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You find out if you passed the simulator while you are still there. summary table within your profile. Info | About Interview was finished last Thursday and already some of my reference numbers have been called for character references (that's even before the checks cleared to the guys I listed). is a dedicated 24 hour webservice designed for the world's present and future aircrews. They seemed generally pleased. Or you may be required to measure its fuel capacity. Tell us how you got here and your experience so far. They have a series of videos that are really valuable, and the live stuff is great. - National Drivers License Registry records request form. They may not appear quite as strict in terms of paperwork prep as other airlines (Air Lines), but PLEASE do yourself a favor Continue reading this interview experience, May 12, 2022 Most major airlines are in negotiations at this time, and many are contentious. When evaluating flight hours, we consider several factors, including: If you are interested in applying and meet these minimum qualifications, please click on the Sign Up / Login link above to create a profile. Hold west Got severe turbulence. At Aero Crew Solutions, our counselors can help you prepare for the interview. You gotta fly and talk, NO AP allowed. A8: Send questions or concerns to of sorties will automatically be converted to flight hours based on One of the tests is cognitive. fields. JobTestPreps resources include the Hogan Personality Inventory analyzing human traits that help people build meaningful and productive connections with each other. Although the most popular FedExs airplane is Boeing 777, its pilots also fly MD-11, A-300, B-757, and B-767. - Part I: standard sit down interview with two dudes from management. About a 30 min brief in a class room. Where Do I Start? The Hogan Personality Inventory is comprised of seven primary scales: The Hogan Inventory also has six occupational scales: Service Orientation, Stress Tolerance, Reliability, and Clerical, Sales, and Managerial Potentials. There are as many as 42 subscales in the HPI. A year of flight instruction, a year of air ambulance, 4 years at a regional and 7 years at a low cost carrier. After As soon as I Practice Tests. - If I tubed this interview, it's either for the ORM stuff or because of testing. | We are a team of professionally trained interview coaches who have helped hundreds of pilots and industry . A Knowledge Test: Another part is a knowledge test comprising about 6000 questions. A Personality Assessment: The last part on the test is Hogan Personality Inventory. - About this point I'm thinking to myself, "This sucks" - - what's a decision you've made in the past that you would have made differently, one that you really regretted Tell us about your most trying time with support personnel, (MX, catering, ramp workers, etc.). Their formula for the SBI is pretty bulletproof. The estimated base pay is $101,394 per year. Take as many as youd like. The job is yours to lose once you are there. Distribution or recording of this information will result in legal actions. Anyway, here it is. A19: You may upload a new resume. Thanks to the coaches at Spitfire, there were no surprises on my interview day. Q3: How often should I update my profile? rstharold, August 29, 2019 . Just finished with spitfire elite and can not recommend them enough! - Current FAA first class medical heavier? Spitfire helped me go into my interview at my dream company feeling confident and ready. Sim is The interview process was like what everyone has said in previous write ups. View critical openings here. These requirements include weight-equivalent aircraft to meet the minimum You do not need to limit the characters being (view the study guide of this website). Q6: Do I need an endorsement from a current or retired FedEx crew I signed up with Spitfire Elite and another interview prep company. First year is 80K and the next year it jumps up to ~140K (150K if widebody). Just got back from my FedEx interview and figured the hordes Learn more about your rights at our Trust Center. ATP, 5,000 hours, currently part 121 employed. Some of you may be familiar with how Purple used to do things 6-9 years ago, where each applicant needed to have a "sponsor" inside the company to even get looked at for an interview. I tried slewing my salmon bug to the target airspeed so as to give me the fast/slow indicator in the ADI and was told to put it back at 180 KCAS. Just be you and you will be fine. I called MX control about the FMS working it doesn't look inop so I wanted and no one came to the aircarft so lucky I write down who I talk to and had him recall our conversation and send out mx back. Q19: What do I do if the wrong resume is uploaded? Got debriefed to say in the future, "I hear what you're saying but I don't have time to work with that suggestion right now." you think?" include simulator, helicopter, flight engineer, bombardier, Day two is the usual.a bunch of the usual tests. I did the panel interview first with two senior FedEx Pilots appox 45 minutes, a relaxed environment. I just realalized my EC is still active so Ill be sticking with that. These requirements include an employment history and passing criminal background checks, including an FBI fingerprint-based criminal history check. A course-by-course evaluation and equivalency in terms of the educational system in the United States is required. What is the difference between stating minimum fuel and declaring and emergency. You may learn how to highlight your merits more effectively, if you study with our exclusive PrepPack. All NACES accredited organizations charge a fee for this COURSE-BY-COURSE evaluation which normally includes the cost of submitting a final report to FedEx Pilot Hiring. There's also a barber in the airport that can clean up some of your scraggly neck hairs before the Skills, experience, and hours logged impact wages for both captain and first officer positions. (Fedex does not do a medical, which makes sense, because Hone your skills in self-guided webinars. It started with a self introduction. The sim guy You also need to figure out power setting for a 200 knot climb and descend, using power idle. Make sure to look at pitch to maintain 1000 fpm, then climb and again descend. A3: Generally, whenever you have new qualifications or information As far as I know, this will be brand new for 2022. If you study and prepare the job is yours. SBI was as previously described, be ready to utilize CRM and make a Continue reading this interview experience, Two day process day one (COG-Personality test-JKT) that afternoon you get a call to welcome you back for day two or not. including an FBI fingerprint-based criminal history check. You will be given 7-8 minutes to evaluate a given situation, decide what to do, brief your crew, and act on your decision. Pilots of these and certain other aircraft, Emerald Coast Interview Consulting provides a winning edge to help you successfully navigate the challenging interview process. A14: Yes, the T-6 Texan II and Pilatus PC-12 are considered The SBI was done with 3 Delta management Pilots, one acted as the PM during the SBI exercise. The estimated total pay for a Pilot at FedEx is $144,778 per year. consideration. member to be considered for employment? Welcome to PILOT CAREER CENTER - Pilot Jobs and more! - Third test: math test w/ATC traffic tape playing (you are to disregard) (4 min) Get all the tools you need for the HR interview. Q18: When I type in my job description (or reason for leaving), I can is cut off. There USED to be a benefit to being a FedEx employee and applying, that pretty much does not exist anymore. You are Spent about 6 weeks preparing for the day 2 Continue reading this interview experience, Jun 22, 2022 I'm Items they asked for: Each section is timed, and don't expect to finish. minimum requirements. After we get through our 'Peak' season, we will be in a better position to determine an interview schedule for calendar year 2020." I'd say your chances are more like 1 in a million of interviewing this year Reply 12-14-2019, 06:14 AM # 8 The actual interview process is highly confidential to protect its integrity. If an aircraft A9: FedEx Express Pilots must be granted SIDA clearance to access Global . Q14: Does FedEx consider any single engine turbo-prop aircraft Pilots go through a complex hiring process at FedEx. What will follow is your self-evaluation. Try Northwest first, they seem to have a pretty big operation there. There is also a one-on-one prep session by video a day or two before your actual interview. Tell us about a time when you did not get along with another crew member. You are the CPT, and you're in there with an FO, SO, and dispatcher. Our relationship with our clients goes well beyond the CJO. If you over prepare for this interview, I think that your chances of being hired are slim. To ascertain that prospective pilots will develop the strong comradery, FedEx invites them to answer around 240 questions of various difficulty. FedEx Pilot Interview Prep - 100% Success Rate boeing fedex Aug 19, 2020 SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT NOW You only have one chance to be successful during an interview and you need to be prepared. A13: Only enter the number of sorties in the applicable sortie Learn more about Cage Marshall's 30 year history helping people get hired. contact us today. One of the owners is a FedEx guy. It can be the shortest and yet longest part of the pilot interview. Clients agree to hold Cage Consulting/Cage Marshall Consulting and its staff harmless from allegations by the clients for errors/omissions with regard to the professional services offered. At 0700 one of the ladies from HR will come down and escort everyone up to the conference room. This test is, in many ways, similar to the Air Force Officers Qualifying Test. - Application (on which they asked about college credit hours, speeding tickets and dates, employer information (standard sort of nitpicky things that show up on most apps - if you've filled out UPAS or United, it's about the same stuff) When an applicants profile is selected from the pool for latter is a 7 min. All trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. Day 1 interview (COG and personality assessments) were conducted at home. First they brought me back for the situation based interview, or CRM interview. Resource Library. A7: FedEx currently has an interview process that includes remote computer based testing and a 1 day in person panel and situational-based interviews. The number Forgot your Username or Password? attacked all union questions with the tack of "FedEx is somewhat new to all of these types of union/management frictions given its historically small size and harmonious relations which are easier to keep with a small size. to HR prep webinars are smaller groups (10-15 people) than ECIC (30+), so you get more attention and reps practicing your answers. We are upgrading our pilot database to provide you with a better applicant experience. | I assure you Im not. High scores in the Hogan Personality Inventory will assure employers at FedEx that job applicants for a pilot position are likely to achieve success in their roles and can become a valuable addition to a pilots crew in the company. - Fifth test: test on what was playing on ATC tape. Hmm, a new interview prep service. The personalized training program gives you the tools needed to excel at the demanding interview, and helped me land my dream job. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for your interview and beyond, and its proven to get you the job offer of your dreams. The HR panel is standard. They wanted to get to know me and hear my stories. Ground School. Pilots of these aircraft, exclusive of other Our industry-leading simulator will prepare you for the environment and questions you will see using current trip reports. - Part II - ORM portion of interview - you alone with three other company dudes, mockup of a cockpit, 16K of fuel, 7 minute time limit. You get the scenario, can take all the Pilots of this aircraft, exclusive of other experience, may count this time. Join RST today and gain immediate access to the most relevant information available online which will help you land the job of your . I felt calm and secure in my answers during my interview and even knew how to tackle the few curve balls thrown my way during the interview. I keep my logbook on Excel and made some printouts for them. Q4: What if my college degree is from a non-U.S. institution? If you ace, you'll get Password. an employment history and passing criminal background checks, Pilots at FedEx fly around the world to deliver to customers such diverse cargo as race cars, military equipment, horses, cows, sharks, furniture, books, toys, and registered mail. Q2: Does FedEx provide work visa sponsorships for pilot applicants? New Cog Trainer. A15: Yes, the C130, Q400, P3, ATR 42/72/92 and a few other large Practice with JobTestPreps sophisticated materials and excel on your Personality Assessment at Federal Express. or greater. - Check stubs or W-2 forms from current employer for at least five years This test is comprised of about 240 questions, which you need to answer within 50 minutes. In fact, we offer an industry unique guarantee if you are not successful in your interview, you get a full refund. If you wish Continue reading this interview experience, Jun 23, 2022 As advertised. Bottom line, I This part of the test checks if you can fly and comprehend and verbally give instructions at the same time. Similarly, being a FedEx Express employee is about consistently delivering the Purple Promise to our customers. the recruiters. ALL IN ALL - Day 2 - show up at the metal detectors at 8:00, met Beverly Hyter from hiring (real nice, easy going). Relations | Careers Terms of Use | Privacy FedEx | Investor Q: How long is the SBI at FedExs pre-employment assessment? Before the test, recruiters will explain to you how to use a timer and a course selector knob. Access additional resources to address the cultural and qualification nuances for individual airlines. The use of the services of Cage Consulting/Marshall Consulting does not guarantee employment, career advancement, preferential interviews or meet and greets. A Conflict-Resolution: Another part of the interview is conflict resolution. Start by observing and move towards active participation to practice what youve learned. This one's a particular nuisance because it requires notarization. You've got seven (or eight) minutes to resolve a situational based question. puts you at ease. Cookies are used on this site to assist in continually improving the candidate experience and all the interaction data we store of our visitors is anonymous. A Cognitive Test: An answer whether you passed your DC-10 sim will be given to you within 3 hours. Forgot Password. Start Here. Forums. apply to an open crew member position. Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university is preferred, Accurate and timely decision making, including threat and error mitigation strategies, Ability to work during the day or night, including weekends and holidays, Current valid passport and any other necessary travel documentations, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate, Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) Badge eligibility, Successful completion of pre-employment drug test, Successful completion of Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) evaluation. Captain/Aircraft Commander of record, not simply the sole Use our Interview PrepPack to practice answering interview questions and to ensure a stellar performance during your FedEx interview. Also, hold at 5000 feet. Home CJO Not Offered One on one pilot interview and SBI. All rights reserved. Then HR type questions. certificate; current first-class medical certificate; Nearly all in the KC-135 and T-1. - - have you ever taken yourself out of flying/opted off the flying schedule for any reason? Pilots Employers FedEx Pilot Interview Profiles Home Pilot Interviews Major Airlines FedEx Page 2 of 2 1 2 Home Pilot Interviews Major Airlines FedEx Page 2 of 2 Paperwork they sent to me via FedEx that required filling out and handing in upon arrival on first day: Just curious if anyone us had experience or heard of anyone using Spitfire? Q11: How does FedEx define Pilot in Command (PIC)? They include: current airline transport pilot With that being said and for perspective, I used ECIC and was very impressed with their product. Additionally, clients are responsible for all decisions and information disclosed or not disclosed by the applicant. The Continue reading this interview experience, Aug 24, 2022 Basic S patters with combo turns, weight-equivalent to multi-engine turbo-prop aircraft, 12.5k lbs. under "Uploaded Files" on the Resume tab) is submitted - S/O doesn't want to press on to LBB because he's apprehensive from previously similar circumstances, F/O says it wouldn't hurt to just go to AMA and sit it out until things get more comfortable A9: FedEx Express Pilots must be granted SIDA clearance to access secured areas of airports and are subject to the requirements of 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1544. - -- how much of our future growth predictions ride on events in Asia and given its bumpy nature right now, how much turbulence will that cause us as pilots Q16: What about flight time in the Osprey V-22? The mission of flight operations is to operate a safe, reliable and efficient airline in order to provide industry leading service to our customers. is not listed, contact us at to see - -- When FedEx has expanded in the past, it's had problems by absorbing other pilot forces into its ranks. The skeptic in me sees this thread as an advertisement for the service as the thread starter and the two respondents are all very new to APC. They didnt provide breakfast so suggest eating something before. a good hotel, and the drivers still know where to take you. make sure you are ready. I have a friend who used both ECIC and Spitfire and they were really glad they decided to use Spitfire and not just ECIC. We do this through precision interview coaching specifically tailored to you and your target airline. Qualities focused upon in the HPI are positive, ranging from sociability and prudence to adjustment and ambition, and usually guarantee that their possessors have good social skills and interact with other people easily and amicably. Gallery. FedEx accepts endorsements from active pilots. Our standalone, peer review option gives you an experienced set of eyes to read and offer valuable feedback on your application and/or resume. Any written or verbal communications supplied to us by clients is kept and maintained in a private and confidential manner with your assigned consultant. Additionally, it is illegal to record any conversations with a CMC staff member without expressed written or verbal consent. The only real Its not a canned response, they teach you how to give an authentic answer that also presents you in the best light. Most of our group showed up at 0630. Q: How to prepare for the Personality Test? You may be asked to evaluate an airplanes maximum take-off weight, landing weight, and ramp weight. They will also want to learn something about you that they cannot decipher from your rsum. Tell us how you got here and your experience so far. At Spitfire Elite, we recognize that networking is a crucial step in your journey towards landing your dream job. Background: USAF KC-135, T-1 IP. Q8: What if I have a question or concern that is not addressed here? I kicked my 286 brain into gear and scrambled to establish SA. - - have you ever had to talk to another flyer about concerns that you had about his flying? thought you did well, and where you could have improved. I had a shattered windshield in flight, and cargo smoke, and a depressurization. They have a 74-hour monthly and reserve guarantee. Please login your credentials. Webinars are offered for Precision Interviewing and for Flight Deck Leadership (Partial Task Trainer and Full Up Webinars are available for FDLE). Login with Google! Our exclusive PrepPack contains all necessary resources to help you place your personal qualities in the most flattering light. If you wonder how to answer FedEx interview questions about salary, check your chosen profession's salary level at PayScale . A Panel Interview: There will be several people interviewing you: two majors, two commuters, and a pilot selection board in the Air Force. Clients are responsible for all of their own personal career, legal, medical, and financial decisions. This disclosure could include, but is not limited, to written or verbal information regarding applications, resumes, logbooks, cover letters, addendums, job fairs, Meet and Greets, interviews, etc. corp, including me. Studied rst material for 10 hours a day rstharold, April 7, 2017 April 7, 2017 . They have a full staff ready and prepared to get you interview prep ready. You can also purchase the personality assessment prep package as well, or select the total package to get everything for your pilot interview prep needs! Our carefully compiled resources will show you how to create a memorable personality profile and how to convince recruiters that you have all desired qualities to build high-flying friendships with other pilots. Refund Policy: Services are valid until used, non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be prorated. We help pilots prepare for: Technical Evals, SBI, LOI, and CRM interviews. They want you to succeed. As a client of Cage Consulting/Cage Marshall Consulting, you agree to refrain from disclosing, distributing, passing or forwarding on, any information that CC/CMC supplies in email, written, PowerPoint, Podcast, webinar, video or verbal form to any of our competitors, any or your current or past employers, any business, mailing warehouse, coworkers, friends, etc. Hello and Welcome to the FedEx Pilot Career site! (UAL, SWA, SKW, FedEx, FAL, HAL, to name a few!) First day is the sim evaluation, most likely one of the heavy aircraft. Applicant FAQ. Please login your credentials. - If there are any dates of unemployment, provide explanation This was a very tough interview, but I am thoroughly convinced that FedEx is looking for a good, honest personality, and good crew communication. Knowledge and self-assurance will help you get a job offer at FedEx. Learn more about your rights at our Trust Center. The Hogan Personality Inventory evaluates the bright side of the human personality. Appreciate all the feedback. We were giving a couple briefings on what all needed accomplished before leaving that day and on what was going to happen in the panel and SBI portions. - Flight records, log books, computer printout for military flight time. A11: For minimum qualification purposes, PIC is defined as FedEx hires highly skilled pilots who share our flight ops values of safety, integrity, leadership and professionalism.

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