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Any instrument purporting to create an estate for life in a person with remainder to her or his heirs, lawful heirs, heirs of her or his body or to her or his heirs described by words of similar import, shall be deemed to create an estate for life with remainder per stirpes to the life tenants lineal descendants in being at the time said life estate commences, but said remainder shall be subject to open and to take in per stirpes other lineal descendants of the life tenant who come into being during the continuance of said life estate. The grandchildren are descendants of W.L. 732.104 Inheritance per stirpes.Descent shall be per stirpes, whether to descendants or to collateral . 2001-226; s. 6, ch. The term descendant is synonymous with the terms lineal descendant and issue but excludes collateral heirs. 74-106; s. 9, ch. When he joined my litigation team, things progressed much faster than they previously had. History.s. Getting Help Understanding a Will Angelas children, Donald and Evelyn, would not receive anything from the estate. He and his staff were quick to respond to our questions and answered with thorough and knowledgeable answers. Section 737.624, enacted in 1993, was apparently an attempt to "fill-in" imprecisely drafted do-it-yourself trusts. Florida intestate law functions as a default mechanism to distribute property that was not properly devised by a will. Wrong answer, says the 4th DCA. F.S. Terms Used In Florida Statutes 732.104. But what happens if Brian outlives his children? Do You Need to Include Per Stirpes in Your Will? Joint Administrative Procedures Committee (JAPC), Joint Committee on Public Counsel Oversight(JCPO), Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC), Joint Legislative Budget Commission (JLBC), Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining (JSCB), Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA), Florida Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations (LCIR), Joint Legislative Committee on Everglades Oversight (JCEO), Joint Legislative Sunset Committee (JCSC), Copyright 1995-2023 The Florida Legislature . 3. At Upchurch Law, we have years of experience helping Florida residents create clear and concise estate plans for peace of mind. "Per stirpes" is defined as " [p]roportionately divided between beneficiaries according to their deceased ancestor's share." Per stirpes, Black's Law Dictionary (10th ed. When Aunt Minerva died, Angela had two children, Donald and Evelyn. By contrast, the term qualified beneficiary,as defined in F.S. When a power of appointment is exercised by will, unless a contrary intent appears in the document creating the power of appointment or in the testators will, if an appointee who is a grandparent, or a descendant of a grandparent, of the donor of the power: Is dead at the time of the execution of the will or the creation of the power; Is required by the will, the document creating the power, or by operation of law to be treated as having predeceased the testator. If a named beneficiary precedes someone in death, then the benefits would pass on to that person's children in equal parts. When there are no descendants, the estate is split evenly between the closest surviving relatives as outlined in the Will. Copyright 2000- 2023 State of Florida. However, there is an exception that says if the child is adopted by a close relative, then the adoption has no effect on the relationship between child and families of deceased natural parents. Florida Statutes. If youre developing a Will, per stirpes in Florida will make sure your estate is passed to the next closest descendants in line (often grandchildren). Mary has two children, and her Will states that she leaves her assets to all her children equally or to their issue, per stirpes if they do not survive Mary. This interpretation is contrary to the plain language of the statute. Under Floridas Trust Code there are two classes of beneficiaries, and which class you fall in is a big deal. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Pompano Beach estate and trust litigation attorneys. Peace of mind comes with knowing youre leaving your final wishes behind with clear language and legal terms. First, qualified beneficiaries are going to have standing in just about any judicial proceeding involving their trusts. History. By Mark R. Manceri, P.A. . When youre defining who falls within the magic circle of qualified beneficiaries you need to assume all intermediate beneficiaries die simultaneously. FL s. 1, ch. Florida Statute 732.103 and Florida Statute 732.104. Javascript must be enabled for site search. Log in, Florida Probate and Estate Administration, Florida Probate | Summary Administration in Florida, Florida Intestacy and Intestate Succession Law, Florida Probate | Formal Administration in Florida. Children in Ohio Inheritance Law. Per capita means taking by a total number of individuals. F.S. Ds trustee then filed an action seeking to resign and he named Ds three daughters and the charities as defendants, alleging that they were all qualified beneficiaries of the trust. . Read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekylls Will: A Tale of Testamentary Capacity, Stokes McMillan Antnez Martinez-Lejarza P.A. Av {I 1$o' {,Cr z' m%Z . How it works. FL Stat 732.104 (2013) What's This? Committee Per Stirpes Florida Statutes, F.S. How Do I Get Letters of Administration in Florida? Josephines Will states that upon her death, her entire probate Estate will be divided into equal shares and distributed to the children per stirpes. These matters include Will and Trust contests involving lack of capacity, undue influence, forgery, improper execution and tortious interference After being represented by Mark Manceri for over 4 years in a long and protracted estate settlement case, I can tell you this about Mark. When reading any of these statutes, there will be one less phrase that will cause you consternation. Indeed, by definition, a remainder interest in a trust refers to the right to receive trust property upon the termination of the trust. a substitute gift is created in the devisees surviving descendants who take per stirpes the property to which the devisee would have been entitled had the devisee survived the testator. Just enter some brief information below and we will be in touch. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Therefore, the charities are qualified beneficiaries under the plain language of the statute. PART I INTESTATE SUCCESSION 732.101 Intestate estate. Legacy Protection Lawyers, LLP, respects your privacy online and will not share your name and contact information with a third party without your consent. 74-106; s. 9, ch. Rachins v. Minassian, 251 So.3d 919 (Fla. 4th DCA July 11, 2018). 2020-2. Per Stirpes. If this sounds confusing, lets take a simple hypothetical case. Hypothetical #2:In the event, Aunt Minervas Will stated that all of her estates were to be distributed to her then living descendants, per stirpes, and at the time of Aunt Minervas demise her niece, Angela, had predeceased her, then Barry and Charles would each receive a 1/3 share of her estate, and Angelas 1/3 share would be distributed to Donald and Evelyn, who would each receive a 1/6 share. However, if one of the members of the identified group of beneficiaries had predeceased Aunt Minerva, then no share is created for the predeceased beneficiary, and the two remaining beneficiaries would inherit half of Aunt Minervas estate. In a per stirpes distribution, a group represents a deceased . 2014). 736.0103(16)]and are therefore entitled to the corresponding protections afforded to qualified beneficiaries under the Florida Trust Code. In this case the trust agreement left everything to Ds surviving spouse, S, and upon her death to her three daughters, A, B, and C, and when the last daughter dies, to several charities. Hypothetical #5:In the event, Aunt Minervas Will stated that all of her estates were to be distributed to her then living descendants,per capitato her niece, Angela, and her nephews, Barry and Charles, who were over the age of 18 years old at the time of Aunt Minervas death, then the three beneficiaries would share a 1/3 distribution of her estate. Hypothetical #1:When Aunt Minerva died, she had no husband or children, but did have a valid Will, which was probated. 97-102; s. 51, ch. Florida law follows these general principles. What families, trust protectors, directed trustees, and the bankers and lawyers who work with them need to know about Floridas new Uniform Directed Trust Act. Bob is also a qualified beneficiary because he would take the trust property were the trust to terminate at Ds death (because of the death of S, C1 and C2). 2019 - 2023 Mark R. Manceri, P.A. Bottom line, you cant do your job as trustee if you dont know who your qualified beneficiaries are. Whats it mean to challenge the validity of a will and why does it matter? Previous section. If they do not have descendants, their share of the Testators estate will be distributed among their closest surviving relatives. Maybe Susie is also deceased, but she's survived by her two children, Alex and Zane. Per stirpes is a common legal term used to distribute your estate and is defined by statute so theres no confusion on how to distribute your estate amongst the heirs. Alex would receive 5% of Bob's share, and Zane would receive 5%half . The basic concept behind it is that each descendant will be entitled to an equal share, and the share of a descendant who has passed away will be divided equally among his or her descendants. Committee Florida Statute 732.103 and Florida Statute 732.104. 732.104, states that all property distributed to heirs or descendants passes "per stirpes". It means that Marys assets will be divided between her children equally if they survive her. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7c06b4a9de8983a6 You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Devise also includes an alternative devise and a devise in the form of a class gift. Florida Statutes Definitions Index (2022), Table Tracing Session Laws to Florida Statutes (2022), Index to Special and Local Laws (1971-2022), Index to Special and Local Laws (1845-1970). The rule in Shelleys Case is hereby abolished. 2018 - 2023 Legacy Protection Lawyers, LLP. Per stirpes provisions can extend for a generation. Want to get better at screening estate cases? All rights reserved. The 2022 Florida Statutes (including 2022 Special Session A and 2023 Special Session B) Title XLII ESTATES AND TRUSTS Chapter 732 PROBATE CODE: INTESTATE SUCCESSION AND WILLS View Entire Chapter 732.104 Inheritance per stirpes. Descent shall be per stirpes, whether to descendants or to collateral heirs. And just in case we didnt get the message that identifying a trusts qualified beneficiaries is critically important (and can be a trickyexercise in real life), the trust codes2006 Legislative Staff Analysis(written largely by FSU Law Professor David F. Powell, who was the scrivener for the Ad Hoc Trust Law Committee of the Florida Bar that drafted Floridas trust code) went so far as to provide the following hypothetical examples for those of us trying to pin down exactly who does and does not fall within this magic circle of favored beneficiaries: Example 1 Meaning of Beneficiary. Per stirpes is a legal term that describes how your assets are divided and distributed. Florida Statutes Ch. Chapter 689 CONVEYANCES OF LAND AND DECLARATIONS OF TRUST Entire Chapter. Florida Intestate Succession Per Stirpes - The Fundamentals Florida Statutes 732.901 (1) provides that "the custodian of a will must deposit the will with the clerk of the court having venue of the estate of the decedent within 10 days after receiving information that the testator is dead." Thus, while the husband may have intended to prevent the children from challenging the manner in which the wife spent the money in the Family Trust during her lifetime, see Minassian, 152 So.3d at 727, the children are qualified beneficiaries under [F.S. Lawyers often use Latin phrases that are common in the business, but not so common in everyday language. A. That is to say, each descendant receives an equal share under the Will or Trust, and if that descendant is dead, their share is then equally distributed between all of their descendants. Having per stirpes in your estate plan ensures that the share of your estate that belongs to your beneficiary will be divided among their descendants if he or she predeceases you. Florida Statute 732.103 provides the distribution scheme for intestate assets as follows: The part of the intestate estate not passing to the surviving spouse under s. 732.102, or the entire intestate estate if there is no surviving spouse . Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual Each child receives one-third of Brians estate. Because of Jennys passing, her one-third is split equally between her four children because of the term per stirpes.. 732.104 Inheritance per stirpes.Descent shall be per stirpes, whether to descendants or to collateral heirs. When there are no descendants, the estate is split evenly between the closest surviving relatives as outlined in the Will. 75-220; s. 7, ch. D was survived by his three daughters (his wife predeceased him). 33301 Andthanks to the 4th DCA we now have two more real life examples. Hadassah v. Melcer, So.3d - 2019 WL 141039 (Fla. 4th DCA January 09, 2019). About the AuthorIm a partner with Stokes McMillan Antnez Martinez-Lejarza P.A., a boutique trusts and estates law firm located in Miami, Florida. In this case Ds trust was for the benefit of his surviving spouse, S, and upon her death for Ds adult children from a prior marriage. Descent shall be per stirpes, whether to descendants or to collateral heirs. Nope. This law firm website and legal marketing is managed by MileMark Media. Unless the language creating a power of appointment expressly excludes the substitution of the descendants of an object of a power for the object, a surviving descendant of a deceased object of a power of appointment may be substituted for the object whether or not the descendant is an object of the power. Trust protectors; they're like trustees, but not quite. "Per stirpes" is essentially a method of distributing assets of an estate. Sections 2612, 2613, and 2652. D was survived by his three daughters (his wife predeceased him). Suite 1050, If one of the closest relatives is deceased, their descendants will evenly share the part of the estate due to their deceased parent. Basically, the words "per stirpes" in a Will is a designation in which beneficiaries inherit the Testator's estate by right of representation. 731-740 Estates and Trusts 689.14 Entailed estates No property, real or personal, shall be entailed in this state. The phrase "per stirpes" indicates a method of allocating benefits among beneficiaries; it does not (when properly used) designate beneficiaries. Speak with a Florida Probate and Trust Lawyer Today. a substitute gift is created in the appointees surviving descendants who take per stirpes the property to which the appointee would have been entitled had the appointee survived the testator. So what does this mean? Let Upchurch Law help you with your estate and probate legal needs. After Brian passes, the two remaining children review his Will. These rules designate certain people as heirs to intestate estates and specify how the shares are to be distributed. . Schedule. As defined in F.S. Your IP: Skip to Navigation | Skip to Main Content | Skip to Site Map. A class member if the devise is in the form of a class gift. The Will stated the three siblings were to each receive one-third of his estate. Florida leaders give more love to family trusts of the super-rich. case or situation. In the event you plan to use per capita language in a Will, then you will need to be sure your estate planning addresses any generation-skipping shares of the estate that may be created by this type of distribution. Click to reveal Below are a few of the places in which per stirpes is used in Florida's statutes regarding succession and wills. Per Stirpes distribution also allows children of a deceased issue to take in their parent's place. When does a court have continuing jurisdiction over a trust? Per Capita Cons: Per capita distributions could trigger generation-skipping tax for grandchildren or other descendants who inherit part of your estate; Deciding whether it makes more sense to go with per stirpes vs. per capita distributions can ultimately depend on your personal preferences. 2006-217; s. 159, ch. Per stirpes may have a different meaning for you depending on if youre having a Will prepared or if youre an heir of an estate. 75-220. Schedule a consultation with a St. Petersburg estate planning lawyer. Can you use a multiple-trust scheme to draft remainder beneficiaries out of the picture? Lets review an example of how per stirpes works in a Last Will and Testament. The term "per stirpes" literally means "by roots or stocks." In the context of a disposition in a will or trust, the term is frequently used, for example, as part of a distribution to "surviving descendants, per stirpes." The term is defined in New Jersey law as follows: 1, ch. He is always 100% prepared whether it be in court, in dealing with opposing counsel and when dealing with the client. Is it just an antiquated phrase used by probate lawyers? Recommended for you. Florida Statutes Definitions Index (2022), Table Tracing Session Laws to Florida Statutes (2022), Index to Special and Local Laws (1971-2022), Index to Special and Local Laws (1845-1970). Two of my best lawyer friends highly recommended Mark and after working with him I recommend him 100%. Have you ever heard a lawyer use the term per stirpes? Or have you seen it used in a Will or a Trust and been confused by what it means? Disclaimer: The information on this system is unverified. If Jenny didnt have surviving descendants, her two remaining siblings would split her one-third equally among themselves. At Legacy Protection Lawyers, LLP, our skilled lawyers in St. Petersburg can help you with your estate planning needs to make sure that your Will and other documents reflect your wishes. 736.0103, the term beneficiary refers to the entire universe of persons who have a beneficial interest in a trust, as well as to any person who has a power of appointment over trust property in a capacity other than as trustee. All of the living members in the group of beneficiaries listed in the Will would receive an equal share. The lower courts order contemplates the sequential termination of the daughters individual interests such that As interest passes to B and C; then Bs interest passes to C; then Cs interest passes to the charities. The 2022 Florida Statutes (including 2022 Special Session A and 2023 Special Session B) Title XLII ESTATES AND TRUSTS Chapter 732 PROBATE CODE: INTESTATE SUCCESSION AND WILLS View Entire Chapter 732.611 Devises to multigeneration classes to be per stirpes. Descent shall be per stirpes, whether to descendants or to collateral heirs. Children. The legal term per stirpes in a Will refers to how the Testators assets will be distributed to beneficiaries if they predecease the Testator (in other words, if a beneficiary dies before the Testator).

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