Topun Austin

I am a Consultant Neonatologist at Cambridge, and Honorary Professor of Neurophotonics at University College London. I am the Director of the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre (EPIC), based at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge. The centre has a dedicated infant functional brain imaging unit and houses a dedicated MRI scanner for mothers and babies. My main research interests are in brain development and injury in the newborn, using novel monitoring and imaging technologies and their translation into routine clinical care.

I am also co-director of neoLAB (with Dr. Rob Cooper, UCL), which is a fcollaborative group between EPIC and Biomedical Optics Laboratory at UCL. The group has been involved in developing am integrated optical-EEG system to study neurovascular coupling as well as a unique fast optical tomography system for 3D imaging of regional blood flow and oxygenation is sick newborn infants with acquired brain injury.

I am a collaborator on a number of cognitive developmental psychology studies, including the BRIGHT study, the Cambridge Human Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study which is using MRI both prenatally and neonatally with in pregnancies where the baby is at high risk for autism (Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism Research Centre) and the SPELL study investigating neurophysiological and genetic biomarkers of dyslexia in newborn infants (Dr. Vicky Leong, Department of Psychology).