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Range. 1159 by notifying customers that these are not Indian-produced products. USA - FUR ROUTE SCHEDULES 2022-2023 Click here to see how we buy fur in your state. Other trade goods included whiskey, kettles, hoes, metal awls, nails, and metal arrowheads, pins, clay pipes and vermilion. (402) 343-9406 2933 South 108th Street Omaha, NE 68144 CLOSED NOW From Business: Christian Nobel Furs, in Omaha, NE, is the leading fur store serving Omaha and surrounding areas since 1927. Sterling, OH 44276 Burlington, MI 49029 They had never been exposed to some of the dangerous diseases that the Europeans brought. Beginning in 1831, the cost of shipping buffalo robes dropped. Prices are subject to change as market conditions and size of harvest becomes more clear. Beaver traps were shipped from the eastern United States. 6141 Lake Lane Badger, mink, opossum, raccoon, red fox, gray fox and long-tailed weasels may all be hunted and trapped during the primary hunting and trapping season. Manuel Lisa, a St. Louis businessman, quickly organized a company for the purpose of taking advantage of this potential source of wealth. Phone: (330) 837-8349, Sterling Fur Company YP advertisers receive higher placement in the default ordering of search results and may appear in sponsored listings on the top, side, or bottom of the search results page. YEARS IN BUSINESS (402) 261-4596. Carcass commercial not sellable this year.. Just about anywhere east of 281/81 and I35 but more prevalent east of highways 81 and I 35 and south of I 80There are some decent colored semis that come out of this section and a limited number of heavies are present here but are almost always ordinary color. Finished fur refers to furs skinned, fleshed, stretched and dried to the accepted industry dimensions. Phone: (641) 340-1123, Calp's Fur and Root Box 408 1309 I Street Nebraska Studies | Learning Media Lessons, Nebraska Studies | Learning Media Lessons. He helped his men pull boats up the river, slept on the ground, and went periods without food. In those cases we will buy some smaller sizes. LENGTH OF DAYS. $10.00large % of brown falls here..at least 6 in length and a minimum of 1"diametermost brown whitetail going here for now. $3-5 fresh frozen wholeproperly cared forall for taxidermy, must be on carcass.cared for accordingly.all for taxidermy. Major reason wild fur struggles to compete with ranch, Wide array of animals coming into or going out (past) prime. ****Still takes cold weather to finish the priming process. West Point, MS 39773 Thus it is important to focus efforts on front half of harvest window. Christian Nobel Furs Fur Dealers Fur Products Fur Storage & Services BBB Rating: A+ Wolves, Lions and Bears need to be Taxidermy skinned, top prices paid for really big or really small. Imagine how many trips your teenager made or makes to the fridge. Hoisington, KS 67544 In 1812 the company was reorganized and become known as the Missouri Fur Company of St. Louis. $0-12$15 topgrease /properly skinnedAdd $3, Avg. 501 S. Harrison Avenue 22251 448th Avenue Nebraska's Top Furbuyer | Petska Fur Nebraska NEBRASKA FUR ROUTES 2022-2023 Greg: 308-750-0700 CREIGHTON to CLARKSON NOV 25 DEC 28 JAN 25 FEB 22 MAR 20 Greg: 308-750-0700 Clayton: 308-730-0303 WISNER to PALMER NOV 26 DEC 29 JAN 26 FEB 23 Mar 21 Greg: 308-750-0700 Clayton: 308-730-0303 SILVER CREEK to NORFOLK DEC 5 JAN 2 FEB 6 Mar 13 Rosco's Fur Buying. Fisher could average $30. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. Fur Buying company right outside Omaha Nebraska! Lisa, however, saw himself as the Indians benefactor, not as an exploiter. The most important thing to remember when selling or trading your deer hides is to keep them fresh and pliable. Skins with excessive knife scars and cuts $5-10grease/properly skinnedadd $3. Guard hair shorter than 6 has very little or no value. Fresh is just fine, if you skin your deer a couple days before the the fur buyer gets there, fold it skin to skin, and keep in the shade. If serious? buy freezerif not serious?buy a freezera spoiled animal is just as useless as apast prime damaged coyote. Free shipping for many products! With the exception of what we deem to be good colored and heavy. If average temps above 35 degrees .no recourse but to skinfind a Furbuyer immediately or buy a freezer. Trading companies gambled fortunes in this high-risk . dont forget to remove tail bone, If storing in carcass? Shake the excess off when you get ready to go to the fur buyer and save this excess for the next time. The coon prices are very weak. Phone: (402) 673-5935, T. Zander & Sons, Inc. Pickrell, NE 68422. Iron hatchets were a definite improvement over stone axes. Most urban coyotes go about their lives without ever raising awareness of their presence among their human neighbors; however, coyote sightings are becoming more common in urban areas across the U.S., including in the Omaha metro area. 643 Mantua Grove Road (please do not roll your fursor place in plastic bags without first properly cooling). hang by two back legs.settles guts in rib cageallows animal to bleed outcool out..dry out.easier to handlepacks in freezer or Furbuyer trailer better. A fur harvest permit is required to pursue these species during the running season. Trapping and hunting furbearers is a time-honored tradition that provides the ability for families to enjoy time well spent in the great outdoors, earn extra income and help mitigate problems. Phone: (563) 927-8736, Midwest Fur and Brokerage Phone: (509) 923-2326, Jason Stutler Or contact us with your question and well reply as soon as possible. Our raccoons are from the Platte River, and the pelts are top-quality. Hides average between 38 - 42 square feet, but we occasionally have larger ones. Please visit their websites for information on their various auctions. . Weapons, blankets, costume jewelry, tobacco, and liquor were exchanged for just about any type of pelts the Indians could provide. 308-750-0700 Deer Antler Pricing per lb. If skinning???great!!! Fur Dealers. We offer fur coats, leather clothing, shearlings,. All the hardships and dangers of the frontier were nothing to him. He died in St. Louis in 1820. (same criteria as deer) OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST Buyer cant use them if they are green, slimy, stinky messes. Wait until Christmas to catch, and must be select. Later his wife, Mary, visited the post and was the first white woman in Nebraska. Remember!animals with excessive damage are plaque in the pipeline and one of the major reasons manufactures are hesitant to use wild fur..my point being?every animal you take does not have valueleave the obvious damage in field and out of your collection. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Blue Fox Fur Coat Duplers Furs at the best online prices at eBay! Carcass Porcupines 1-10..large orderdont damage skullshoot in body. Benefits of a little narrower stretch?.Makes coyote feel heavier. Heat, sunlight, and plastic bags jeapordize your fur. Fur Receiving Agents: http://www.furharvesters.com/usagents.htm. Phone: (856) 848-5885, Catskill Trapper's Shack 2057 Atalla Road #1154 THE FUR SHED. Preliminary data from the 2015/2016 fur buyer survey indicate that the average price for bobcat pelts paid by fur buyers in Nebraska was $71.58. Iron hatchets were a definite improvement over stone axes. Routes are in process - check back often! Lisas first wife had died in St. Louis in 1817. out of sun ASAP remove front legs at elbow. He left St. Louis in 1807 with two keelboats and 50+ men and ascended the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers to the mouth of the Bighorn where part of the company engaged in trade with the neighboring tribes. Heat, sunlight, and plastic bags jeapordize your fur. Beaver traps were shipped from the eastern United States. Check out our guides to fur harvesting and deer hides. Ranch fur has easy accurate point of origin info. Park Permits Senior and Veteran Permits Hunt (small game) and Combo Permits You can ask questions and see exactly what youve been reading about. NORTH IOWA FUR CO. 121 N WASHINGTON. KanOkla Fur Company114 N. 3rd Street--HunnewellSouth Haven, KS 67140-9021620.892.5895. These specimens are PLAQUE in the pipeline and the major reason manufactures shy away from wild fur. All most all of them show and describe the methods in a much better manner than is possible here. The profits grew, and the fur trade with the Plains Indians blossomed through the 1850s.The Native tribes traded for European manufactured goods guns, knives, hatchets, beads, wool blankets, and other clothing were popular. Add $1 per lb for Hard White elk and deer when selling 50 lbs or more. Loc: Lake of the Ozarks Mo. As mentioned in numerous posts, texts and emailsthe coyote market is purely speculative?as a result.offers on coyotes will be very selectiveeven the best sections will have coyotes that will get passed over.poorer sections wont get offers at all. North Bay, ON P1B 8K6 Phone: (605) 280-8383, Wahlig Fur Buying and Put up Service will help you with price and us with resale. Work it in good, and make sure you get it covered all the way out to the edges. But before 1830, the robes were hardly worth what it cost to ship them to market. 3. Fur traders, like Lisa, were a mixed blessing for the Indians. This is one plausible reason these selects bring so much money?.there just arent that many clean, undamaged, heavy, silky coyotes out there. Before a fur buyer's permit is issued to a nonresident of this state, the applicant shall execute and deliver to the secretary of the commission a corporate surety bond, running to the State of Nebraska, in the penal sum of one thousand dollars to be approved by the commission, conditioned that the permitholder shall faithfully comply with all Prices vary according to size, quality, and whether the claws have been retained. When using wire dont forget to use a shim board to enable good air circulation.an old mink board ripped length wise in half is sufficient. waxed dental floss works best for sewing. For twelve years he traveled over twenty-five thousand miles and spent three solid years on the Missouri River. If you can learn to identify damage successfully your marketing experience will be more enjoyable and predictable. IN BOTH CASES THE LESS DAMAGE AND MORE COMPLETE THE SKULL THE EASIER THEY ARE TO SELL. The remaining members of the expedition were sent out to trap beaver, which was plentiful in the rivers and streams. MOUNTED ITEMS DONT NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE FROM ESTATES..WE WILL BUY SMALL LOTS JUST AS READILY. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Click for Help Last Name Date of Birth Last 4 Digits of SSN Login or Create New Profile To purchase a permit for 2023, please go to the new website at www.gooutdoorsne.com. Primarily questions are geared toward assurances that fur harvesters are following all established laws and regulations in their state and that animals are being dispatched as quickly and humanely as possible. mature healthy animals only (Pupsunhealthy animals and females with late litters take 2-3 weeks longer) Lynx cats are about a month later. A good rule of thumb is one 50 lb. In 1812 the company was reorganized and become known as the Missouri Fur Company of St. Louis. Prices vary, depending on whether you want a medium or large one (we don't sell any small ones). Fur harvesters who incidentally trap river otters must immediately contact the local conservation officer and arrange to turn over the carcass. Striped skunks may be harvested year-round by hunting or trapping. Semi $0-0 (OK/KS boarder up to I 70). Fur Goodness Sake Fur Dealers (531) 466-4737 3027 S 83rd Plz Omaha, NE 68124 3. 304 E. Avon Street LocationBack of the coolest, well ventilated building on your placepreferably windowlessat no time during day should sun come in contact with animal. After all, they are what started the North American fur trade! Cats.Normally markets dont develop on cats till laterwill adjust accordingly when/if needed. Federal Duck Stamps may still be purchased on this site. Here's my list of Iowa buyers, not all from your area but some likely are. Phone: (901) 590-4231Cell: (901) 451-0498, Greg Novak1910 CrestmontCorpus Christi, TX 78418Phone: (361) 793-6706, Cascade Biological Supply The softest coyote in undesirable habitat wont make it fully intact to Thanks giving. Forreston, IL 61030 Beaver and muskrat damage permits allow these species to be controlled outside of the harvest season. Bacteria quickly becomes prolific. Furbearers with a harvest season include badger, beaver, bobcat, mink, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, red fox, gray fox, striped skunk and long-tailed weasels. COONS. Beaver coats and hats were especially popular in Europe, and the European beavers had been hunted almost to extinction. #1 Factor for progression of priming process is. If they thaw on the way to the fur stop thats no problem. It underwent a series of reorganizations over the next ten years, but throughout the changes, Lisa remained the principal leader of the expeditions and the unifying figure in the company. Price Forecast 2022-23 the grade will be incredibly tight on coyotes with huge emphasis on heart, color and qualityto be honest this item has me really nervouswill only be buying this item from the better sections and will be very selective dont start too earlysuggestions for start times are on website under fur handling and hide caredont push those dates at all. Extremely nice hair! Questions or More Info Greg 308-750-0700 The international auction companies have many receiving agents throughout North America who accept fur at their premises and who also operate fur pick-up routes. W. Highway 2 and Ringold Street average $3-6will take porcupines off southern routes as long as skull undamaged, (Dont forget to bring whole porcupines with a feed sack). Canada 7700 N. Drive South Pateros, WA 98846 Hang them! Last Updated: December 08, 2022 Prices subject to change without notice. Every self-respecting trader should sell beaver pelts. Otherwise, bring a thawed carcass or dried pelt. These winter hides are from two-year-old animals raised for bison meat. Many state trapping associations hold or sponsor one or more auctions during the fur harvesting season. Box 555 The season allows the agency to learn more about the species distribution, while still allowing the population to expand. $4.00solid. He was one of the dominant figures in the upper Missouri fur trade during the last twelve years of his life. Visit our help page for, http://www.furharvesters.com/usagents.htm, If you would like your company or organization to be added to or taken off this page, please send an email to, Copyright 2023 F&T Fur Harvester's Trading Post. I see the bobcat market as similar to coyotes - the top end will do well, with a steep drop in price for the rest. 218 Portland Avenue Hang them! Because ermine are such fierce and determined predators, their fur was used to represent the fear inspired by skillful Plains Indian warriors. (Antler prices and grade breakdowns on first line of first page on antler routes link on website.) Note. 1676 Van Dorn St. Lincoln, NE 68502. #367189 - 01/09/06 06:54 PM Re: fur buyer in Nebraska [ Re: Mauser ] elmer fudd. 2,436 likes. Brush out any blood, mud, or dirt. Please when presenting carcass foxmust be fresh frozen many are used for taxidermyimperative they are cared for properly. Not a fan of plastic bags. In 1817, he wrote to a friend that he had distributed garden seeds to the Indians, including seeds of pumpkins, beans, turnips, and potatoes. 20-25 degrees or below you can store all winter 60-70 days, 36-40 degrees and above Buy a Freezer!!! proper fleshing way more important than wood or wire. animals must be fully grown. Using cord, twine, or bailing wire, hang your animals up by two back feet. Cut artery inside front leg at elbowallows coyote to bleed out. Phone: (662) 289-1100, Loren Garren Mailing Address: 81570 475th Ave., Ord, NE 68862. If you would like your company or organization to be added to or taken off this page, please send an email to info@fntpost.com. From the 1991 NET Television program, Platte River Road In the early 1800s, the economic reality of what would become Nebraska was based on trade between the Europeans and Indians for furs and skins. There is no hunting season for these species. Not only do they need your voting power, but also have a convention every year. 1465 Albrecht Street SW 308-750-0700, ESTATE SALES OF MOUNTED ITEMS BOTH AFRICAN AND NORTH AMERICANNORTH AMERICAN EASIER TO SELL BUT AFRICAN ITEMS WILL SELL EVENTUALLY. Ask for Stock or Mix (not rocknot fine) salt at your local feed store or Tractor Supply type store. 3065 Winnett Road Highway 59 Phone: (406) 470-0828, Western Montana Fur Center125 West CommercialAnaconda, MT 59711Phone: (406) 563-7926, Petska Fur But the traders also brought whiskey, and alcohol was very addictive for the Natives. Know your harvest windows and plan accordingly. No black tails off southern routes.ears to flimsy. Traders knew that the Indians needed tools to live well and produce the furs that made both the Europeans and Natives prosperous. Oddity newbornsdeformed sheep, calves, horse with multiple heads..extra legs..odd anything(dont throw awaythere are people out there that collect that stuff)..prices would surprise you at times. Manuel Lisa gained the reputation among trappers and Indians of being a great white man and leader. She spent the winters of 1819 and 1820 at Fort Lisa. That could mean $30 for Lower 48 marten and $60+ for Alaskan types. We also sell specimens for taxidermy purposes and a variety of skulls. Ord, NE 68862 Beaver and muskrat may be trapped only. The remaining members of the expedition were sent out to trap beaver, which was plentiful in the rivers and streams. Prefer animal carried.skinned in field.use a drag mat? Guns were better than bows and arrows. Gradually, the source of pelts dried up, and fashions changed. He was one of the dominant figures in the upper Missouri fur trade during the last twelve years of his life. In 1817, he wrote to a friend that he had distributed garden seeds to the Indians, including seeds of pumpkins, beans, turnips, and potatoes. The success enjoyed by Lisa in this first expedition to the Upper Missouri led to more ambitious undertakings in future years. Average prices are only approximations. TrappinArkansas933 MC 8041Peel, AR 72668 All the hardships and dangers of the frontier were nothing to him. 305 and 18 U.S.C. This is contradictory for the fur. (531) 466-4737. Vicars Fur Company. Hunters holding an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate must be accompanied by a licensed person age 19 or older. Frozen is also good, fold them in half skin to skin and freeze. Fur Texture: soft coyotes break down quicker. Probably wont need more than a couple hundred of these. (this can create a wire burn.wont dress).remove stretcher and let animal hang and finish drying that way.notebefore hanging stretcher free.skin has to be dry enough to maintain shape. Especially at higher elevations. KanOkla Fur Company is a licensed fur buyer, paying high fur prices. It was not uncommon among the Indians for a man to have more than one wife, and early Indian traders very often married a wife in each tribe where they traded in order to make friends and help their business. Fur Dealers. 30-60 days. Were the company hunters and trappers trust to provide great service. Their pelts are prime during the primary hunting and trapping season, and that is when most coyotes are trapped and hunted. 561 South Main Join your State Trappers Association. In our experience. 4.10". He also had an Omaha Indian wife at Fort Lisa. In the early 1800s, the economic reality of what would become Nebraska was based on trade between the Europeans and Indians for furs and skins. However regardless of how careful you think you are pics you share invariably find there way into the hands of individuals who would use them against us to further infringe on our rights.basically you are providing ammunition for your opponent. (Refrain from this practice with off colored animalsmay be able to use in taxidermy market). dried out skulls ok preferably with sheathsother types of skulls as well include, Antelope horn caps$1-3the bigger the better, Taxidermy items.always looking for quality.must be cared for accordingly, porcupine guard hair$5-$40 per oz.longer/cleaner the better, odd newborn calves, sheep goats etc TBD after examination, Lynx cat /Bobcat..large-$6medium$4small $2, Mailing Address: 81570 475th Ave., Ord, NE 68862. 14950 Highway 20/26 ! hanging by two back legsfront legs removed at elbowgood air circulationgood spacing between animalsabsolutely no contact with sun. The pelt of North America's only marsupial, the opossum, makes beautiful trim fur. Manuel Lisas trading company was one of the first to take advantage of this market. Christian Nobel Furs Ltd Weve built our business around hunting and trapping. Manuel Lisas trading company was one of the first to take advantage of this market. Petska Fur buys raw fur, antlers, deer and elk hides at hundred of locations throughout the middle and western United States. Soft Coyotes in heavy abrasive vegetation with low prey base might only last 30 days. Properly stretched and dried $5-10for most will chase bigger higher. The products for sale by Blue Creek Traders are not Indian produced, an Indian product or the product of a particular Indian or Indian Tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization. Hunting and trapping seasons are typically designed to allow the harvest of furbearers during the fall and winter when the pelts are prime, and they are less likely to have dependent young. Then, the fur companies gradually organized better, and the steamboat came into general use on the Missouri River. Eventually the trade moved on to buffalo coats. Our coyotes come from western Nebraska and Wyoming. Questions also touch on if we are being good and ethical stewards of the land and resource as well as respectful and helpful to the landowner. Your Home for Quality Fur and Antler Paying Competitive Prices for all Quality Fur, Antler, and deer/elk moose hides Trusted for Over 50 Years We've built our business around hunting and trapping. On the carcass means selling the whole animal without any type of skinning. Vicious cycle: still Growing.always hungrymore travel equals more damage. 444 Okey Full Road $12.00..good colorcharacterno damage 64-70 ishBig 4 points and most 5 points go hereno breaks or chewsMuley and only best white tail here. Phone: (570) 366-1261, Peach Orchard Deer Processing LLC3760 Peach OrchardRoadDalzell, SC 29040Phone: (803) 499-9036, Peterson Furs Use of borax is ok in moderation.if never used borax before will definitely dry fasterpay attention..if animal gets too dry?dont panicwrap in damp towel.soften.and try again. Coyote market is very weak. Phone: (989) 756-2473, Stephen's Furs Fur Buyers International Auctions The international auction companies have many receiving agents throughout North America who accept fur at their premises and who also operate fur pick-up routes. Find the list of permits, stamps and hunter education requirements for those wanting to hunt. NOTEWould prefer fox on carcassvery large order for taxidermy foxboth Greys and Redssmaller orders for swifts/kits, FOX..GREYS AND REDStaxidermy specimens need to be fresh frozen, Carcass $5-10need to be in perfect condition. Cool and well ventilated is the key. Our main office is located in Ord, Nebraska. All types of "trade goods" made their way into the fur trade from France, Spain, England, and the young United States. Remove front legs at elbow.they are lighter and pack in our trailers better. Our badgers are generally trapped in Nebraska and Wyoming. CASTOR$20-30/lb$1.25-1.50/oz.know more on this item latercould be plenty of castor to go around, Deer hides $1-3add a dollar for properly salted deer, Elkhides $6-15add $3 for properly salted elk.

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