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In the bedroom, the one against which the headboard leans. Julia Fanina, Showroom Manager of Benjamin Moore Showroom Paris, Favori Dcor. Indeed, it's a staple of country kitchen ideas in the US, too. Leanne Ford Interiors added some French country flair to a Pittsburgh home with rustic hardwood floors and a row of woven baskets on the lower shelf of the kitchen island that add storage and texture to the room. We want chips, scratches and damage. Its the home design equivalent of a beautifully tailored coat paired with a scarf that's undone just enough to be chic but not sloppy.'. Alongside this, there should be lots of prep space to cook, with honed marble, quartz, or reclaimed wood countertops. We just dont want it to be perfect. French country paint colors Benjamin Moore. Warm wood kitchen flooring creates the perfect backdrop to a French country kitchen design. Traditional French country kitchen designs include arched windows, warm color schemes and patterned designs, while the typical materials used for the facades of the homes are brick or stone. French country paint colors. Sometimes found in brocantes (flea markets). 'Like so much of French style, it walks the line of effortlessness without tipping into messiness. They also work just as well for farmhouse bedroom wall decor ideas, too. Theres a romantic feeling to French country interiors. Lighting, in particular chandeliers and sconces, Hardware: handles, doorknobs, architectural decor, Bronze or brass accessories like trinket dishes, alarm clocks, or figurines. Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Alexandra Ribar. Andrea has been immersed in the world of homes, interiors and lifestyle since her first job in journalism, on Ideal Home. There are some fundamental features that all French country kitchen ideas share, whether were talking about original rural buildings in France or revival versions in the United States. 'This year, Id look to welcome the French country decor feel into the home with artisanal furnishings crafted from materials such as bamboo and rattan, gorgeous patterned tapestries, blankets and hangings. French country kitchens often feature large sinks with beautiful traditional taps and encaustic tiles that add a wonderful element of color and pattern, says Tom Howley. You dont need a converted barn or renovated stables to house a French country-style kitchen, but theres no denying that original architectural features enhance the eclectic, put-together look. Although the French palette is often thought of a subdued, the country look can be bolder and brighter just think of classic Provencal linens. From there it was on to the launch of Red magazine, where she stayed for 10 years and became Assistant Editor. Rather than the high shine of polished antiques, this look is softened for country homes with furniture featuring bleached and painted woods, rattan and rush seating. Taking the tile up from counter to ceiling creates a coherent, modern rustic look. Beaded cabinet door fronts, ornate mantels, kick plinths and pillars all give a more refined look to country kitchens. Using a mixture of organic materials, old and new furniture, and exposed stone, creates a convivial and warm feeling. And if you're a lover of rustic design, look at our country decorating ideas for more stunning inspiration. Reminiscent of the hand-painted wallpaper that would have adored the walls of country estates in France, a printed mural is a more contemporary version that suits today's decorating schemes. This. I love to throw a monogrammed linen bed sheet over a table to make a grand tablecloth, says Carolyn Westbrook, homeware designer and author of A Romance of French Living (Cico Books). You can move them from wall to wall and room to room. Remember: the keywords are elegant simplicity and brightness. ', 'What all French rooms share is a personalised mise-en-scne (staging and styling) a harmonious assemblage of colors, materials and textures that create a relaxed, romantic look.. Visit our corporate site. Choose a light neutral for your walls and furniture. 'The use of soft pastels, classic florals, and tailored stripes will help create the mood of collected luxury. Here are 3 of my favorite prints, but I show you more choices in my dedicated post. 2. 'When I'm creating a French country kitchen design, I'll use copper or brass instead of nickel or chrome,' says California-based interior designer, Alison Kandler (opens in new tab). Rustic elements like rough plastered walls, wooden furniture, and wooden floors boards also feature heavily, often arranged in a way that feels like it has evolved over time, says Louise Wicksteed, design director for Sims Hilditch (opens in new tab) interior design. French scroll light fixtures, cafe-style chairs at the countertops, and decor with an antique appearance can all give you the French country style that you want, says Indianapolis-based interiors expert, Larry Greene of Case Design/Remodeling. Open shelving is a considered way to display your favorite pieces. This is a place to actually cook a real and warm country kitchen.'. French country style is well known for its casual yet elegant aesthetic, where old meets new. Whether we're talking about an independent outdoors summer kitchen that was built for the purpose of enjoying nature another strong element of the French country style or the main kitchen of the home, the style balances traditional and some rustic elements with a good dose of sophistication to make the design feel more elegant. 'We designed this stunning kitchen with exposed beams, leathered quartzite countertops veined with blue, and a hand-cut glass mosaic tile backsplash that incorporates blues, grays, and hints of white,' says Fuscia. Key Takeaway: French country-style kitchens are characterized by simplicity, functionality, and beauty. Here are my favorite paint colors from this brand: I always advise buying the Jolie brushes and wax that are specially made to be used with this chalk paint as I dont guarantee youll get great results with classical brushes you may find elsewhere. Add a backsplash of colorful rustic tiles at the back of the stove or behind the sink to bring color and naive charm to the space. So, to get a French country look, your furniture needs to be distressed. Finally finish with a bouquet of forage wildflowers, artfully displayed in repurposed vessels. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these affiliate links. Visit our corporate site. They remind us of nature: the sky, the wood, the minerals, the earth or the sand. I really love Jolie paint colors that are perfect for a French Country style. (Image credit: Kim Armstrong Interior Design), (Image credit: Kim Armstrong Interior Designer / Michael Hunter), (Image credit: Thomas Guy Interiors / Jen Burner), (Image credit: Kim Armstrong Interior Design / Nathan Schroder), (Image credit: The Reading Rooms/La Maison London), (Image credit: Penny Morrison/Mike Garlick), (Image credit: Future Future / Emma Lee / Twig Hutchinson), (Image credit: Future / Chris Everard / Alyce Taylor), (Image credit: Ben Edwards/Ryland Peters and Small), How to organize a bathroom with no storage 4 flexible solutions for success, 6 snug room mistakes expert advice on how to fix issues with furniture and layout, Everything you need to turn your dream home into a reality, Subscribe for just 1 per issue with our Spring Savings, Full of inspiring real homes, expert project advice and on-trend shopping, Issues delivered direct to your door or device. Thats why I wrote a post dedicated to the French country prints to show you how to mix them. French country designs are quite flexible when it comes to timely modifications. 'I like to use art in unexpected places, such as under upper cabinets to hide electrical outlets and add color and charm.'. 'For a completely bespoke tabletop we can make up table linen to any size from our fabrics in a wide range of colours, stripes, or prints.'. We now find a lot of copper in the decoration. Pair with practical and decorative elements collected at vintage fairs and brocantes to add flair to your French country kitchen ideas. Think of it as balance between essential elements such as cabinets, pots and pans, elegant details including family silver and crystal glasses, and an atmosphere of welcome. The country aesthetic is further enhanced by the use of a subtle sage paint on the traditional cabinetry. says Jamie Watkins, co-founder of Divine Savages. Classically colorful or elegantly floral, Waverly fabrics have a legacy of adapting the heritage of nearly a century of iconic design to suit the tastes of the contemporary consumer. This white, modern American kitchen from Jessica Nelson Interior Design serves as a neutral background that allows French-style details like cross-back wooden bar stools and a crystal chandelier to take center stage. The rustic table brings a second color to the main palette: the brown. A strong tile design is a quintessential element for a French country kitchen and a great idea when you have a large area to cover. Heres how it works. 'Besides all this, it was in the local markets that we took the inspiration for the organization of the kitchen with hanging onions and aromatic herbs scattered throughout the space. 'The tomato red color was the guiding thread of this house and is also present in this kitchen. 'When a lot of pattern is used in a room, it's best to balance the scheme with calmer areas,' says stylist Sara Bird. Traditionally handpainted, French-style kitchens predominantly adopt an off-white or cream base accented by warm tones to soften the palette, creating a balance between geometryand structureand a touch of femininity.'. And they bring a rustic and traditional touch to our home. The size of the room meant that the darker blue shade could be used to dramatic effect, with the light-colored countertops and natural light helping to lift the whole scheme.. 'The repeated floral motifs characteristic of Indian block printing, for example, are also typical of the fabrics of Provence used for anything from traditional skirts to neckerchiefs (fichus), intricately quilted bedspreads (boutis) to table linen. This idea is beautifully realized in this kitchen designed by Devol (opens in new tab). For French country kitchen ideas, you can't go wrong the beautiful aesthetic of brushed limestone flooring. Pieces that show the patina and marks of time will add a natural, rustic interest to your room scheme. Unlike traditional country kitchens, where painted chairs are often gathered around the table, French seating tends to be softly polished wood. Usually, the walls in French country kitchen designs will have warm colors such as yellows or soft greens, giving the space an overall feel of warmth and friendliness that you don't get with other styles of interior design. 'For me, it is the natural textures, organic elements, mismatched china and of course, the slight imperfection, that deliver that splash of rustic charm. Favor anthracite and use it in moderation. The kitchen utilizes the classic cabinetry design with the open shelving one. Choose a tone that will complement the rest of the decor, or which will create a bold contrast that turns the ceiling into a talking point. Whats a color wheel? French provincial style has been on our radar for quite some time now, says Texas-based interiors expert, Stefan Bucur, from Rhythm of the Home (opens in new tab). The French style is probably less comfortable than we are used to. When you're translating this look to your own French country kitchen ideas, think about pairing rustic timber beams and painted wooden cabinets, with chic marble or quartz countertops. Check 5 ways to do it! In this kitchen designed by The Refined Group, a French-inspired armoire strikes a classical silhouette against the back wall of this kitchen-diner. If you have room, consider backing the display with a freestanding mirror to accentuate the sense of space and depth, as seen in this kitchen designed by Leanne Ford Interiors (opens in new tab). Placing them on the top of cabinets draws the eye upwards, emphasising a high ceiling while also adding natural texture that brings refined rusticism to the scheme. All rights reserved. However, using the technique of over-mortaring or adding a larger mortar joint than the typical 3/8 joint will further help add to that rustic country feel. The French country kitchen is always softened with textiles it makes the space feel more relaxed and homely but employs classic patterns such as toiles and stripes, says Ben Burbidge, managing director at Kitchen Makers (opens in new tab). The decorating aesthetic known in the English-speaking world as French country style is an homage to the charms of the French countryside. 'French country decor ideas are all about creating a casual and rustic elegance,' explains interior designer Gray Walker (opens in new tab). Fabric. There are several design elements that bring in that cool . If you want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, but still want to honor the French country style, then let your design decisions be guided by nature. Outdoor gardens and fresh-air accessories are synonymous with French country stylingthink potted herbs, petite flowers and twisted vines to add simple elegance and charm. You can pick out the key color and paint your island or peninsula in the same shade. It can be passed on through generations and an armoire filled with beautiful piles of bed or table linen, all beautifully ironed, is normal, says Jane Summerill of Summerill & Bishop. 'Collect vintage items, such as French enamelware or old wicker baskets, and use them to create a colorful display,' suggests interior designer Alison Kandler. 'I always start with a multicolored fabric that inspires me. Elegant yet humble, these devices make the kitchens feel unmistakably French, with the use of local materials, traditional designs and a considered colour palette.. they are not always easy to apply. Use the wall above your sink to house a row of Shaker-style wooden pegs, not only is this a great space to store jugs, tea towels, and other cleaning essentials but it will also visually divide the space. We know how hard it can be to keep a bathroom organized when there's no built-in storage pro organizers share ways to work around it, Where are we going wrong? Keep the look light by using this strong blue as an accent color in tile and accessories, or go bold and paint cabinets in the shade. The ethos of French country design is not too dissimilar from English country kitchen ideas: a huge farmhouse table for gathering around, an armoire for housing china and glassware, open shelves displaying stoneware and canisters in neat rows, and shining copper pans hung above a stove are all quintessential elements of both looks. To create a French country feel in a kitchen, we would typically use a color palette made up of easy whites punctuated with gentle pastels. If they arent martyred, they can last for a long time. The designers replaced wood tops with marble, added a farm sink, and installed a classic Lacanche range in dark green that brings the classic Made in France vibes. A typical French country kitchen is rustic but always chic. Typically paired with white or cream, the effect is fresh and elegant, while natural surfaces such as wooden floors and panelling bring a rustic softness to a room. French country cabinets in kitchens feature curved lines, ornate details, and softer colors with minimal contrast, evocative of the French countryside's shades. For this romantic bedroom in Lake Charles Louisiana, designer Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors (opens in new tab) repeated a French-style print across both wallpaper and window drapes. 'And if youre lucky enough to visit France, try to go to a local brocante market to find something that you love, adding your own je ne sais quoi. Few furniture. Dishes and utensils may be stored in an armoire the large wooden cupboard, originally used as a linen store, found in nearly every French country home, says Henrietta Heald, author of La Vie est Belle (Ryland Peters & Small). The blowsy rose bouquets look as at home in a simple country bedroom as they would in a grand chateau. While it may be hard to replicate the beauty of the surrounding landscape or the aged patina of a Provenal farmhouse, a rustic thatched cottage in Normandy, or a provincial chateau, architects, interior designers, and home decorators around the world have long sought to transport a bit of the charm and elegance of the French countryside to their own backyards. Inspired by the idyllic homes in Provence, France a picturesque region complete with rolling hills and lavender fields this style marries fanciful, feminine details with classic, country elements. And what about the winter season? Kim is renowned for using color and pattern to create a layered look of 'livable luxury'. English country style can often seem more polished, with a cleaner aesthetic and lighter colors.. 'The French country look is all about elegance with a rustic feel, says designer Penny Morrison (opens in new tab). Andrea has been immersed in the world of homes, interiors and lifestyle since her first job in journalism, on Ideal Home. A clear mid-tone blue the color of Mediterranean sea and Provencal sky is synonymous with French country decor. ), or who wants to renovate their furniture quickly and well. This is reflected in country homes where long easy hours are spent at old rustic tables enjoying the seasons latest gifts., There is an attention to detail in French country interiors which delights the senses. I especially love Louis XVI furniture for this style. Dont use pure black. 'The aesthetic is simple but charming and evokes images of sculleries and butlers pantries. This kitchen by interior designer Kellie Burke, for example, places ornate cabinetry within a barn-style setting. Colors of a French country kitchen decor. For the ultimate French country taste test, Maxime suggests a set of copper pans hung from a bar above the stove, a rotisserie, and, of course, the smell of delicious dishes simmering for the next meal. Channeling soft styling and practical elements mixed with organic materials like wood and stone, French country kitchens are characterized by their classic appearance while still being able to embrace new trends and tastes. The result is truly a match made in heaven the ultimate blend of beauty and comfort. The elegant shapes of antique furniture add a touch of refinement to a rustic-style kitchen even one as elevated as this design by Clive Christian Furniture Co (opens in new tab). Go for gorgeous bold floral prints and complete the look with an array of cushions in a mixture of luxurious textures in complementary colors.. @2023 Benjamin Moore & Co. 101 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645, "French country decoration should evoke a gentle nostalgia of a home in the south of France that you have known since childhood.". One of the best colors for french country is found in the chalk finish paint collection. I particularly love copper that brings so much warmth. Antique or patinated metals work well, either as a complete hood or as accent detailing. Rather than being hidden away, the pots and pans, knives, chopping boards and mixing bowls that make up the batterie de cuisine are displayed on open shelves, explains Henrietta Heald. Lighting is an attractive way to include these rich metallic accents. Wall lights can be used to illuminate the dining table. The color associated with the Mediterranean and the South of France brings a classic Provencal look to a country kitchen. They put a Gallic accent on traditional kitchen ideas. I prefer bottles or jars with single flowers and leaves; I like them to look like botanical prints, says Jane Summerill, Founder of Summerill & Bishop. 'Traditional French country kitchen designs include arched windows, warm color schemes and patterned designs, while the typical materials used for the facades of the homes are brick or. For French country decor, ceiling ideas are something to look up to! Village houses in the south of France were finished using local materials, and these were often a wide variety of clays - from the classic terracotta to the blue and purple that are unique to the area. Once on the wall, you're not sure if it really suits the room The result: an immersive scheme that seems to set the four-poster bed within a glade of green scenery. Bring French country style to your home with decor ideas that are full of Gallic flair. French blue color is a very light and soft blue, that looks fresh and timeless. If you loooove color, you may be on the verge of leaving this too neutral post. 'It instantly adds warmth to any kitchen.'. This stunning kitchen by Parisian design duo Alon & Betsy Kasha of Kasha Paris (opens in new tab) harnesses the original stone of this period property to create a simple rustic look. The first neutral to choose is white. This family style kitchen from Marie Flanigan Interiors has checkerboard flooring with an aged patina that looks like it wasn't installed yesterday, adding an aged patina to a new kitchen. Consider suspending an oversized pendant light or antique chandelier over a timeworn farmhouse table for the perfect high-low design mix. French country homes bring to mind a color palette of pale yellows and pinks, shades of off-white, and just enough refined elegance and je ne sais quoi to any space. The fabric collection includes 2,000 active styles. But the wallpaper everywhere? Use our expertly curated color palettes to inspire your next project. The Benjamin Moore French Country Paint Color Palette Bring the bucolic charm of French country decorating into your home with this breezy, rustic palette. Yellow is a color that's commonly used in kitchens, but for a country vibe, you'll want light shades of yellow. Leave stone walls exposed to provide a character backdrop to cabinetry and open shelving. Bath Favor the wall thats perpendicular to the daylight. Magic, isnt it? She didn't like the fact that it had to be perfect. Design by Rashida Banks for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Keyanna Bowen. This French-inspired kitchen, designed by deVol (opens in new tab), has retained the original fireplace and created the perfect home for their range cooker. We even designed some shelves slatted underneath to keep the vegetables in plain sight, ensuring that they last longer. And don't forget to add characterful pieces for originality these champignons plates are just perfect. 'Incorporating antique or reclaimed doors into a French country kitchen scheme makes it timeless,' suggests Dana Lyon from The Refined Group. Think rattan, crisp starched thick linens, bowls filled to the brim with fresh produce, and carafes and pitchers scattered along the table.'. You have to be careful when you choose them, or you might end up with a messy look. Opt for one or two larger pieces painted in a pale shade to bring the perfect combination of scale and simplicity to your French country style interior. Glazed doors or doors with chicken-wire panels allow the contents to be kept in view.. Whether it is herbs on the windowsill, crops straight from the kitchen garden or fresh flowers awaiting arrangement all these elements add a rustic lived in touch to the kitchen. Its time to go au naturel when youre considering your French country kitchen ideas. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury,

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