yr5HsbzIPHnqkpHnz9iugBx2GA7UH8QkpB0T1 183 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 185 /H [ 830 635 ] /L 303383 /E 40033 /N 24 /T 299604 >> endobj xref 183 19 0000000016 00000 n 0000000731 00000 n 0000001465 00000 n 0000001623 00000 n 0000001830 00000 n 0000004630 00000 n 0000004949 00000 n 0000005757 00000 n 0000006078 00000 n 0000006877 00000 n 0000007455 00000 n 0000009741 00000 n 0000011323 00000 n 0000024552 00000 n 0000030328 00000 n 0000034777 00000 n 0000039817 00000 n 0000000830 00000 n 0000001443 00000 n trailer << /Size 202 /Info 178 0 R /Root 184 0 R /Prev 299593 /ID[] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 184 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 175 0 R /Outlines 173 0 R /FICL:Enfocus 179 0 R >> endobj 200 0 obj << /S 497 /O 711 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 201 0 R >> stream endobj Mayhew Tools Renews Northeastern Champ Kart Series Sponsorship, Opus IVS Finalizes MY23 Coverage and Improves VIN Decoding, Milton Industries Acquires Steck Manufacturing. TechShop has launched two new video series, and one video podcast series. a3di5TQ3fLh7du+dK/zZbP3pKeXx6YZVX9muggggY7mgaTGze6PvhJT0nQo/Z4hrme9wh1fpHQxO /Subtype /Image OE sensors assure correct ABS functions Low quality reproduction sensors can cause ABS system malfunctions Premium seals, both inboard and Reproduction seals selected for price, outboard, protect the bearing not performance, quickly subject the bearing to contamination Precision bearing preload and correct Imprecise bearing preload and application of advanced manufacturing inconsistent manufacturing techniques techniques such as orbital rolling may lead to poor performance and shortened bearing life 100% tested to the actual OE Tests not performed on all critical specifications per part number for fit. 214/290. application/pdf RSX .. 134/181 134/181 [31] . Jun 2, 2015. One of the most common mistakes during installation is improper torque of the Axle nut. Always install SKF premium quality hubs! xOq43UcF+VVuawOdU4OGoI07fFJTWusxmVuc2SQCQIOpSU2Oi5brunj1dHY/6N0eDQCD9yAUromX 5 Series RWD .. 221/300. Follow the mounting instructions available through the QR code for dismounting and fitting the new wheel bearings. Slbsr/R1/wDbh/8ASaSlbsr/AEdf/bh/9JpKVuyv9HX/ANuH/wBJpKVuyv8AR1/9uH/0mkpfHZYy 6xoL68Zz3FxsJY7aZMiBv+9JS7ulmK21V47QwjcHNc4ER7to3t78TKSlM6UGXMLWUelWQ5gIebAW mWN/Nn/jLP8Aq3pKU3+lWf8AF1/lsSU5H1ldjuNFVrmB3ud+lL2NjQyXNa4fm90lOxi2V3Y1VtJ3 #9 + Quote Reply. Refer to the following diagrams to determine t The key to servicing these systems is proper information and understanding precisely how these systems operate. 8UCdkCMwN2V3VK6wGDqVbSwBtksLtQdpMgaEnxSEodlGM+6ndQLKy5vUaSbNWBw7CPow3+CXFDsr /rj/AKhiSnm8/Fvd1gPZq71xtsNILWud6W18m9v0WwONY48Up6hJTi/WYNdTUHce/Ta1x4HZzmfg The SKF spindle nut locking system used on preset hub designs should be installed following the current torque specifications of the preset hub manufacturer's instructions. Milton extends tool offerings in automotive repair, collision repair, lockout and towing markets. /wBySm70x7s2t9lsbQQGPpvsc12k93SElN3HAbXtEwHPGpJP0ndykpzus/8AKPQv/ThZ/wC2Oekp The automotive industrys knowledge base for equipment, tools and supplies, Autel U.S. Launches ADAS Buyers Guide for Shop Owners, Snap-on Software Subscription Delivers Continuous Coverage, IPAAnnounces Next Generation Electric Brake Force Meter.

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